$125 Reward: Get the Sovereign’s Premier Checking Account Promotion

Planning to get a checking account? Looking for the best bank to open one? Trying to find the best deals especially when it comes to rewards and or bonuses? Those people who want this should check out Sovereign’s Premier checking account promotion with a reward of $125 for those who will be opening a new checking account from them. This is an exciting and advantageous way of getting a checking account considering the financial market today.

Sovereign Bank helps their customers in reaching their financial goals. What they do is basically provide their clients or customers the right means or ways in making their finances earn interests and increase its worth. They are also committed in providing other financial services not just in terms of checking accounts but also with regards to loans, mortgages, savings, certificates of deposits, and many more. They greatly cater to what businesses and regular people want and need. So for those who want to open a new checking account then they should do it here in Sovereign Bank while they still have a good promotional offering.

$125 Premier Checking Account Promotion

This Premier checking account promotion is still open up to June 30, 2012. Any person can open this kind of account because it only means that everybody is allowed to get the reward. The requirements they have are very easy and simple to do in order to get the bonus. Obviously, the first thing to do is open an account and then enroll in the online banking service. Afterwards, clients should apply for a debit card. In this debit card, the account holder or owner will then have to make five purchases or be able to receive one direct deposit by August 31st of this year. When either of these two will be done, then the bonus of $125 will be received by the account holder on September 15, 2012. This is how easy the whole procedure is to get the bonus or reward.

$125 isn’t money you can just pick up from the streets. If you want this extra cash in your pocket plus a sustainable checking account, open one now at Sovereign Bank.