Invest in a Home with Mortgage Capital Associates’ Low Rates

Today’s rates for home purchasing saw a rise of up to 4.29% for a 30-year fixed loan. Many lenders refuse to hold steady with their lesser rates, but Mortgage Capital Associates are listed among the few that continue to offer affordable and cheaper interests for buyers out there.

About the Rates

Mortgage Capital Associates has these following rates available:

CD Rates

30-Year Fixed Rate – 4.091 APR
15-Year Fixed Rate – 3.246 APR
5/1 ARM – 2.898 APR
30-Year FHA Fixed – 4.413 APR

The 30-year fixed loan is much less than today’s average of 4.29%. This means that once you sign up for a home loan under Mortgage Capital, you will be getting up to 0.29% in discount. Not bad a deal indeed.

How to Apply in 3 Steps

To get a loan from MCA, all you need to do are the following:

1. Download all the application forms form their website and fill them up.
2. After signing, fax the forms to the number posted on their site.
3. Mail the original documents to their headquarters’ address as shown on their homepage.

To speed up the process, you must have the following documents ready for sending:

• One month’s worth of the latest paystubs you have
• The previous 2 year’s W2’s
• The previous two year’s signed copies of tax returns, with schedules of filing
• Company number and name of your homeowner’s insurance
• Two month’s worth of the latest bank statements
• Two month’s worth of the latest statements form any investment or retirement accounts

About Mortgage Capital

This company was originally founded in Los Angels in 1982. Because of its consistent offer on giving out low mortgage rates, along with company credibility, it now ranks among the top 200 lenders in the country.

Mortgage Capital Associates caters to a wide audience all over America. It provides loans to any of these states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District Columbia, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a new home. Although the cost of the mortgage may seem like the most important thing, the reputation of the lending company should also be taken into account. With Mortgage Capital Associates, you get the best of both worlds.

SpeedTrack Loans Hold Steady Mortgage APR Despite Rising Rates

First-time home buyers have a reason to worry. Mortgage rates have risen even more this week, ending up in a 3.875% APY for a 30-year fixed term. Some lenders even bumped into a 4.125% price tag. With very little expectation that these rates are to fall anytime soon, refinancers and home-buyers are starting to doubt if this is the right time to make that loan.

However, it takes only a bit of good research skills to get yourself really low mortgage rates. SpeedTrack Loans is one of the few lending companies that boast of very competitive rates, finishing close to the past month’s leader, Amerisave.

How The Rates Compare

For a 30-year fixed rate, SpeedTrack Loans has a rate of 3.25% and an APR of 3.469%. This is even better than Amerisave’s 3.729% APR, catapulting SpeedTrack Loans on the top of the list.

The 30-year fixed rate offers the best security since you’re sure to maintain the same APR for the rest of the term. This can be a good thing if mortgage rates continue to sky-rocket.

For the 15-year fixed rate, they offer an equally low 2.75% rate and an APR of 3.17%. Their 7-year adjustable rate is priced at 1.875% and an APR of 2.51%.

The Application Process

Aside form very low rates, SpeedTrack Loans also provides an easy way for anyone to start their loan application. It only requires you to enter some brief information online, after which you will choose the kind of term you want. When this is done, a mortgage consultant will personally assist you through your needs. What’s more, they will also give you their contact number. This is a good way for you to raise up any concerns – whenever, wherever.

You may choose to finance up to 100% of your loan. There are also other ways for you to pay the mortgage in more flexible terms. Downpayment is usually priced at 20% the amount, but if you find yourself short on cash, SpeedTrack Loans can let you shell out only 5%.

Once the application is approved, you will be sent a disclosure of the terms of agreement. You will be asked to review the terms before the closure is done.

So what makes SpeedTrack Loans special? You can be assured that your mortgage payment for the whole term stays low, since the current 30-year fixed rate for SpeedTrack Loans is very near to historic lows. Sounds like a great value for your money indeed.

Good Mortgage Rates from Good

From the previous 3.95% national mortgage rate last week, the figures have cut down to 3.90% this week. This lucky strike hopes to draw many new home purchases or refinancing. This is why, an online direct lender, offers very low mortgage rates.

About the Rates

Here are some of the rates the company offers:

Loan Program – Current Rate – APR

30 year fixed – 3.625% – 3.87%
15 year fixed – 3.0% – 3.22%
7/1 ARM – 2.75% – 2.87%
5/1 ARM – 2.375% – 2.52%
10 year fixed – 2.75% – 3.19%
30 year no origination – 3.875% – 4.01%
FHA purchase – 3.75% – 4.11%
30 year HB Jumbo – 4.0% – 4.175%
30 year Jumbo – 4.25% – 4.379%

The APR for all these mortgage agreements are based on a loan amount of $200,000, given that a downpayment of 25% has been made. This also applies for accounts with no discount points, but with the 1% standard origination.

For HB Jumbo loans, a 25% downpayment is also required, provided that the loan amounts up to $550,000.

The Loan Process

The loan process begins when you fill up the application form for loans either online, or through confirmation with a mortgage consultant. In the form, you are asked to mark the checklist provided. This will be the basis of your loan analysis from which the consultant will provide you with the best options suited for your needs. This pre-approval only takes up to 4 hours at a maximum.

Once your application is approved, you are required to pass documents regarding salary and income, assets, and other related papers. Upon completion, your rate, as well as you loan, is now ready for lock-in.

A loan processor then proceeds to the appraisal of the property, while taking into account your credit history and other important personal background information. After this appraisal period which usually takes one to two weeks, your loan is then ready for closure. By then, you’ll be ready to move into your new home.


This company is one of the few direct lenders that offer services online, providing convenience and an even wider reach to consumers. They have all sorts of mortgage schemes for every individual’s different preferences. They also provide the service of mortgage consultants which can personally help you through every step of the process.

With these incredibly low rates form, having an investment property has never been more worth it.

Special Home Equity Offer From SEFCU

This weekend saw mixed moves in terms of mortgage highs and lows. However, some of the non-movers come from credit unions, which undoubtedly offer better rates than banks. With a reported national average on 30-year fixed mortgage rate of 3.98%, SEFCU is among the few lending companies that took a dive in rates. And in terms of paying mortgages, less is better. What’s more, SEFCU is giving away a very special offer that’s sure to have you close a deal in no time.

Special Offer

Currently, SEFCU is giving a special offer in home equity rates. This promo will allow the company to finance 70% of your home equity. It also features a low rate of 3.500% for a 10-year fixed period. This is applicable for a 50% Combined Loan to value home equity.

A 50.01%-60% loan-to-value APR is 3.75%, while a 60.1%-70% gives an APR of 4.00%. These are applicable to a 10-year term only. This gives you up to $350,000 in loan, which you can pay off through payroll deduction, automatic transfer, or direct deposit. And whether you pay monthly or bi-weekly, early payments allow you to skimp on penalties.

This special offer happens only once-in-a-lifetime so grab it while you can. After all, buying a new house is a once-in-a-lifetime decision you can’t compromise.

Competitive Mortgage Rate

Home improvement and home equity loans are just some of the services offered by SEFCU, but these are among the most sought after offers they have. This is mainly due to their competitive rates. For example, their 30-year fixed mortgage has an interest rate of 3.875% and an APR of 3.928%. Rates are most significant every quarter percent, allowing one to pay off less, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to choose this lesser figure as well.

A 15-year fixed rate from the same credit union has a rate of 3.250% and an APR of 3.343%. The national rate for this term is at 3.29%.

If you go for adjustable rates, a one-year plan can offer you a rate of 4.125% and an APR of 3.253%, while a 5-year adjustable rate has a 3.500% rate and a 3.307% APR.


SEFCU has been around since the 1930’s, establishing its name in the lending business. Today, it has more than 40 branches across the state.

Take the Go Signal in Mortgage Rates from Greenlight Financial Services

The past week saw mortgage rates inch up after experiencing some record lows early this year. However, relatively low rates are expected to continue due to the sluggish economy and poor housing market.

This strategy provides a great way for borrowers to loan new purchases or even re-financing. On the other hand, homeowners find this a great opportunity to do refinancing, or for others, buy a new home. If getting a new mortgage appeals to you, then look no further. Greenlight Financial Services has great offers for all your needs.

The Mortgage Quotes

Greenlight Financial’s mortgage rates vary according to the different schemes. With a loan of $417,000, a fixed 30-year mortgage can earn a rate of 3.875% at most and even down to 3.250% at the least. The rates, as well as their APRs are based on discount points you may earn.

30-year Fixed Rates for Loans up to $417,000

Rates – Points – APR
3.875% – 0.000% – 3.923%
3.750% – 0.000% – 3.797%
3.625% – 0.050% – 3.676%
3.500% – 0.650% – 3.600%
3.375% – 1.350% – 3.531%
3.250% – 2.250% – 3.497%

If you would rather have an adjustable rate plan, Greenlight Financial also offers the following rates:

15-year Fixed Rates for Loans up to $ 417,000

Rates – Points – APR
3.125% – 0.000% – 3.208%
3.000% – 0.000% – 3.083%
2.875% – 0.000% – 2.972%
2.759% – 0.000% – 2.948%

20-year Fixed Rates for Loans up to $ 417,000

Rates – Points – APR
3.750% – 0.000% – 3.816%
3.625% – 0.000% – 3.690%
3.500% – 0.025% – 3.594%
3.375% – 0.900% – 3.542%
3.250% 1.700% 3. 508%

10-year Fixed Rates for Loans up to $ 417,000

Rates – Points – APR
3.125% – 0.000% – 3.245%
3.000% – 0.000% – 3.120%
2.875% – 0.010% – 3.016%
2.750% – 0.800% – 3.039%

How to Qualify

To get a quick approval on your loan, you must ensure to have a credit of 750 or higher. Rate would then be based upon the amount being loaned, as well as the type of mortgage scheme chosen. It would also be based on the number of occupancy or residency.

Since not all applicants can be approved of the loan, it is best to get a full rate quota beforehand. Loan information can be provided by one of their consultants, which you can get to speak with online.

Special Offer

As an added bonus, Greenlight Financial offers its low refinance rate of only 2.75%. This marks up to the national average rate of the same figure, as well as its APR of 3.194%. Since this offer is only good for one week, you can grab the opportunity now in order to avail this great refinancing deal today.

So what are you waiting for? When it comes to Greenlight Financial, it’s a go-go.

Score the Best Mortgage Deal from Fifth Third Bank

Many people lay off moving out and getting their own houses. However, many banks and lending companies today are now offering low real mortgage rates. Because of this, there really is no other reason for you to get that much coveted dream house of yours.

With today’s low mortgage rates in the range of 3.89% on the national average, Fifth Third Bank’s own rates are competitive enough to catch any home-buyer’s attention.

How The Rates Compare

Key features of the mortgage schemes from Fifth Third bank are the fixed 15-, 20-, and 30-year conforming types. The rates can be found in their website.

The rates in the site are applicable for a $140,000 loan amount. It is understood that a 25% down payment is required upon approval of the loan. You may be qualified if you have a FICO credit score of 740 or higher. The payments listed here are not inclusive of insurance premiums or taxes.

Fifth Third Bank also offer points that correspond to discounts on your monthly payments. In order to earn points, you simply have to make purchases for home furnishings or home improvement stores. This is ideal for re-financing loans. The lesser your APR, the sooner you can pay off your mortgage. Considerable savings are always welcome, and with this point system, you’re sure to have something to smile about.

A fixed-rate mortgage plan is the usual type of mortgage preferred because of its predictable and steady payment schedule that does not change over time. This is also the better option if you are planning to stay in your house for a longer term. Another thing you might want to consider is that since you will be expected to pay the same amount for the remainder of the years accounted for, you may feel a sense of security with the payment responsibilities.

To assist you with your application, their site offers an application checklist, as well as a value estimator so you can find out the estimated cost of the home you fancy.

Give The Gift Of A New Home This Valentines Day With The Money Store’s Competitive Rates

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can get you to purchase a new house. And since Valentines Day is fast approaching, what better way to show your love than to provide your family their dream home?

Let’s face it – no one really buys a house and pays for it in one go. That’s why mortgage lenders exist. They help finance your home, while you pay off the whole amount in monthly terms. This is why choosing the right mortgage lender becomes very important. With all the lending institutions out there, how will you ever get to pick one that’s right for you?

With over four decades of experience, The Money Store has been in the mortgage business, making a name for itself in the long run. Today, it offers one of the most competitive mortgage rates in the country.

Mortgaging with The Money Store

The most common mortgage scheme that people would go for is the 30-year fixed mortgage. This gives them the ability to pay off the loaned amount on an average budget, without fear of incurring additional growth on their monthly payments. Currently, the Money Store offers a rate of 3.750% and an APR of 3.854%. This is more or less close enough to the National base rate of 3.89% APR in the whole country. Certainly, there may be other lending companies that offer much lower rates than this. Such example is Amerisave’s 3.487% APR. But with the Money Store’s proximity to the National average rate, you can still secure yourself with the fact that they offer reasonable and competitive rates.

If you plan to pay off the mortgage on a 15-year fixed scheme, you will be given a rate of 3.125% and an APR of 3.280%. A 5-year Arm has a rate of 2.750% and APR of 3.031%, while for the same Arm of 7-year gives you a 3.125% rate and 3.153% APR.

Jumbo terms are also available as follows: 15-year fixed Jumbo rate of 3.375% and APR of 3.492%, and a 30-year fixed Jumbo rate of 3.875% and APR of 3.945%.

With all these offerings, you really won’t be at loss of options for your mortgage needs. The only thing that’s left for you to do now is to find a creative way to surprise your family with your amazing Valentines gift to them.

Get Low Mortgage Rates with Provident Credit Union

Mortgage rates are expected to remain low. This is due in part to the volatility of politics and economic factors. Forecast has it, rates will be steady at 4.00% to 4.30% Thus, keeping an eye out for high-interest deals is very important, as this can help you move your money wisely.

One lending institution that offers significantly lower interest Mortgage rates is Provident Credit Union. Currently, they provide an interest rate of 3.500% to 3.875%, and an APR of 3.699% to 3.910%. These variable rates depend on the type of discount you will incur.

About the Rates

Provident Credit Union has several mortgage schemes to offer. The most striking feature for each type is what they call the “hybrid” loan. It works like a combination of a fixed rate loan and an adjustable rate loan – all in one mortgage plan.

For example, you set yourself up for a three-year mortgage. In this regard, you are expected to pay the fixed interest. After this time period, you can then convert the mortgage plan into an adjustable rate, and earn a new APR and interest rate at that.

Why is this payment scheme better than the conventional? It is because the flexibility of being able to change into a different mortgage plan may help in saving you a lot of money. In other lending firms, once you choose a fixed interest rate, you are expected to pay the same APR until you fully pay the loan. ARM loan-types typically carry the risk of rising or falling along with the economy, so if you choose a pure ARM type loan, you have to take the risks that come along with it.

However, with this hybrid loan, you can have the chance to pay less. Let’s say after three or five years the mortgage economy will be at its peak. Then switching to the ARM type is really a good deal. However, if it has been continuously down in the money market dumps, you can still save your mortgage and continue to pay lesser-than-average rates at that time.

If you check their website, you can see that their rates are lower than the national average. You might also notice that there is a table for discounts. This determines the variability of your rates. In order to get lower rates, you must pay a certain amount of money upon your loan closing, upfront. Even if you get to pay a large amount of money at the closing, you will enjoy lower rates thereafter.

Even when predictions state that mortgages are facing a dim future this month,Provident Credit Union remains steadfast, and from the looks of their competitive rates, it clearly knows what it is doing.

3.811% APR for 30-Year Fixed Mortgage from Crestline Funding

Most people don’t really know the difference between credit unions and banks, when in reality, even the smallest credit unions can give the banks a run for their money. This is because credit unions tend not to focus on profit, but rather on service. This is also the reason why rates at credit unions can be lower than conventional banks when it comes to mortgage.

This is exactly the principle that Crestline Funding, like most credit unions, adhere to. According to the Credit Union Mortgage Association, today’s 30-year fixed mortgage rate is fixed at an average of 4.143%. But Crestline Funding offers even lower rates than that standard. At 3.811% APR, you can significantly save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Any deal is a great deal when you get to save, so if you’re thinking of doing repairs in your home early this year, or even buying a new one at that, you might as well grab the opportunity now.

Rates Comparison

Here is a list of how competitive Crestline Funding’s APR rates are in terms of the standard given by the Credit Union Mortgage association:

Credit Union Mortgage Association

30-year fixed – 4.143%
15 year fixed – 3.750%

Crestline Funding

30-year fixed – 3.811%
15 year fixed – 3.358%

As can be seen, you can get more value for your money because of the very low APRs. Plus, Crestline Funding offers 96.5% financing, so you won’t have to worry about shouldering more than you can pay for. These low-rates are possible all because they are a direct lending group. Unlike banks or other real estate agencies, Crestline Funding eliminates third parties, so you won’t have to pay for the middle men.

In order to apply for a loan, you can ask for a free quote on all you mortgage needs on their site. An application form is also given where they can assess your needs, depending on which type of loan you prefer, and on your credit history. If you’re not satisfied with that, they offer live assistance from their online agents where you can openly talk to them regarding your concerns. Doing the deal online provides an avenue for a more convenient and hassle-free way of negotiation.

The Crestline Funding group offers no cost loans upon closing a deal, nor do they assign points for each loan you make. They only offer interest loans, making sure you have no extra surcharges in end.

Aside from fixed loans, they also offer refinance loans, purchase loans, reverse mortgages, home equity loans, jumbo loans, VA and FHA loans.

As with other credit unions, you know your money is safe as you are insured very much like banks do.

With these low rates and great service offers, you wouldn’t have to think twice about buying that new house again.

Conventional Home Loans Outshined by FHA Loans

The mortgage industry has been getting a few setbacks for the past few weeks. Mortgage rates has been getting higher and higher, with many rate discrepancies between lenders. This makes it hard for people to start planning their future, especially for those with a history of bad credit.

How FHA Loans differ

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), offers one of the best mortgage rates and financial loans in the market today. This organization has aimed to cater to all the needs of potential buyers, by giving more lenient rules, as opposed to more traditional lending groups. The FHA will allow loans to be handed out to those with poor credit history, or those who have none at all.

Traditional financing looks into a person’s credit scoring, which looks into your credit background. Once you are deemed to be below their required credit score, you are automatically disqualified. But with FHA loans, none of this matters. They will only require you to write a reasonable explanation for the circumstances that led to your poor credit history. For cases of past bankruptcy, special cases are considered after their perusal.

Comparing Rates

Today, the lowest APR you can get for a 30-year fixed mortgage is around 3.250%. Many lending groups, such as Amerisave and Quicken Loans have and APR of 3.891% and 4.174% respectively. These are still relatively high interest rates.

The FHA only offers 3.75% APR. And because this is the interest rate for a fixed-price mortgage loan, you can be assured of some stability, no matter how unstable the real estate market becomes. For those who are seeking more liquidity, the AMR offers even lower interest rates. With this, you are only expected to give interest pays. This can significantly lower your monthly bills.

Once you get approved for a loan, you are expected to pay about 10% initial deposit of the sum amount. You must also ensure that the monthly cost of your housing will not go beyond 41% of your monthly income. This is a really great offer from the FHA since many other banks provide to be stricter with regards to these rules.

About FHA

Established in 1934, the FHA has been aiming to provide affordable housing loans to those who are underqualified from many conventional lending groups. Now, many people are realizing their dreams of purchasing their own houses. The FHA is the perfect solution in cases when a particular home buyer is unable to continue with the loan. In such cases, the FHA frees the lender from paying the insurance fund. So if you’re just starting out and thinking about buying your first house, you’ll never have to think twice again. Choose IHL Direct FHA Loans.

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