Sovereign Bank offers Three Checking Account Promotions Bonuses

Checking accounts are all vying for everyone’s attention with exclusive promos and limited offers. One of the most sought-after offers are cash bonuses. Oftentimes, these promotions come from only one type of checking account, but Sovereign Bank begs to differ. Get this – when you open a checking account with them today, you can choose from among three different types of promotions – all with cash bonuses.

Three options for your Cash Bonus

The more you spend, the more you earn. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what Sovereign Bank has in store for you.

Currently, there are three options for you: the Premier checking package, Preferred Checking Package, and Classic Checking Package. Open any of these three accounts before the end of January 31st, and get cash rewards by April 15th. All you need to do is make at least five purchases with your debit card. Or, you can also have one direct deposit before the end of March 31st. when any of these two conditions are met, you can get your cash bonus by April.

So how do these three checking accounts differ? With the Classic checking package, you get the regular perks such as no charges per check issuance, no monthly fees on a $500 daily balance, and competitive CD rates – plus a $50 cash back bonus. On the other hand, the Preferred checking account yields an interest-bearing account, with exclusive savings from Money Market rates. As for the cashback reward, you earn a $75 bonus.

The Sovereign Premier checking account is the crème of the crop. With its outstanding $125 cash bonus, you get the best rewards Sovereign bank has to offer. It also does not charge extra fees for more than $20,000 worth of combined balances in your loans, investments, savings, or checking accounts. The Premier checking account yields and annual percentage rate of 0.01% for accounts amounting to less than $15,00, and a 0.10% rate for balances of more than the said amount.

All these three checking accounts need to meet the same timely requirements for you to avail the cash bonuses, so make those purchases now.

Opening an Account

Sovereign Bank offers a quick, online application for you to open an account. As long as you provide the basic requirements of Social Security Number, Taxpayer Identification Number, valid ID’s, current US address and your email, the rest of the process is hassle-free.

Remember, these exclusive offers last until the end of January, so if you want to take advantage of great rewards, open a checking account with Sovereign Bank today.

Take Advantage of Bank of America’s $50 Checking Account Bonus

The year is almost at and end, and banking promotions abound this holiday season. One of these is from Bank of America where they promise to give you an extra $50 for opening a checking account with them.

The Promotion:

What you need to do is simple, first you go to their website and fill in the online application using the offer code GROUP50. Then make sure you set up a qualifying direct deposit within 60 days after you open the account. Bank of America will deposit your $50 bonus directly within 120 days. It’s that simple.

Bank of America Checking Benefits:

1. Gives you all the benefits of online banking as you bank from your own home, paying bills, depositing or withdrawing without having to go to the bank, going through traffic and waiting for your number to be called.

2.You get an optional Bank of America Debit Card .You also have access to over 18,000 ATMs from where you live to anywhere in the world.

3.You can add to your savings with Bank of America’s unique “Keep the Change” feature. Your purchases are rounded up to the next dollar amount so the difference is transferred to your savings account. Talk about added interest.

Some Fine Print

1. Only one incentive per customer is allowed.

2. You must not have a current personal checking account with Bank of America. (however, if you have other accounts with the Bank, they must be in good standing)

3. You have not been a signatory on a Bank of America checking account that had been closed within the past 3 months.

4. Keep your new checking account open until Bank of America is able to verify its eligibility.(Usually, this does not exceed 120 days).

5. This offer cannot be combined or made eligible with other offers.

6. Minimum deposit required to your new account is subject to normal opening deposit requirements for the kind of checking account chosen.

About Bank of America

Bank of America is the fifth largest company in the US in terms of total revenue.It is also second to Walmart among the non petrol companies in America. It also ranks second largest bank holding company in the US in terms of assets. Forbes listed the Bank as the third biggest company worldwide. As of August 2009 it held 12.2% of all bank deposits in the US. The Bank has bragging rights to 6,000 locations across the USA plus another 300 offices abroad.

Mountain America Credit Union Gives $125 Checking Bonus

Looking for extra cash when you open a checking account? Mountain America Credit Union is giving away $125 for opening a new checking account with them. This promotion isn’t visible on their website, but it is a promotion to get consumers to “like” their Facebook page. Liking the page will show potential consumers the coupon that entitles the bearer to a bonus $125 when a checking account is opened.

Promotion Specifics

In order to qualify for the the reward, Mountain America’s coupon must be presented in any Mountain America branch. Open a checking account with them, sign up for eStatements and initiate a monthly direct deposit such as payroll, pension, unemployment, Social Security, and other government benefits within 60 days of coupon redemption. The reward will be deposited into your account within 30 business days after requirements are complied.

Promotion Fine Print

Some things to consider is that the account must remain open for a minimum of six months from the reward date. If the account is closed before six months, the $125 amount will be debited upon account closing. The reward is also limited to one person per household, and the offer is not available for account conversions.

About Mountain America Credit Union

MACU is regulated by the NCUA where savings are federally insured for the amount up to $250,000 per account. The credit union has been in service since 1934 and has an extensive network of branches and ATMs in areas including Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.


To become a member, individuals must live in any of the following areas: Salt Lake County, Dusechne County, Wasatch County, and Uintah County. Family members of exisiting members of Mountain America Credit Union are also eligible to join. Those who are also employees and volunteers of a Select Employee Group or any affiliated association may join.

However, for those who do not qualify under these categories, you may opt to become a member of the American Consumer Council where membership only costs $12 and is open to everyone.

Again, the promotion is not being announced in their website, and there is also no information as to how long the promotion is set to last. As long as you like the Facebook page, print out the coupon, and head on to the nearest Mountain America branch, it looks like you still have a chance to avail of the $125 checking account bonus.

Banks To Begin a Barrage of Debit Card Fees

Bank of America, the country’s biggest consumer bank by deposits, recently went public with their decision to begin issuing new fees to customers who pull out their debit card when making purchases. The $5 monthly fees will begin being issued January 1, 2012.

As Bank of America spokeswoman Anne Pace stated to Bloomberg News, “the economics of offering a debit card have changed with recent regulations, and we’ve decided to introduce a monthly fee for customers who use their debit cards for purchases.”

This announcement has caused much outrage among consumers and politicians alike, especially in light of the fact the Bank of America received a federal bailout to the tune of $45 billion, as reported by

The “recent regulations” referenced by Pace are the “swipe” fee caps that went into place on October 1, restricting the amount banks can charge merchants per debit card transaction.

“It seems that old habits die hard for Bank of America. After years of raking in excess profits off an unfair and anti-competitive interchange system, Bank of America is trying to find new ways to pad their profits by sticking it to its customers,” said Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill, in a statement, according to Durbin, after whom the “recent regulations” are named (i.e. the Durbin Amendment), also stated “It’s overt, unfair and I hope their customers have the final say,” in regards to BOA’s new fee.

Bank of America is not the only bank levying new fees upon customers in an attempt to recoup revenue losses as a result of the Durbin Amendment.

The Huffington Post revealed that Wells Fargo, who has been field testing a monthly debit card fee in select places throughout the country over the past several weeks, has decided to burden their customers who use a debit card for purchases with a similar fee, $3 a month starting this fall. Chase, who also field tested monthly debit card fees, decided against implementing one for the time being. Smaller lending institutions like SunTrust and Regions Financial have both chosen to impose debit card usage fees upon their customers. People using their debit cards at the ATM will not be charged the monthly fee, it is only enacted when their debit card is used to make a purchase.

Amidst all of these changes, now is an opportune time for fee-conscious consumers to apply for a credit card to use for purchases in lieu of a debit card. If used responsibly and the balance is paid off in full at the end of each billing cycle, a credit card won’t incur a monthly usage fee.

Citibank, who announced that they will not be charging their customers a monthly fee for making debit card purchases, is instead restructuring their fee structures for checking accounts along with raising minimum balance requirements.

Top 5 Checking Account Promotions This September 2011

Sometimes it’s good to take our minds off the economic gloom and doom news and forecasts, and what better way to do that than by checking out the latest bank promotions. This September, checking account promotions are abounding and for sure there’s a bank near you that can give you some bonuses. Below are 5 of the nation’s hottest bank and checking account promotions for the month of September:

1. Bank Mutual $50 Cash Bonus – Set up a new checking account and place in a direct deposit to receive an easy $50 Cash bonus. The minimum deposit needed to open an account is only $100 which is fairly cheap. However, some fine print states that the $50 bonus will only be credited 60 days after account opening, and the account must remain active for 6 months or else a $50 charge will ensue upon closing of the account.

2. BankDirect American Airlines AAdvantage Program – Upon opening a new BankDirect account, you are immediately eligible to earn up to 50,000 bonus American Airlines AAdvantage Miles. To qualify for the bonus, it is important to open a Mileage product including Mileage Checking Accounts, Mileage MMF’s and Mileage CD’s. You can also earn more AAdvantage Miles by using other BankDirect services which are in line with your mileage account.

3. Citibank $400 Gift Card Bonus – A $400 gift card is currently being offered by Citibank upon starting a Citibank Checking Relationship before October 31, 2011. You can open a Citibank checking account using either the CitiGold or Citibank Account package.

4. Banco Popular Totally Free Checking Account $125 Bonus – Opening a checking account with Banco Popular can be a good investment indeed with up to $125 in bonuses. The bank offers $25 for your old debit card and unused checks, $50 with direct deposits, and another $50 for Online Bills Services. Getting that extra money has never been this simple.

5. Capital One $300 Smart Cents Checking Bonus – If you think Banco Popular has it going good with $125 in bonuses, think again. Capital One is offering as much as $300 in bonuses by opening a free checking and Smart Cents account.

This September sees some positive investment vehicles in checking accounts themselves. These bonuses can certainly beat savings to some extent.

Benefits of Having A Checking Account

Checking accounts are those bank products that always seem to be getting the promotions. Banks are always throwing around promo after promo just to get you to sign up to a checking account with them. If you’ve managed to deflect all the free Ipod Touch promotions, here are the real reasons why you should open a checking account:

1. Security – Carrying around a check book is much safer than bringing large sums of cash. You’d be less prone to muggers and even if someone did steal your bag, they wouldn’t be able to do anything with your checkbook since it doesn’t have your signature in it anyway.

2. Convenience – It becomes easier to make large payments with a checking account. Plus, you won’t have to go to your bank to arrange for a manager’s check since you already have a booklet of blank checks in your drawer. You can also pay bills with a check, without needing to go to the bank to withdraw or to an ATM.

3. Management – Having a check book makes it easier for you to see where your expenditures are going. The nature of the check book requires you to note down every time you deduct something from your account. Withdrawing from the ATM can make you easily forget what you withdrew the money for, but with a check book, you can clearly state it there, keeping you in track of your money spending habits.

4. Establish Credit – And finally, one of the most important benefit of having a checking account is that it helps you build your credit score. This can be useful in the future, especially if you’re thinking about taking up a loan or mortgage.

The next time the bank announces another Ipod Touch promotion or a free $100, go ahead and take advantage of it. After all, checking accounts are good for you.

Get A Free Flip Video Slide With Flushing Bank’s Checking Account

Don’t have a checking account yet? You’re just in time to open one! Get a checking account with Flushing Bank, and they’ll give you a free high definition flip and slide video camera from Cisco.

To avail of the video promotion, customers must open a BestRate Checking account with Flushing Bank. This checking account gives you a 1.30% APY for the first 90 days after account opening. After that, standard rates will apply.

Aside from acquiring a cool video camera, you will also be eligible for getting up to $100 from using your debit card, online bill pay, or direct deposit.

Now here’s the fine print. Only those who don’t already have a checking account with Flushing Bank are eligible for this promotion. Plus, the money you deposit in the checking account must be “new” money, or money that hasn’t been transferred from any other existing account in Flushing Bank.

Although the minimum deposit required to open a new checking account is only $100, the maintaining balance for the checking account should be at least $5,000 to avoid fees. And only those with an opening balance of $25,000 will receive a 16G Flip Video Slide HD at account opening. Aside from these requirements, the account must remain open and in good standing for six months.

Even with all the fine print, if you’ve got what it takes to open an account, the promotion remains good. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a free flip video slide camera? It’s handy, it’s cool, and with this deal, you can capture both a good interest rate, plus your most cherished memories.

Flushing Bank has several locations in New York.

Get Your Teen To Save More With REALTunes Checking Account

Wondering how to get your teen to save more? The REALTunes Checking Account from NorStates Bank just might be able to help.

Instead of giving out checking account rewards of higher interest rates which teens might find boring and uninteresting, NorStates Bank is giving away free iTunes downloads as an alternative. By performing simple banking functions every month, account holders will be able to receive iTunes download refunds which may be more satisfying and relatable for youngsters.

Aside from having the chance to get free music from the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and other popular artists, iTunes applications and ring tones are also included in the package.

By signing up, account holders can earn up to $9.95 free iTunes download refunds. Plus they will be able to earn up to $4.95 of the same refund for each statement cycle. This checking account has no minimum balance required, no monthly service fees, and has nationwide ATM fee refunds. Other perks include free internet banking with bills payment functions, unlimited check writing with no per-check fees, free online statements with check images, and a free MasterCard debit card with UChoose Rewards.

To earn the iTunes rewards, here are the three things that your teen will need to do each month:

1. Perform 10 signature-based debit card transactions
2. Access Interenet banking once
3. Enroll and receive statements electronically

If these sounds like something your teen (or perhaps you, if you’re interested) is already doing, then getting rewards would be pretty simple. However, if the qualifications aren’t met for one statement cycle, there’s no need to worry. By the next month, your teen will be able to re-qualify for the iTunes downloads and ATM fee refunds.

NorStates Banks is located in Illinois, with branches in Waukegan, Gurnee, Round Lake Beach, Winthrop Harbor, and Antioch.

Get $100 Free When You Open A Checking Account

It’s always good to know about checking account promotions. Right now, Bank of the West is giving away $100 for free if you open a checking account with them.

To avail of the promotion, all you have to do is make an initial deposit of $100 and set up a recurring deposit of at least $250. You get to choose from three types of checking accounts that matches your needs.

1. Free Checking – The free checking account means no monthly service charges and no minimum balance required. With the free checking account you get to enjoy unlimited use of the Bank of the West ATMS, online banking with bills payment, free mobile banking, discounts on loan rates, unlimited check writing if you have sufficient funds, and much more. You just need to have $100 minimum opening balance, your social security number, driver’s license or state ID, and your contact details.

2. Choice Interest Checking – Although the free checking sounds really hassle free, choice interest checking will give your more earnings as you can earn interest on every dollar of your account. You get to enjoy the same services as with the free checking account but you also have interest rates that vary by balance tier. However, you’ll be charged $10 monthly but there is a way to waive it through the amount of monthly balance you have. Same requirements will be needed.

3. Choice ATM Checking – With Choice ATM Checking, you can have free cash withdrawals at any institution’s ATM for one year. This saves you a lot of fees when you withdraw in other bank’s ATMS. Plus you will be free from the hassles of having to look for a specific ATM to save some bucks. After one year, your Choice ATM Checking account will be converted into a
Choice Interest Checking Account. You get to enjoy the same services and the same requirements will be needed.

If you’re wondering where to open a checking account, why not try opening one in Bank of the West? Doing so will get you $100 free plus the usual benefits of a regular checking account. Promotion is available from February 14, 2011 to March 25, 2011.

Bank of America Offers $200 Bonus With Small Business Checking

Bank of AmericaHere is a new promotion from Bank of America offering a $200 bonus for opening a new Small Business Checking account. To qualify for this offer you have to open a new account without having an opened account in the past 90 days with Bank of America.

Some bank bonuses have strict requirements that have to be met before they will pay you the bonus, but BofA makes this promotion easy to obtain.

  • You will earn $150 of the bonus just by depositing at least $750 per month into your new business checking account, for 3 consecutive months. Promo ends 11/21/2010
  • Earn an additional $50 when you pay 2 bills during the same 3 months through their Online Bill Pay. Their bill pay option allows you to pay anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States.

When you open your new business checking account use this code – SBESP10. Click here for the promotional page.

Like most business checking accounts, there are fees if you do not meet a few additional requirements. To avoid the $12 monthly maintenance fee you have to do one of the following:

  • Enrolling in Business Fundamentals and making a monthly qualifying purchase with your Business Check Card.
  • $3,000 minimum balance.
  • $10,000 average balance.
  • $7,500 combined minimum balance with other accounts.
  • $15,000 combined average balance with other accounts.

Be sure to read the fine print, otherwise this is an easy way to make an extra $200, especially if you are looking at opening a new business account. Be sure to check out our checking account promotions page for more great offers from other banks.

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