Sovereign Bank Offers A Save & Invest CD Package At 2.25%

Sovereign Bank has come out with a limited time offer to help you save and invest your money at the same time. The Save & Invest CD Package takes your money and splits it between two CDs, with half put in a 6 month CD at 2.25% APR and the other half put in a 36 month CD term.

The key is to diversify

This is a great way to diversify your money between saving it and investing it at the same time in a high paying CD package. As half of your money earns a steady high interest rate of 2.25% for 6 months, the other part of your money will be linked to investments in the S&P 500. A great aspect of the 6 month CD term is that there is no early withdrawal penalty, which will give you access to that half of your money.

The best part about the 36 month CD investment is that unlike some longer term investments, it is FDIC insured. In an economy like ours, it is vital to make sure you put your money in a safe institution that is federally insured. The guarantee you have with the 36 month CD is that you will not lose any of your investment, the only penalty for the S&P going down will be that you will not receive any interest for the period. For every year that the S&P goes up you will receive a great interest rate.

Additional details about this offer:

  • Minimum combined deposit for the CD package is $5,000.
  • Must be opened before November 27th, 2009
  • The Invest CD matures on November 30th, 2009; the term will be 36 months from that date.
  • There is an early withdrawal penalty for the Invest CD, and within 6 days of opening the Save CD.

This great offer from Sovereign Bank offers you an easy and low risk way of both saving and investing your money. For more information, visit the Sovereign Bank promotional page here.

Check MoneyAisle For The Best CD Rates

MoneyAisle is a unique way of finding the best CD Rates online! The basic concept of MoneyAisle is that banks bid on your money and the bank who gives you the best rate wins. Its an auction for your money, since a bank will take your money and invest it to make more money for the bank. In essence you are loaning the bank your money. The great thing about MoneyAisle is that they are now as competitive as the top CD rates offered by the larger well known institutions.

How Does MoneyAisle Work?

Their site allows you (the customer) fill in your deposit information such as how much you wish to invest, the time frame you wish to invest for and what state you live in, etc. Then within their network of banks serving the area you live in, bid for your business. The bank who offers the highest CD rate wins and then you have the option of signing up to lock in that CD rate.

They also deal with other investments such as high-yield savings. MoneyAisle makes it easy to see your interest rate, time of maturity and bank that will hold your CD.

Try it here to see what kinds of rates are available today.

Currently the highest yield CD rate we can find is 2.05% APY. That is what is offered for a 12 month CD with a $10k deposit in our state. MoneyAisle will become more competitive in the coming months so watch out for better rates!

Amboy Direct Offers 2.10% APY On 1 Year CD

Amboy Direct another online banking site is offering a 2.10% APY 1 Year CD for balances over $10,000, called the eSavings CD. The minimum opening deposit is a mere $100 but the CD rate drops to 1%. Any deposit over $10,000 will lock your rate at the 2.10% level, plus the great thing about AmboyDirect is that you can add to the CD within the first 6 months! So if you start off with a deposit of $10,000 you can continue adding to it like a savings account with much higher interest. Most certificate of deposits do not allow you to continue adding to the balance, so if you came across more cash you would have to open another CD. With the eSavings CD it makes saving so much easier and the maximum deposit you can have is $100,000 for the CD. Visit Amboy Direct here.

How To Start With Amboy Direct

Amboy Direct makes it easy to get started by having an online application form and if you are already an Amboy Direct customer you will still have to fill out the application. As soon as you submit the application your cd rate is locked at the current offering which is 2.10%. As soon as the cd matures it is converted over to an eSavings account automatically unless if you ask for it to be renewed, making it that much easier to manage your savings.

It’s important to find out about any early withdrawal penalty on any CD that you get. With Amboy Direct their early withdrawal penalty is only 3 months’ interest (unlike Chases’ massive penalties that you can read about here). A great strategy for this type of CD is to start with $100, then watch to see how rates increase over the next few months and if the 2.10% is still a competitive rate, then bump up your balance over the $10,000 mark to get the 2.10% APY. If rates increase past 2.10% then start another CD at the higher rate and go from there. Just remember you have 6 months to add to your eSavings CD.

Watch out for possible issues with Amboy Direct as they currently have 1 out of 5 stars for soundness rating from bankrate, so be careful and do not go over the FDIC’s $250,000 limit to protect your money in case of a bank failure.