Cashback offers from credit cards are abundant. So are bonus points and other rewards. Because many banks provide virtually the same services, choosing from the sea of credit card offers becomes quite hard to do.

The Citi Forward credit card is one such card that has a host of great rewards. Here are some features they offer:

1. Earning Rewards

The more you spend, the more you get to earn bonus points for redemption. The Citi Forward credit card offers not just 1, but 5 points for every dollar you spend on your purchases. Other credit cards offer only up to 1 point or at most 3 points. But because of Citi Bank’s high earning reward, you get to save more points at a faster rate.

2. “ThankYou” Points

As stated above, you get to earn 5 points for each dollar purchase you spend. This is only applicable to things such as fast foods, restaurants, book stores, movie rental sores, music stores, movie theaters, and music or record stores. For all other purchases, you get the standard 1 point per dollar reward.

These points are what Citi Bank calls their “ThankYou” points. You can use these points to redeem great rewards. But here’s a quick tip – if you want to get the most of your points, you can use these to purchase gift cards. Since their $100 gift card is worth 10,000, it’s like earning 1% value for each point.

Earn even bigger points when you consistently pay bills on time. Doing so can give you up to 1,200 bonus points.

3. Other Benefits

All credit cards are not without an APR. This amount is assigned to every credit card holder, depending on their credit worthiness. This principle is applicable with Citi Bank, as they can lower your APR down by 2% less. You can be offered this benefit when you consistently stay just below your credit limit and when you make timely payments for 3 consecutive billing periods. This is also applicable when you make purchases. If these qualifications are met, Citi Bank will lower your APR by 0.25% every three months, for 8 times at a maximum.

This card is completely free, and this means you don’t get to pay an annual maintenance fee for it. It also has services when it comes to identity theft solutions, auto rental collision damage, and retail purchase protection.

If all these things seem too good to be true, try to check it out yourself. You can visit Citi Bank’s online banking site and give your inquiries. You might be surprised how real it is. Earning rewards has never been this fast and easy.

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