It’s the Love month once again, and you might already be thinking about the perfect Valentines gift for your loved ones. If you’re looking for something that can last longer than flowers or chocolates, then how about giving your sweetheart something that’s worth the money – and with a greater cashback reward as well. Open a certificate of deposit account, and give him/her a gift well worth investing in.

CD rates from different banks and credit unions have so much to offer, and they all vary in their APY offerings in order to woo consumers. However, it helps to choose a company that has competitive CD rates. One such example is the General Electric Credit Union. With its APY rate of 1.05%, it is able to overshadow the National CD average rate of 0.75%.

How Good It is

Certificates of deposit give anyone the chance to let their money grow in a specified period of time. It provides a certain stability and lets you earn more money than you’ve previously put in. CD rates these days have been on a steady fix, and opening an account is just very timely. GECU can help you set up an account with very minimal requirements. As long as you have an initial deposit of $500, you’re good to go. For their jumbo packages, they will require a $100,000 minimum. Once you’ve locked in your amount, you can then choose from any of the following terms:


182 Days – 0.83%
1 Year – 1.05%
18 Months – 1.24%
2 Years – 1.49%
30 Months – 1.73%
5 Years - 2.63%
1 Year Jumbo – 1.42%

The rates shown on the table will remain fixed for the entire remainder of your terms. Upon maturity, an automatic renewal will be placed, but you can also withdraw the full amount as you wish. Either way, you will be getting more than what you’ve paid for initially. Allow the full maturity time to pass however, so that you will not incur any penalty fees.

Opening a high-earning CD account truly is a gift in itself. And the best part? You can spend the money you’ve kept safely tucked away to go on a romantic cruise with your sweetheart next Valentines day!

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