Now that Black Friday is over, the shopping still hasn’t come to a close. Because of the popularity of online shopping, a new holiday has done us all a favor in extending the much needed sales and discounts for the holidays. Some people say Cyber Monday is a lot more convenient since all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection, and probably if you have that perfect credit card to use, Cyber Monday would surely be a blast.

The Offer

Navy Federal Credit Union is offering their consumers just that. The credit union is challenging their would-be customers to say goodbye to their old credit card and sign up to a Visa with them. The card from Navy Federal Credit Union is said to have cash back rewards for every purchase, no annual fee, plus super low interest rates. Plus you can feel safe to shop online because of their $0 Liability policy that protects you from unauthorized purchases. Since this seems like the usual offer, what’s more to it?

Corporate spokesperson Donovan Fox reveals that Navy Federal members can enjoy the new “Member Mall” which gives access to over 700 retailers online while dishing out discounts and rewards points in the process. The member can earn rewards points when they use Navy Federal Visa, but the type of card will determine how much points and reward types they can get. It has been reported that the Member Mall offers competitive and better discount rates than most other retailers online.

The credit cards available from Navy Federal Credit Union are cashRewards,nRewards, nRewards Secured, goRewards, Visa Signature Flagship Rewards, and Platinum. Again, points and reward types will be determined by the type of card.


Membership is for All Department of Defense uniformed personnel, reservists, government employees assigned to DoD, family members of eligible individuals, and others serving for the Department of Defense. The website also offers a Membership Eligibility Wizard to know if you’re eligible for membership.

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