Building Your Future with the Discover Student More Credit Card

Finally, you’re about to send off your kid to college. And of course, every parent wants to see their children start out their newly independent life with a good record. But why not start them out with a good credit as well?

Everyone knows that building a good credit is important. With it, one is able to enjoy the rewards that come only after a good deal of discipline and punctuality for the cardholder’s part.

Discover Bank has been hailed for its strong credibility, which is based on a strong foundation of innovation and changes for the improvement of services to its customers. It caters to different levels of individuals, young and old. The Discover Student More Card helps give youngsters a good start on life by giving the chance to build good credit with them.

What To Expect

The Student More Card boasts a low APR, and low interest rates. For the first nine months, it offers absolutely zero percent APR, then steadily increasing to 12.99%-19.99%. This rate depends on the Standard Variable Purchase APR, and on the credibility of your credit record. To avoid any fees and to maintain a good record, be sure to settle any balances within 25 days after each closing of the billing period.

For students who expect more from what they do, the 5% Cashbank Bonus proves to be a very good deal-sealer. There’s a little something for everyone as these rewards can be redeemed from any of the following categories: restaurants, stores, or gas shops. As for the confessed-shopaholics, they can take advantage of an exclusive cashbank bonus of as much as 5%-20% from an online shopping store. The Discover Student More credit Card helps them get listed only for this purpose.

As for everything else, there is always the unlimited 1% cashback bonus. One can automatically buy textbooks, notebooks, and all other college needs – with added perks of course.

Another great thing about the Student More Card is that it allows the member to choose the type of rewards he/she wants. Be it in cash, for charity, as partner gift cards or Discover gift cards, and even merchandise, students can really exercise their power in making independent choices.

Undeniably, the most appealing feature of this card is its cashbank bonus. Because your kid gets to earn extra cash by swiping his card, he/she won’t have to ask for that extra allowance ever again. Working well in both ways, this card may just be the perfect partner for students – and their parents alike.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2011

Let’s face it, credit cards are as much a part of our lives as cash. We perpetually have it in our wallets, we use it to make the simplest purchases such as groceries, and sometimes we wouldn’t be able to live without it. Since credit cards have become such a staple, why not get the credit cards that reward you every time you make a purchase? And I’m not only talking about rewards cards, but cash back credit cards.

What are the advantages of Cash Back Credit Cards?

Cash back credit cards allow you to receive rebates on purchases you make. Some credit card companies can give you as much as 5% cash back return on the most practical of purchases made in groceries, gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants and the like. The cash back works just like a 5% discount on all these purchases, accumulating to become a huge savings on your part by the end of the year. Usually, people who have a strong credit card history and a good credit score are eligible to have cashback credit cards.

What to Watch Out For With Cash Back Credit Cards?

If you intend to keep a balance on your card, it may be wiser to instead seek a low interest credit card rather than a cash back rewards card. This is because cash back cards usually have a higher interest rate. Also, it is important to check on the details of the credit card such as if there is a limit to the revenue that you can receive, if there is an expiry date to the cash back rewards program, and if cash back expires if you don’t use your card for a certain period of time.

Here are some of the best cash back credit cards 2011 has to give:

Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2011

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What better way to spend your money, than with the knowledge that every time you make a purchase, a certain amount will be paid back to you? That’s exactly what cash back credit cards can give their patrons. With cash back cards, it’s as if you’re getting a part of your money back every time you spend.

Getting a return of cash on purchases made is certainly a good deal. After all, we will all eventually spend to on things such as food and gas. So why not take advantage of these credit card offers and earn from the money you spend.