Get Up to $396 When Banking With First Tennessee Bank

First Tennessee Bank is offering a lot in bonuses. At this time, consumers can get up to $396 in bonuses just by doing their normal banking business.

The Offer:

The earnings are divided into four ways. Consumers may choose to avail of only one of the services to get just a portion of the cash bonus.

1. $100 for Opening A Checking Account – There is a wide array of checking accounts to choose from. The bank offers premier checking, express checking, select checking, and classic checking. Each type of checking account offers different features that suit your needs.

2. $100 for Opening a Money Market Account – Their Money Market Account is tiered, offering larger interest rates on a bigger balance. Their lowest APY is at 0.35% with deposits of less than $10,000 and their highest APY is at 0.55% for deposits larger than $100,000.

3. $100 for a real estate secured loan – First Tennessee Bank is currently offering a variable rate of as low as 3.7% on their loans. Plus you get a free $100 Visa Gift card once you close.

4. $96 for attaining all three – If you availed of all three offers, you are eligible to receive an extra $96.

This brings us to a total of $396 for doing your business with First Tennessee Bank. These extra perks should help you decide where to open that checking and money market account, as well as where to get that loan.

About First Tennessee Bank

First Tennessee Bank is a member of the First Horizon National Corporation family of companies with about 180 locations all over the state. The bank has roots that go as far as 1864 where the first institution was called the First National Bank of Memphis. It has also received numerous awards, some of it is the Best of the Best award for Best Mortgage Lender and the 2010 Greenwich Excellence Awards for Middle Market Banking and Small Business Banking.

This is offer is good to last until October 30, 2011, so there’s no time to lose. Also, this offer is only available in Tennessee.

Tennessee Commerce Bank Offers High CD Rate

The Tennessee Commerce Bank is offering a 2 year CD rate of 2.10% APY and a 3 year CD rate of 2.50% APY. The minimum deposit of both accounts is only $2,500. Both of these high interest CD rates come with an early withdrawal penalty of 6 months’ interest and are available nationwide.

It is easy to fund a new account with Tennessee Commerce Bank, either through ACH transfer, wire or check. Applications can be submitted through their website, by mail or even fax. Two forms of ID will be needed to open one of the CDs. Sending money via a wire transfer is free, but an outgoing wire will cost $25.

To close your CD at maturity you will need to submit the request in writing, otherwise the CD will be renewed for another term.

Tennessee Commerce Bank has a 2 of 5 star soundness rating through Bankrate and is FDIC insured.

Be sure to visit their website here for more updated CD rate offers.

Earn $150 Dollars Bonus with First Tennessee

Do you live in Tennessee?

You have an opportunity to take advantage of a special offer that First Tennessee is currently offering.

first tennessee

What do I have to do to get the Bonus?

Customers can earn $150 bonus by setting up a new checking account with online bill pay.

How do I get it?

You can log on to First Tennessee website and fill out the application online here. Or you can take a copy of the add into your local location and sign up with a banker.

Is there anything else I need to do?

These requirements must be met in order to qualify for the Bonuses.

First there is a $100 bonus for the New Checking account.  The requirements are:

  1. Open a new checking account.
  2. Start with a minimum deposit of $300.
  3. Keep the account in good standing for 6 months.

Second there is a $50 bonus for the online bill pay.  The requirements are:

  1. For existing customers, you must have never used Bill Pay Online or used the service since August 1, 2009
  2. New and Existing customer must pay a minimum of six bills by December 31, 2009

How do I receive the bonuses?

After you meet all the requirements the $100 and the $50 bonuses will be deposited into your bank account seperately.