The rise and fall of CD rates are often unpredictable. However, the past week has seen some steady flow, with bank CD rates of 0.99% – 1.00%. The money market has been responding well despite the ongoing European crisis, and keeping rates steady is the next best thing to having the high interest rates which we can only hope for.

The Colorado Federal Savings Bank is among these few banks that provide stability. With their offering of 0.95% APY from a single issuance of a CD account, you can expect high returns for your savings. As of today, the Colorado Federal Savings Bank goes on a head-on race with other big leaders on CD offers, such as Ally Bank’s 0.99% offering, and even Sallie Mae’s 1.00% APY. This competitive rate can assure depositors they won’t feel cheated out of their money, and let them expect great savings as well.

What It Offers

Any certificate of deposit account starts with an initial amount. Colorado Federal Savings Bank requires a minimum deposit amount of $5,000, in which your yearly interest is based on. And since your money is compounded daily, you can expect greater returns and bigger growth to your money, as opposed to those which are compounded on a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis.

Once you’ve locked in your amount, you can expect any of the following APY rates for your money:

6 month CD = 0.75%
1 year CD = 0.95%
18 month CD = 1.00%
2 year CD = 1.10%
3 year CD = 1.35%
5 year CD = 1.80%

Within your preferred time of maturity for your money, the funds will remain inaccessible. The choice of which maturity period you intend to go for rests in you, but these funds remain inaccessible throughout the whole maturity period. Every depositor is insured at least $250,00 by the FDIC, so you feel financially secured in spite of unforeseen and uneventful events. No service fees are collected for any online banking access, nor are there any monthly maintenance fees. However, early withdrawals are subjected to penalties.

You can open an account online, as long as you are able to submit basic identification requirements. Once your application gets approved, funds are expected to be deposited within ten days from application. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiting of your application.

Open an account with Colorado Federal Savings Bank today and watch your money grow exponentially.

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