Secure Your Students’ Financial Future with Discover’s Student More Credit Card

We all know that when students go to college, they will need financial support. That’s why parents provide them with credit cards to shoulder the extra expenses. College students would have to live on their own and become independent in order for them to adjust to the realities of life. And in terms of financial capabilities, they should know how to budget money very well. But in order for them to live a comfortable college life, they should be given the right credit card.

Discover Bank has been known all around the United States to be a credible financial team that supplies a sturdy foundation to its customers whether old or young. They provide what people need in relation to money, especially the new college students that are just starting up with their lives.

The Discover Student More Credit Card is a card that most parents are getting and helping their children acquire because of the easy interest rates, plus cash back bonuses.

What are the Cards’ Perks?

The Discover Student More Credit Card has very low interest rates and a low APR which will definitely help students keep up with the payments. The card when activated will have a zero percentage APR during the first nine months of usage but will eventually increase its APR up to 19.99%. For those who have questions with regards to the rate, it will depend on the student’s credibility record and with the APR’s Standard Variable Purchase. But just imagine the new college student handling his or her financial status and responsibilities well through these student credit cards. He or she will be able to understand how important one’s financial credibility record is.

Another important perk with the Discover Student More Credit Card is the different rewards that students can get or claim. They can have as much as 5% cash back, which is already a great deal compared to other cards. Most of the rewards can be used and redeemed in restaurants, shops, or stores nationwide. And with students, cash back bonuses are a plus because they can use it for shopping sprees.

So when they will correctly use their Discover credit cards and pay their dues on time, then they will be able to take advantage of these cash back bonuses which will definitely be of big help to them.

Earn Cash Back Bonus for Your Good Credit Management from Discover Motiva Card

It does pay to be punctual on your monthly dues. Discover Motiva Card is the perfect credit card partner for those who never fail to make on time payments. And because of this good credit management, you may get big cash-back bonuses for doing so.

Good Credits Finish First

When you get your very own Discover Motiva Card, you get to enjoy many benefits.

For the cash rewards, you automatically get 5% in interest charges for every month that you make on-time payments. This bonus will be automatically shown on your next month’s billing statement. This interest charge is variable, depending on the APR, payments, and current balance.

On other purchases, you may earn up to 1% in cash back bonuses. However, the annual total of all such purchases must exceed $3,000 in order to get this reward. For any other purchases made before reaching this given amount, a cash back bonus of 0.25% is given. The same reward is given to purchases from exclusive and partner warehouses, such as discount stores, warehouse clubs, or wholesale distributors.

Another way for you to earn cash bonuses is by shopping at their affiliated online mall. There are about 157 partner stores to choose from. This bonus can go as high as 5-20%. There is no expiration date for the points you earn, but you must make sure the account is kept active for 18 consecutive months. Otherwise, your rewards will be forfeited. The same consequence will be given if payments for two billing periods are not made.

If you do not wish to withdraw this cash bonus, you can use it for some other purpose. Use the rewards to get yourself a gift certificate, give to charity, or buy Partner gift cards and merchandise.

As a Discover Motiva Card member, you get to enjoy zero annual fees, as well as a low 3% balance transfer fee for outside transactions.

The introductory APR is 0% for the first 15 months. This increases to the variable standard of 10.99%-19.99% thereafter. This is the same offer they give out for Balance transfer APRs. The variable APR depends on your credit standing and worthiness.

The due date for paying the fees is 25 days from the release of the billing statement. But as mentioned, if you meet this deadline earlier than you should, the cash back bonus is all yours.

This is the perfect card for all the early-birds out there. If you’re good with credit, the Discover Motiva Card will reward you more than you’ll ever know.

Building Your Future with the Discover Student More Credit Card

Finally, you’re about to send off your kid to college. And of course, every parent wants to see their children start out their newly independent life with a good record. But why not start them out with a good credit as well?

Everyone knows that building a good credit is important. With it, one is able to enjoy the rewards that come only after a good deal of discipline and punctuality for the cardholder’s part.

Discover Bank has been hailed for its strong credibility, which is based on a strong foundation of innovation and changes for the improvement of services to its customers. It caters to different levels of individuals, young and old. The Discover Student More Card helps give youngsters a good start on life by giving the chance to build good credit with them.

What To Expect

The Student More Card boasts a low APR, and low interest rates. For the first nine months, it offers absolutely zero percent APR, then steadily increasing to 12.99%-19.99%. This rate depends on the Standard Variable Purchase APR, and on the credibility of your credit record. To avoid any fees and to maintain a good record, be sure to settle any balances within 25 days after each closing of the billing period.

For students who expect more from what they do, the 5% Cashbank Bonus proves to be a very good deal-sealer. There’s a little something for everyone as these rewards can be redeemed from any of the following categories: restaurants, stores, or gas shops. As for the confessed-shopaholics, they can take advantage of an exclusive cashbank bonus of as much as 5%-20% from an online shopping store. The Discover Student More credit Card helps them get listed only for this purpose.

As for everything else, there is always the unlimited 1% cashback bonus. One can automatically buy textbooks, notebooks, and all other college needs – with added perks of course.

Another great thing about the Student More Card is that it allows the member to choose the type of rewards he/she wants. Be it in cash, for charity, as partner gift cards or Discover gift cards, and even merchandise, students can really exercise their power in making independent choices.

Undeniably, the most appealing feature of this card is its cashbank bonus. Because your kid gets to earn extra cash by swiping his card, he/she won’t have to ask for that extra allowance ever again. Working well in both ways, this card may just be the perfect partner for students – and their parents alike.

Best Student Credit Cards in 2011

College is a great time to gain experience. This is when young people build maturity when it comes to personality, relationships, knowledge, and of course, finances. Usually when young adults are in college, parents withdraw monetary support to teach them how to be financially independent. Sometimes finance management can be made so much easier with the use of a credit card.

A credit card for students can have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the level of responsibility of the student. If a student spends more than he can afford, or if he misses to make payments on the due date, students can get themselves into a lot of bad debt. Still, there is no harm in getting a credit card as long as you know you’re financially responsible.

When choosing a credit card, some things you have to keep in mind is to getting a card that suits your lifestyle needs. Don’t get a rewards credit card if you know you’re going to keep a balance since those type of cards typically charge a higher interest rate. Also, look for cards that don’t charge an annual fee. You might just get shocked a the end of the year to find an added expense you weren’t prepared for.

Instead of getting a “normal” credit card, there are some credit card companies that are sensitive to the needs of students. These cards fit the lifestyles of students well, giving them low interest rates and practical rewards that students can definitely use. Some cards give cash back rewards on purchases such as groceries, gas, restaurant orders, and many more. Plus, some cards also offer 0% interest for the first few months of use. Just make sure you check what the interest rates are afterwards.

Here are some of the best student credit cards in 2011. These cards are made just for that young adult in college.

Best Student Credit Cards

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Take advantage of the credit cards built just for students. These cards know what students need, giving you rewards and bonuses on purchases you will actually make. And finally, don’t get too excited by the lures of rewards or freebies. If you know you don’t need to buy it, then discipline yourself into delaying the purchase up to the time when you can actually afford it.