Do you get tired of getting charged every time you use an ATM? Don’t you always wish that ATM services will come for free, after all, ATMs are meant to be there for convenience sake, but yet it’s sometimes so hard to find your bank’s ATM just when you need it.

It’s time to break free of ATM charges with Ally Bank’s Interest Checking Account. Not only do you get no ATM fees at any ATM, but Ally Bank will also reimburse other bank’s ATM’s nationwide. Another great advantage of this checking account is that you will get an interest rate similar to your savings account. It’s like maximizing the use of your money while breaking free of ridiculous fees.

This interest checking account has $0 opening balance and no minimum balance to maintain. It has no monthly maintenance fees, and there are no other fees such as returned deposit items and outgoing wires. You can also get free online banking services, bill pay and pop money.

This interest checking account will provide you a free Mastercard debit card, checks, and unlimited check writing. Plus you can even earn cash back rewards with Ally Perks by shopping with your Ally Bank debit card.

Finally, for security sake, this interest checking account is FDIC insured, keeping your money safe up until $250,000.

Since Ally Bank is a direct bank, it’s possible to access your interest checking account via online, phone, or ATM. This allows Ally Bank to save on operating costs, giving them the liberty to give back to you in the form of better rates. Recently Ally Bank has also been known for giving out a certificate of deposit that has no penalty charges for early withdrawal.

Ally Bank is one of the oldest banks in the USA, serving the country and its citizens for over 90 years.

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