Citizens Community Bank is an FDIC insured financial institution that services Kansas, and is a division of Citizens State Bank.

Today we are going to take a look at their certificate of deposit rates and features.

Currently Citizens Community Bank shows rates their CD Rates as:

  • 6-month CD – .70% with an APY of .70%
  • 12-month CD – .85% with an APY of .85%
  • 24-month CD – 1.19% with an APY of 1.20%
  • 30-month CD – 1.34% with an APY of 1.35%
  • 36-month CD – 1.59% with an APY of 1.60%
  • 48-month CD – 2.13% with an APY of 2.15%
  • 60-month CD – 2.48% with an APY of 2.50%

*For the above rates… Interest compounded quarterly. Minimum to obtain above APYs: $1000. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Lets take a minute to compare the rates to the Best CD Rates of 2011 that BankAim as found.

The best 6 month CD rate is 1.05% APY with $1000 minimum deposit from AloStar. This is definitely better than Citizens.

The best 12 Month CD Rates is from Connexus Credit Union at 1.50% APY with a minimum deposit of $10,000. Citizens is much lower but compared minimum deposit Citizens Community isn’t looking so bad.

For the 24 month CD rate MainStreet Bank has a rate of 1.50% APY and a minimum deposit of $500. Not to far off, but MainStreet offers a better minimum deposit.

Melrose Credit Union has a 60 Month CD rate of 2.68% APY with a minimum deposit of $5,000. – This is where Citizens is strong. They are showing a 2.5% APY with only $1000 minimum. Thats a great rate.

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