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Who wants an extra $100? We know we all do. And now getting extra cash into your pocket is made easy with Bank of America’s Visa Signature Card. Not only can you enjoy premium features on a card from a reliable bank, but you can also get cash back rewards that are sure to get you excited.

Bank of America is considered to be one of the largest institutions in the world. With operations in almost 40 countries, they are indeed one of the finest banks providing quality financial services to the people. The different services they have ranges from corporate banking, investment, to personal banking. For those who need convenience, security and extra perks on their banking needs, then Bank of America would surely be a good choice.

Right now Bank of America is offering a whopping $100 cash back with their VISA signature card. Those who are interested should make a minimum purchases worth $500 within the first 90 days of opening the credit card account. The owners of the card can also earn 1% of cash back on every kind of purchase, 3% on gas, and 2% on any groceries.  And a big $10 bonus when the account owner will redeem the cash backs into savings account or checking. This is considerably beneficial for those who also own other accounts in Bank of America.

To those who want this kind of credit card, why not apply for it now while a promotion is going on? Credit cards from BOA are certainly worth your time and money.

Rewards from credit offers come in many forms, but what reigns superior these days is a card that allows its customers to personalize the bonus they will be getting. Bank of America certainly knows the market in these type of cards, and this is why they have come up with the Power Rewards Visa Credit.

More Options, More Choices

The features of the Power Rewards card are essentially similar to other rewards card. For every daily spending, you get designated points. Whether you spend money on gas, groceries, home repairs, cellphones, or food establishments, you’re sure to have points added in your name. The incentives range according to your purchases. Groceries earn you 2% of the value of each cash back bonus, while gas gives you 3%. All other purchases give only 1%.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can use them to redeem rewards of your choice. Shopaholics can use the points to browse through the Power Rewards mall. For the generous-at-heart, purchasing gift cards can be another option. And of course, back-packers and business travelers will be delighted to know that they can avail airfare and hotel privileges just by accumulating enough points. If you’re getting a little short on cash, then changing your points into money can be done. You can either choose to withdraw the amount for any immediate need, or it can be automatically transferred to your account.

Rates and Charges

The Power Rewards card offers a zero introductory rate for the first use. After this period, the APR for purchases will be decided base don your credit worthiness. This can range from 12.99% up to 20.99%. The value on the market Prime rate will also be considered.

As a bonus, the cardholder will also get to enjoy zero APR for balance transfers in the first year, after which the credit will be evaluated for the fixed APR every year thereafter. Cash advances have an APR of 20.99% for every direct deposit as well as check cash advances. On the other hand, an APR of 24.99% is fixed upon Bank cash advances.

Paying the monthly dues must be done within 25 days from receiving the bank statement. Like most cards in the rewards category, it offers zero-liability on unauthorized transactions.

With its fair rates and a wide range of rewards options to choose from, the Power Rewards Visa card is the perfect way of getting the most out of any credit card.

Are you a parent who’s trying to come up with different ways to save for your kid’s college education? Then it seems that Bank of America has the perfect solution for your problem. This holiday season, Bank of America’s Upromise card will help answer all your Christmas prayers when it comes to your child’s education.

Bank of America‘s Upromise Mastercard links your holiday spending to a special 529 savings plan that turns your cash back rewards into your child’s future tuition payments. Normally, cash back is 1% for every day purchases, and a variety of cash back amounts for different retailers. For example, there can be 2% cash back for certain gas stations while 10% cash back can be offered at selected drug stores and groceries.

There is no limit to the amount of cash back that a card holder can accumulate. And aside from the amazingly high cash back rewards, consumers can enjoy watching their contributions grow, tax free until your child reaches the age of college.

Cash earned from everyday spending will go directly to a Upromise account and can be invested in a tax-deferred 529 savings plan deposited in a Sallie-Mae High Yield Savings Account which can be used to help pay down a Sallie Mae student loan or requested by check.

The Extra Boost This Holiday Season

If the 1-10% cash back already sounds good, Christmas always brings out that spirit of giving. So, this holiday season, Bank of America is offering an extra 11% cash back on top of the usual cash back percentages. This is probably among the highest cash backs you can expect to have with any retailer. For stores such as Gap, BestBuy, Target, Nordstorm, Apple, and more, expect to avail of cash backs as high as 12-16%.

So while you’re out buying that train set for your little boy, or that porcelain doll for you precious girl, or even that iPad for your teen, you can feel even better about spending for your child because you know that you’ll be saving for their future as well. With these amazing cash back deals, you can certainly give and receive this Christmas.

Now that the holidays are nearing, we all know what that means financially: extra out of pocket expenses. We are all trying to find ways to save on Christmas shopping, but have we ever thought of earning more for the holidays? There are certainly a lot of ways to get more cash and some of them are more effortless than others. Take for example earning an extra $50 just by signing up to a credit card.

The Promotion

That’s right, Bank of America’s Accelerated Rewards American Express Card is offering an extra $50 statement credit after at least $100 in retail purchases within the first 60 days of account opening. Below are some other perks included with the card:

* Earn 1.25 points for every $1 of net retail purchases
* Introductory 0% APR for the first 12 months of account opening only for purchases and balance transfers. After the introductory period, any remaining balance will be subjected to the variable APR between 12.99% and 20.99% based on creditworthiness.
* No Annual Fee

Some Fine Print

The fine print and details found below the promotional page is much like the usual. There are some fees that apply such as late penalty fees and returned payment fees. Also, although there is no annual fee, there is a monthly fee which is 85 cents for every $100 of Plan Balance, up to $25,000.

About Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the strongest banks that is operating today. It has had over 200 years of experience, and it continues to grow in terms of locations, branches, and deposits. It is one of the oldest banks in America, having started in 1784, before the United States Constitution was adopted. Today, it still stands as one of the giants in the banking industry. Bank of America is FDIC insured, keeping your money secure to a maximum of $250,000.

An extra $50 may not be the highest reward for signing up for a credit card, but getting a bonus is always a plus. Considering the largeness of the issuing institution, it shouldn’t be surprising that the card will be accepted anywhere.

Get $50 Cash Back with BankAmericard Rewards Credit Card

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

There’s always something fulfilling about having a rewards card. What’s more if the reward for buying your regular purchases is getting some of your cash back. With every swipe, you get excited because of the slowly growing amount you can eventually redeem. Aside from getting some cash back from your purchases, Bank of America is also offering an extra $50 with their BankAmericard Rewards Card.

Getting the extra $50 is easy, just spend as little as $100 or more with your BankAmericard within 60 days of opening your account and you already have it. Aside from the easy $50, the card also offers handsome cash back rewards. Below is a summary of what you can possibly earn:

* 1% cash back on all purchases, anywhere, anytime
* 2% cash back on groceries
* 3% cash back on gas

As you can see, you can get cash rewards by simply buying the purchases you need to buy anyway. Aside from all that, there is also a huge 10% customer bonus if you redeem the amount at a Bank of America savings or checking account.

0% APY

If all the cash back rewards aren’t enough to convince you, the BankAmericard rewards credit card is also packing a punch with their introductory APY. For the first 12 months from account opening, users can enjoy a flat 0% APY on all purchases. This means not having to worry about the building interest on your purchases. After the introductory period a variable APY of 12.99% to 20.99% based on your credit worthiness will apply.

Other Details about BankAmericard

Although there is no annual fee for the use of the card, the terms and conditions state that there is however, a monthly fee of 85 cents for every $100 of Plan balance (up to $25,000). There are also transaction fees for purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, and foreign transactions. There is also a $30 penalty fee for late payment and $25 for returned payment.

Despite some charges in their terms and conditions page, the BankAmericard still offers considerable returns with their cashback promotion. And let’s not forget that extra $50 you can earn within 60 days. If you need another credit card, then BankAmericard may be the card for you.