One of the most popular wealth books today is The Secret. This book focuses on the Law of Attraction and how it is essential in gaining more wealth. However, there are some other universal laws of money aside from this. It is said that once these laws are known and abided, people will be on their way to great wealth. Below are the 10 Laws of Money:

1. Law of Attraction – This law states that whatever you constantly think about, will eventually become your reality. If you keep thinking about the mountain of debt you have to pay off, eventually you will find more and more debt coming your way. On the other hand, if you keep thinking of yourself as a money magnet, chances are you will find unexpected cash finding its way to you.

2.Law of Tithing – The Bible specifically said to give back 10% to God. Tithing is returning a portion back to the universe as a way of acknowledging what it has given to you.

3. Law of Giving - The principle behind this law is that the more money you give, the more will return to you.

4. Law of Polarity – The law of polarity brings to light the two sides of the coin. It states that it is impossible for us to appreciate the good things if we are not exposed to the bad things.

5. Law of Forgiveness – This law encourages a forgiving nature, giving peace of mind and attracting positive energies.

6. Law of Gestation - There is a time of sowing and a time of reaping. The things that we want may not manifest themselves immediately before us. However, this does not mean that it is not on its way. Perseverance and patience will ultimately reap its rewards in the long run.

7. Law of Abundance – Some people worry about not having enough money when in fact money is in abundance all over the world. When you think about gaining money, the opportunity is limitless.

8. Law of Rhythm – Those who end up losing their money don’t learn how to set aside for those moments when money will seemingly “evade” you. In fact, it is just on it’s way. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead for these times. The law of rhythm states that there will be times of ups and downs. It’s just a matter of being ready when the down times come.

9. Law of Cause and Effect - This law states that whatever you give, will also return to you. If you swindle your way to money, eventually you will lose it all as well.

10. Law of Circulation – Energy that keeps flowing is said to be positive energy while energy that is hindered turns into negative energy. Just like money, if it is kept in places where it cannot grow, this will eventually turn negative and hinder you from gaining more. This is why it is essential to keep money in circulation, not just by spending but by investing.

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