$125 Cash Back and Snack Pack with Banco Popular

Banco Popular BankGet free checking and special offers with Banco Popular Bank.

Banco Popular is running a $125 checking account promotion for signing up with them.  The cash back is broken up into 3 different sections.

  • $50 when you add direct deposit.
  • $50 when you add free online bill pay.
  • $25 for returned debit cards and unused checks.

Right now Banco Popular is also offering a free snack backpack to sweeten the deal.

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  • Totally Free Checking – A FREE account for everyone!
  • 50+ Free Interest Checking – FREE for customers 50 and over!
  • E-Z Free Interest Checking – FREE checking with direct deposit or automatic payment/debit!
  • Popular Investor Checking – An account for those interested in higher interest!

To see everything that Banco Popular offers and to see the fine print for these offers you can visit here.

Free iPod Shuffle with American Community Bank

American Community BankIn celebration of their 10th anniversary American Community Bank is offering free iPod Shuffles for new customers.

You can get a GPX Home Radio with iPod connector, 2 gig iPod Shuffle or a 4 gig iPod Shuffle.

Besides these bonuses ACB have some great banking programs and deals.  It is worth checking out.

Here is how to take advantage of the free iPod Giveaway happening now at ACB:

  • GPX Home Radio: Simply sign up for a new checking account with $100.
  • 2 gig iPod Shuffle: Sign up for a new checking account with $500 in Direct Deposit.
  • 4 gig iPod Shuffle: Upgrade from the 2GB Shuffle by adding free online banking and bill pay.

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All American Community Bank checking accounts are free.  They even offer completely free business checking accounts.

If you want to check out ACB click here.

A little fine print:

“Qualify for your GPX radio w/MP3 & iPod connection with a $100 minimum opening deposit. Get your Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB after you complete $500 in direct deposits; upgrade to the 4GB iPod Shuffle by choosing it instead of the 2GB shuffle when you add Online Banking and BillPay to our direct deposit offer and you complete three automatic bill payments. Accounts closed before six months are subject to a $25 early closing fee. American Community Bank reserves the right to substitute gifts of equal or better value. Visit us at www.acbalways.com for details. Gift values reported as interest on 1099.”

Get a Free Flip Camcorder with FirstBank

FirstBank is giving away a Free Flip Camcorder for new customers that sign up for FirstBank eSave.

What is FirstBank eSave?

Get eSave Checking and Savings accounts, a FirstBank Visa Check Card and Free Internet Banking with eStatements. Then watch money automatically transfer to your savings each time you use your Visa Check Card or make Bill Pay or ACH payments. Plus you can get a $25 bonus after you save $500 in your first 12 months (see fine print for details).

Good things to know:

  • There is a maximum check usage limit with eSave. You are limited to 3 checks per statement cycle for each account type. If you write more than 3 checks per statement cycle you will be charged $1 for each additional paper check that posts to your account during that cycle.
  • If you cancel or close any of the eSave Account Package components including eSave Checking, eSave Savings, Internet Banking, eStatements, or Visa Check Card then you will lose the package benefits.
  • To read the rest of the fine print click here.

Concerning the Flip Camcorder:

  • The must be a brand new eSave account being opened.
  • One Flip Camcorder per household per 2 years.
  • Must open the account with $50
  • The cost of the gift is considered a bonus that can be revoked if the account is closed within six months of opening. So do not close the account for at least 6 months.  Otherwise you will be purchasing that flip camcorder.
  • To read the rest of the fine print click here.

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The Top Free iPod Bank Promotions

iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod TouchiPods are a hot topic these days for banks to give away as part of their promotions.  That is why we have made you a list of each bank giving Free iPods for signing up with them.

Whether it is for checking account promotions or for other banking promotions many banks are giving away iPods instead of money as incentive to sign up.

The iPod Touch seems to be the most popular item to give away.  We have seen iPod Shuffles and iPod Nanos given away by banks as well.  It seems to me that iPod free giveaways would attracted some people much more than cash would.  The reason, I believe, is the same reason some people would much rather open a gift on their birthday than get a card with cash.

When banks pay you cash most of the time they simply deposit it into your account and that is the end of it.  You never receive anything, you do not get to open anything and all in all it is kind of boring.  But if they send you an iPod Touch you get it in the mail and you are excited to open it and start playing with it.  It just seems more exciting and plus it is a great reminder to the consumer that the bank sent you this great gift.

Personally I would rather receive an iPod.  If I got $200 cash it would just get lost in the shuffle and end up being used to pay some bill or go out to dinner and a movie.

So here are some of the top iPod Bank Promotional Giveaways:  (We will continue to update this list.  If you know of more iPod promotions please let us know in the comments.)

  • Bank of the West iPod Checking Account Promotion:  This is a pretty simple promotion to qualify for.  All you need to do is use your new debit card 20 times and that is enough.  20 small purchases is enough.  I called and spoke with Bank of the West about this promotion and the gentleman on the line told said, “You could eat off the McDonalds dollar menu 20 times.”
  • KeyBank Free iPod Touch Promotion: (Expired) KeyBank is offering a free iPod Touch for those who open a new checking account from now until June 30th.  Update: Even though this promotion has expired those that opened an account still have until 10-1-10 to meet all the requirements.
  • Please let us know in the comments of more iPod or iPad bank giveaways.

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Get a Free iPod Touch with The Bank of Greene County

The Bank of Greene CountyThe Bank of Greene County is making it easy for you to get your hands on an Apple iPod Touch.

Right now through September 30th Bank of Greene County has a checking account promotion which only requires two steps to qualify for your iPod Touch.

After you sign up for a new checking account simply:

  1. Sign up for direct deposit.
  2. Use the Visa® Check Card twice.

Its is that simple.

Check out all the checking account promotions.

The Bank of Greene County is FDIC insured and  is located in New York.  For more information on the iPod Checking Account Promotion visit here.

Promotional Fine Print

“Direct deposit transactions include payroll, Social Security, pension, and government benefits. Qualifying debit card transactions must be signature-based. Limit one iPod touch® per household. Bank employees and their families are not eligible. The value will be   reported on a Form 1099. This promotion applies only to new checking accounts. Must redeem before September 30, 2010. The Bank may discontinue this offer at any time without notice.”

PerkStreet Financial Reviewed- Get Debit Card Rewards

PerkStreet FinancialHere is a cool concept. Every time you use your personal debit card you are on your way to earning a reward. Most people use their debit cards for every day purchases, but why not get something back for doing something you do every day?

PerkStreet FinancialSM Deposit Account – PerkStreet Financial will give you 1% cash back (now 2% cash back), a free cup of coffee or a song whenever you spend between $100 and $200 on ‘non-PIN’ purchases. What is a non-PIN purchase? Whenever you make a purchase using your PerkStreet Financial debit card, choose ‘credit’ which will keep you from entering in your PIN number.

Here is a more in-depth look at the rewards you can earn just by using your debit card every day:

  • Spend $200 – Get a cup of coffee from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Bruegger’s, or Peet’s Coffee & Tea.
  • Spend $100 – Get a free song from iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Rhapsody.
  • Spend $100 – Get $1 back on a VISA gift card, Best Buy gift card, Target, Amazon, Gap or Ticketmaster gift card.

Say you spend $2,000 every month on your every day expenses using your debit card, that is 10 cups of coffee, 10 free songs or $20 put on a gift card of your choosing. The rewards begin to add up. It gets better though. You will earn double the rewards just by having a balance of no less than $5,000 in your account by the start of each day. So instead of 10 cups of coffee or 10 free songs you will earn 20 cups of coffee or 20 songs in a month if you spend $2,000 and keep $5,000 in your account at all times.

PerkStreet Financial is the checking account that gives you more for doing something you do every day. Be sure to view their current offers and details on their site.

$100 Checking Account Bonus with Chase Bank

Simple to qualify for and a good reward.  Chase is offering  a $100 dollar bonus for setting up a new checking account.

BUT HURRY! This offer is only good until August 14th.

This is how easy it is to qualify for this promotion:

  1. Get the Coupon
  2. Head into a local branch or sign up online.
  3. Sign up for Direct Deposit OR
  4. Complete 5 Debit Card transactions.

And THATS IT!  Pretty simple for a $100 dollar reward.  Plus Chase is a nationwide bank with 15,000ATMs nationwide.

That is a bank that can serve you.

Check out all the Checking Account Specials.

Here is where you get your coupon for chase.

And a little of the fine print for you.

  • Cannot be an existing Chase checking customers.
  • Must be a new Chase CheckingSM account with a $100 minimum deposit of new money (money not currently held by Chase or its affiliates).
  • You have 60 calendar days of account opening to complete the direct deposit or have at least five debit card purchases posted to your account.
  • You will get the reward within 10 business days after meeting one of these requirements.

For the rest of the fine print please visit chase.

Free iPod Touch Checking Account Promotion with Bank of the West

Bank of the WestBank of the West is offering a free iPod Touch for opening a new checking account.

To get your free iPod Touch you must open a personal checking account with new funds by September 3rd and either:

  • Set up a recurring monthly direct deposit of no less than $500
  • Pay 10 Online Bills
  • Or make 20 Debit Card Transactions

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I placed a call to Bank of the West to get information concerning the promotion and the iPod you will receive.  The gentleman on the phone told me the easiest way to qualify for the promotion is sign up for the free checking account and fulfill the 20 debit card transactions. There is no minimum dollar amount per debit card purchases which means you can eat off the McDonalds dollar menu 20 times and that would satisfy that requirement.

All requirements need to be met before October 31st and the iPods will ship after that. Be sure your 20 debit transactions are completed before this day.

To open a free checking account you will need a $100 deposit.

This promotion is not available in all states.

If you live in CA, CO, UT, WY, and NV you can visit a local branch to open a checking account and qualify for this promotion.

Those living in AZ, CA, CO, ID, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI and WY can apply online to receive this promotion.

Bank of the West has 3 options for Checking accounts.  Ranging from Free to Bonus accounts there may be something for you.  The offer does not apply to second or multiple checking accounts.  Be sure to read the fine print.  You can go here if you would like to get more information.

Please take note in the fine print… The iPod touch® shipped may differ from the iPod touch® shown. This typically means that they will ship the lowest end iPod Touch on the market.  When I was speaking with the representative I was sure to ask about this.  The iPod is…

  • 8 gig
  • Valued at $199
  • unsure of the Generation. (but it sounds like a recent model… if not the most recent.)

Please be sure to let us know if you were able to take advantage of this checking account promotion.  And remember to share this with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

Up to $250 Checking Account Bonus with M&T Bank

M&T BankEarn up to a $250 dollar bonus when you open a new checking account with M&T Bank.

Depending on the checking account that you select you will have the ability to earn higher bonuses.  And if you add features onto your checking account you will earn even more.

M&T Checking Account Promotion Options:

  • Earn up to $250 with Power Checking
  • Earn up to $200 with Select Checking
  • Earn up to $125 with the new MyChoice Checking

Checking Feature add-ons to maximize the bonus.

  • Add overdraft protection and earn $50
  • Add web bill pay and earn $50

For details and fine print, or to get signed up, visit here.

M&T Bank is confident that “even if you come for the bonus, you’ll stay for the bank.”

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Keybank Free iPod Touch Bank Promotion

Keybank From now until June 30th you can get a free iPod Touch with KeyBank.

You must be a new customer and open a new account in order to qualify.  Once the account is opened you must.

  • Make one KeyBank Rewards debit card transaction.
  • Make two direct deposits and/or automated payments each of $100 or more by 10/01/10
  • This promotion is only available in states that KeyBank is located: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Once these requirements are made you will get your Free iPod Touch within 90 days.

What kind of iPod?

The ipod you will receive will be a…

  • 8 gig
  • 4th gen
  • iPod Touch
  • Valued at $199

Click here (link removed due to promotion expiration) to get more information from KeyBank and to see the fine print.

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