We all know that when students go to college, they will need financial support. That’s why parents provide them with credit cards to shoulder the extra expenses. College students would have to live on their own and become independent in order for them to adjust to the realities of life. And in terms of financial capabilities, they should know how to budget money very well. But in order for them to live a comfortable college life, they should be given the right credit card.

Discover Bank has been known all around the United States to be a credible financial team that supplies a sturdy foundation to its customers whether old or young. They provide what people need in relation to money, especially the new college students that are just starting up with their lives.

The Discover Student More Credit Card is a card that most parents are getting and helping their children acquire because of the easy interest rates, plus cash back bonuses.

What are the Cards’ Perks?

The Discover Student More Credit Card has very low interest rates and a low APR which will definitely help students keep up with the payments. The card when activated will have a zero percentage APR during the first nine months of usage but will eventually increase its APR up to 19.99%. For those who have questions with regards to the rate, it will depend on the student’s credibility record and with the APR’s Standard Variable Purchase. But just imagine the new college student handling his or her financial status and responsibilities well through these student credit cards. He or she will be able to understand how important one’s financial credibility record is.

Another important perk with the Discover Student More Credit Card is the different rewards that students can get or claim. They can have as much as 5% cash back, which is already a great deal compared to other cards. Most of the rewards can be used and redeemed in restaurants, shops, or stores nationwide. And with students, cash back bonuses are a plus because they can use it for shopping sprees.

So when they will correctly use their Discover credit cards and pay their dues on time, then they will be able to take advantage of these cash back bonuses which will definitely be of big help to them.

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