$25 Checking Account Promotion for Students at Sovereign Bank

Most of the time, students are on a tight budget. This is why most students would often choose deals and bargains in order for them to get the best value for their money. This of course, includes selecting the best checking account where they can rake the most benefits. All kinds of accounts especially those related or connected to money should be given importance. Since most college students are left on their own, it’s high time they get a checking account that matches their needs.

There are many banks and other financial companies that offer checking accounts but for those who want something extra just by simply opening an account, they should go to Sovereign Bank. This bank is one of the largest banks in Delaware. Its main headquarters is in Wilmington and those students coming from this state have the privilege of opening a checking account for them to earn the $25 bonus. This bank is a five star rated bank because of the services and rates they offer to their customers or clients. Sovereign Bank is in 717 locations which means that it is very easy to find a branch.

The $25 Bonus For a Checking Account

The Sovereign Student Banking is convenient for these individuals who are still in school. After all, every dollar counts and a $25 bonus is not bad indeed. So what do the students have to do in order to receive the bonus? First, they need to open a Sovereign Student checking account. There will be no worries with regards to the minimum deposit because it is only a meager $10. The next step is by adding a Student Savings account which also requires a minimum deposit of $10. After opening, they will then have to enroll with Sovereign’s online banking and provide a valid email address. Enrolling online will allow the student to request a Sovereign Debit MasterCard and through this card, he or she can make 5 purchases or make direct deposits. When the whole process is done successfully, the student will then receive the $25 bonus.

Opening a checking account with Sovereign Bank can only be the right move. After all, you get a checking account that fits your needs plus an extra $25 to get you started.