Post Holiday Loans from Velocity Credit Union

The holidays have indeed been a blast! Crazy parties left and right were the scene, but now that the festivities are over and everyone’s already settled in and are preparing back to the regular days. Post-holiday bills are often a drag that could ruin your spirits. Now it’s time to remedy this dilemma, so you won’t need to have a lousy year opener. With Velocity Credit Union’s Holiday Loan Offer, you can still have the holiday spirits intact regardless of the post-holiday bills you may have.

The Promotional Offer

Velocity Credit Union’s Holiday Loan offers loans ranging from $500-$5000 with terms up to thirty-six months. That’s three long years to pay the loan with an interest rate of only 6.49% Annual Percentage Rate with a Member Rewards Discount. What’s even better about this offer is that unlike other credit unions that are offering somewhat the same loans, Velocity offers this holiday loan in fixed and stable terms and conditions. This means that you can be assured that as the duration of your loan progresses, your loan will still be subjected to the same rate. Other credit unions have variable rates plus hidden fees. That way, as time flies the rate of 6.49% will still be the same until you make your payment. With this offer, you can easily go back on track without any worries.

Additional Perks for Members

Of course, the offer gets better when you are already members of this union. Every member is entitled to their Member Reward’s discount which is .50% off on your next loan with certain exceptions to Real Estate loans, Quickloans; share secured and certificate secured loans. They also have the following perks for their members:

• .25% discount with 20% down payment on eligible secured loans
• .50% discount when you purchase a Credit Union repossessed vehicle
• .25% discount for Elite Rewards members
• .10% discount on Home Equity and Home Improvement loans when payment is automatically withdrawn from your Velocity checking or share (savings) account.
• .25% discount on Home Equity loans when Velocity Credit Union is the first lien holder on the property.

The maximum Rewards rate reduction for Home Equity and Home Improvement loans is 0.25%

About Velocity Credit Union

With an initial vision of serving the City of Austin employees, Velocity Credit Union has gradually molded itself to serving people on a nation-wide scale from its humble beginnings in 1947. And up to date, Velocity has still maintained the ideas of cooperation, self-help, and independence in all its dealings. With this in mind, your post-holiday bill is just one less thing to worry about.

Holiday Promotions from Apple Credit Union

The Christmas holidays are always filled with lots of merry making and holiday cheer. Aside from spending the season with our loved ones, Christmas can also mean heavy gift giving which can also translate to extra out of pocket expenses and time for Christmas shopping. However, to help us make the load easier, there are a lot of promotions such as sales and discounts for us to save on our holiday shopping. However, if you find yourself short of cash this season, then Apple Credit Union may just be the one to help you. With their promotions this season, you may find the solution to your holiday problems.

Short On Cash? Take On A Quick Loan

Apple Credit Union is currently offering a holiday loan special that allows you to borrow as much as $5,000. This deal is especially good for those who are short on cash this holiday season. The promotion offers loans of up to $5,000 which is payable in the next 11 months at 9.99% APR.This deal is set to expire this December 31st.

Cash Not Your Problem?

For the others who don’t really have a problem with cash, but are short on time when it comes to Christmas shopping, then Apple Credit Union has something for you too. If you think there isn’t a single gift that just about everyone would appreciate, think again. Visa Holiday gift cards are the perfect gift to hand out this Christmas. This card allows you to pre-load in amounts up to the maximum of $1,000. So whether it’s for your teenage son, your newly married daughter, or your shopaholic wife, this gift would surely fit anyone’s wish list. Not only does it really suit their needs, but it also saves you the trouble of having to go around shops finding something that your significant other may not really like.

About Apple Credit Union

The credit union is available in select locations of Virginia. It has also been serving the educational community since 1956. You may check membership eligibility at their website plus a range of other holiday promotions they have. Christmas is just about a week away so there’s really no time to waste.