Sovereign Bank’s Sphere World Points Reward Credit Cards

Sovereign Bank is a major bank in the United States that offers a lot of financial services for their clients. They are one of the largest banks in the Northeastern part of the USA. Their services include corporate banking, retail, business, insurance, and many more. Those who are interested to apply for loans and mortgages can potentially find what they need at Sovereign Bank. Aside from savings, investments and loans, Sovereign Bank also offers a competitive credit card that may just suit your needs.

What makes the Sovereign Sphere World reward credit card different? Those who will be getting one will have round the clock protection against fraud. They will also have 24 hour online access and service once their cards will be activated. And most importantly, a low introductory offer for its APR, making it easier for new card holders to pay off any credit card balances. Other than that, Sovereign Sphere world has no annual fee and you can also feel free to choose your own payment date. This is a perk that not many credit card companies offer.


In terms of rewards, one point will be awarded for every single dollar spent on purchases. The owner will then select whether he or she will choose between the cash backs, travel, or gift cards rewards. The credit card holder will be the one to decide which rewards he or she wants. If he or she loves to travel then he or she can definitely pick the travel rewards. What’s great about this card is that there is no limit to the number of points you can earn. There are also no travel black out dates so you can travel at any time that you like.

Whatever your needs are, this Soviet Sphere World rewards card may just give it to you.

$125 Reward: Get the Sovereign’s Premier Checking Account Promotion

Planning to get a checking account? Looking for the best bank to open one? Trying to find the best deals especially when it comes to rewards and or bonuses? Those people who want this should check out Sovereign’s Premier checking account promotion with a reward of $125 for those who will be opening a new checking account from them. This is an exciting and advantageous way of getting a checking account considering the financial market today.

Sovereign Bank helps their customers in reaching their financial goals. What they do is basically provide their clients or customers the right means or ways in making their finances earn interests and increase its worth. They are also committed in providing other financial services not just in terms of checking accounts but also with regards to loans, mortgages, savings, certificates of deposits, and many more. They greatly cater to what businesses and regular people want and need. So for those who want to open a new checking account then they should do it here in Sovereign Bank while they still have a good promotional offering.

$125 Premier Checking Account Promotion

This Premier checking account promotion is still open up to June 30, 2012. Any person can open this kind of account because it only means that everybody is allowed to get the reward. The requirements they have are very easy and simple to do in order to get the bonus. Obviously, the first thing to do is open an account and then enroll in the online banking service. Afterwards, clients should apply for a debit card. In this debit card, the account holder or owner will then have to make five purchases or be able to receive one direct deposit by August 31st of this year. When either of these two will be done, then the bonus of $125 will be received by the account holder on September 15, 2012. This is how easy the whole procedure is to get the bonus or reward.

$125 isn’t money you can just pick up from the streets. If you want this extra cash in your pocket plus a sustainable checking account, open one now at Sovereign Bank.

$25 Checking Account Promotion for Students at Sovereign Bank

Most of the time, students are on a tight budget. This is why most students would often choose deals and bargains in order for them to get the best value for their money. This of course, includes selecting the best checking account where they can rake the most benefits. All kinds of accounts especially those related or connected to money should be given importance. Since most college students are left on their own, it’s high time they get a checking account that matches their needs.

There are many banks and other financial companies that offer checking accounts but for those who want something extra just by simply opening an account, they should go to Sovereign Bank. This bank is one of the largest banks in Delaware. Its main headquarters is in Wilmington and those students coming from this state have the privilege of opening a checking account for them to earn the $25 bonus. This bank is a five star rated bank because of the services and rates they offer to their customers or clients. Sovereign Bank is in 717 locations which means that it is very easy to find a branch.

The $25 Bonus For a Checking Account

The Sovereign Student Banking is convenient for these individuals who are still in school. After all, every dollar counts and a $25 bonus is not bad indeed. So what do the students have to do in order to receive the bonus? First, they need to open a Sovereign Student checking account. There will be no worries with regards to the minimum deposit because it is only a meager $10. The next step is by adding a Student Savings account which also requires a minimum deposit of $10. After opening, they will then have to enroll with Sovereign’s online banking and provide a valid email address. Enrolling online will allow the student to request a Sovereign Debit MasterCard and through this card, he or she can make 5 purchases or make direct deposits. When the whole process is done successfully, the student will then receive the $25 bonus.

Opening a checking account with Sovereign Bank can only be the right move. After all, you get a checking account that fits your needs plus an extra $25 to get you started.

Sovereign Bank offers Three Checking Account Promotions Bonuses

Checking accounts are all vying for everyone’s attention with exclusive promos and limited offers. One of the most sought-after offers are cash bonuses. Oftentimes, these promotions come from only one type of checking account, but Sovereign Bank begs to differ. Get this – when you open a checking account with them today, you can choose from among three different types of promotions – all with cash bonuses.

Three options for your Cash Bonus

The more you spend, the more you earn. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what Sovereign Bank has in store for you.

Currently, there are three options for you: the Premier checking package, Preferred Checking Package, and Classic Checking Package. Open any of these three accounts before the end of January 31st, and get cash rewards by April 15th. All you need to do is make at least five purchases with your debit card. Or, you can also have one direct deposit before the end of March 31st. when any of these two conditions are met, you can get your cash bonus by April.

So how do these three checking accounts differ? With the Classic checking package, you get the regular perks such as no charges per check issuance, no monthly fees on a $500 daily balance, and competitive CD rates – plus a $50 cash back bonus. On the other hand, the Preferred checking account yields an interest-bearing account, with exclusive savings from Money Market rates. As for the cashback reward, you earn a $75 bonus.

The Sovereign Premier checking account is the crème of the crop. With its outstanding $125 cash bonus, you get the best rewards Sovereign bank has to offer. It also does not charge extra fees for more than $20,000 worth of combined balances in your loans, investments, savings, or checking accounts. The Premier checking account yields and annual percentage rate of 0.01% for accounts amounting to less than $15,00, and a 0.10% rate for balances of more than the said amount.

All these three checking accounts need to meet the same timely requirements for you to avail the cash bonuses, so make those purchases now.

Opening an Account

Sovereign Bank offers a quick, online application for you to open an account. As long as you provide the basic requirements of Social Security Number, Taxpayer Identification Number, valid ID’s, current US address and your email, the rest of the process is hassle-free.

Remember, these exclusive offers last until the end of January, so if you want to take advantage of great rewards, open a checking account with Sovereign Bank today.

Best CD Rates For February 17, 2011

This could be the first signs that CD rates will start increasing. One day after Sovereign Bank took the top spot for the 60 month CD term, a California based bank- Kaiser Federal Bank matched the same 3.0% APY. Kaiser Federal Bank raised its rates from 2.75% to 3.0% APY, making it a two way tie for the best available 5 year CD.

Kaiser requires a minimum of $10,000, which is much higher than Sovereigns’ minimum of just $500.

Here is a list of the top CD rates available nationally:

*TermBankFebruary 17December 1
3 Month CDCalifornia First0.80% APY0.95% APY
6 Month CDMetropolitan National1.15% APY1.15% APY
12 Month CDIncrediblebank1.45% APY1.51% APY
24 Month CDSalem 5 Bank1.75% APY1.76% APY
36 Month CDMelrose Credit Union2.17% APY2.27% APY
60 Month CDSovereign Bank3.00% APY3.03% APY

Be sure to get the best CD rate available by checking out our CD Rates board.

Sovereign Bank Offers A Save & Invest CD Package At 2.25%

Sovereign Bank has come out with a limited time offer to help you save and invest your money at the same time. The Save & Invest CD Package takes your money and splits it between two CDs, with half put in a 6 month CD at 2.25% APR and the other half put in a 36 month CD term.

The key is to diversify

This is a great way to diversify your money between saving it and investing it at the same time in a high paying CD package. As half of your money earns a steady high interest rate of 2.25% for 6 months, the other part of your money will be linked to investments in the S&P 500. A great aspect of the 6 month CD term is that there is no early withdrawal penalty, which will give you access to that half of your money.

The best part about the 36 month CD investment is that unlike some longer term investments, it is FDIC insured. In an economy like ours, it is vital to make sure you put your money in a safe institution that is federally insured. The guarantee you have with the 36 month CD is that you will not lose any of your investment, the only penalty for the S&P going down will be that you will not receive any interest for the period. For every year that the S&P goes up you will receive a great interest rate.

Additional details about this offer:

  • Minimum combined deposit for the CD package is $5,000.
  • Must be opened before November 27th, 2009
  • The Invest CD matures on November 30th, 2009; the term will be 36 months from that date.
  • There is an early withdrawal penalty for the Invest CD, and within 6 days of opening the Save CD.

This great offer from Sovereign Bank offers you an easy and low risk way of both saving and investing your money. For more information, visit the Sovereign Bank promotional page here.