Virtual Bank’s Unlimited Check Writing Checking Account Promotions

Many people prefer using checking accounts over other forms of payment. Checking accounts allow payments in large amounts without having to shell out cold hard cash. People especially those who are earning would always want to keep their money safe and secure. Most of them feel that they can do this through this kind of account and this is the reason why many banks and other financial institutions offer a lot of checking account promotions.

With so many banks around, it’s hard to find which checking account is best. Usually, it’s the one with the best features that win out. This is the main reason why Virtual Bank offered their unlimited check writing promotion. There are many who would want to get the services of this bank because major transactions are done online which makes it very easy for account holders to do. It is very convenient for them to access their checking accounts because they can simply do it on the internet. People should not worry because it is actually very safe and secured.

Those who will open new checking accounts with an amount of under $2,500 will have an interest rate and an APY of 0.25%. 0.30% for both APY and interest rate is for amounts up to $9,999.99. For amounts of $10,000 to $24,999.99 will have an interest rate and an annual percentage yield of 0.35% and so on. All accounts are FDIC insured and that the minimum deposit for opening one is just $500. The interest account holders will earn is through collected balance with a VISA or ATM check card provided. And the most important feature why many are grabbing this checking account promotion is the unlimited check writing which many will for sure take advantage of.

For those who want a new checking account, it wouldn’t hurt to check out what Virtual Bank has to offer.