Sovereign Bank is a major bank in the United States that offers a lot of financial services for their clients. They are one of the largest banks in the Northeastern part of the USA. Their services include corporate banking, retail, business, insurance, and many more. Those who are interested to apply for loans and mortgages can potentially find what they need at Sovereign Bank. Aside from savings, investments and loans, Sovereign Bank also offers a competitive credit card that may just suit your needs.

What makes the Sovereign Sphere World reward credit card different? Those who will be getting one will have round the clock protection against fraud. They will also have 24 hour online access and service once their cards will be activated. And most importantly, a low introductory offer for its APR, making it easier for new card holders to pay off any credit card balances. Other than that, Sovereign Sphere world has no annual fee and you can also feel free to choose your own payment date. This is a perk that not many credit card companies offer.


In terms of rewards, one point will be awarded for every single dollar spent on purchases. The owner will then select whether he or she will choose between the cash backs, travel, or gift cards rewards. The credit card holder will be the one to decide which rewards he or she wants. If he or she loves to travel then he or she can definitely pick the travel rewards. What’s great about this card is that there is no limit to the number of points you can earn. There are also no travel black out dates so you can travel at any time that you like.

Whatever your needs are, this Soviet Sphere World rewards card may just give it to you.

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