Long-term Cd rates have fallen desperately this following week, ending up in averages of only 2.45% form 10-year terms. However, the same cannot be said for shorter terms. Certainly, many companies have held on such quite competitive rates. Here, we focus on a credit union that has been offering quality returns of investment to satisfied customers since 1930.

How the Rates Compare

Quabbin Credit Union has many terms form their high-yield certificates of deposit. Starting off with their regular 6-month term, one can secure an APY of 0.85%. If this doesn’t sound much to you (although the national average for a 6-month term is at 0.47% – quite a good deal in itself!), Quabbin CU also offers a 6-month special. Instead of 0.85%, you can enjoy an APY of 2.25%. Sounds good? It certainly is.

To get hold of their special 6-month rate, a visit to their webpage is required as information specifics on this offer is available only upon request. one has to simply maintain a maximum deposit of $100,000. This offer is only good for an undisclosed limited period of time as well, so grab it while you can.

A look at their other rates shows us that their 1-year term has a fixed APY of 1.00%, while an 18-month CD has a 1.10% growth. The 24- and 30-month APY are fixed at 1.250% and 1.300% respectively. Their longest term at 36 months has an APY of 1.450%.

All Cd terms require a minimum deposit of $5,000, except for both 6-month terms which only sets the limit on $1,000.

Quabbin Credit Union has several branches although it also operates online. The only difference between opening an account in person and online is the time convenience from the latter. Setting up an account is fairly simple. Instructions will help every interested investor every step of the way.

Thirty days before your chosen CD account matures, you will be sent a letter to inform you of this status. For those who are interested in rolling-up their money once again, they may do so. If the current rate at such time is much higher than your first term, then this might be a very good thing to do.

About Quabbin Credit Union

Quality service to people has long been the cornerstone of QCU. And no wonder – today it has over $78 million in assets and thousands of loyal and satisfied customers. QCU is a division of Athol credit Union.

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