It seems that has awoken with some ridiculously high CD rates that trumps all other rates being offered by other banks. iGoBanking is currently holding the top rates for the 5 year CD category with a 2.25% APY. That’s not all, it also gives competitive rates for other CD term categories. Below are’s available rates for different term CDs. CD Rates

3 month CD – 0.15% APY
6 month CD – 0.15% APY
8 month CD – 0.15% APY
9 month CD – 0.15% APY
12 month CD – 0.15% APY
13 month CD – 0.15% APY
15 month CD – 0.15% APY
18 month CD – 0.15% APY
24 month CD – 1.25% APY
36 month CD – 1.70% APY
48 month CD – 1.00% APY
60 month CD -2.25% APY
7 year CD – 1.35% APY
10 year CD – 1.75% APY

How These Rates Compare

It is surprising how iGoBanking is offering the same rate starting from their 3 month CD all the way to their 18 month CD. Competitive rates only start from their 24 month, or 2 year CD. Right now, their 2 year CD at 1.25% is still lower than the highest nationally available which is from CIT Bank and AloStar Bank of Commerce at a 1.30% APY. However, leads the way in long term CDs such as their 3 year and 5 year CD which are the highest nationally available from banks.

The only other institutions that give out better long term rates are from credit unions. Melrose credit union is offering the 5 year CD at 2.68%, and the 3 year CD at 1.91%. Fairwinds Credit Union is also giving a 2.33% APY on a 5 year CD.

About iGoBanking

iGoBanking is the online arm of Flushing Savings Bank that allows consumers to make deposits and transactions easily through their personal computer. Flushing Savings Bank has been in business since 1929 and it is an FDIC insured institution, insuring savings to the maximum of $250,000 per account.

For those who are looking for places to park their money for the long term, these rates from iGoBanking are some of the highest nationally available among banks. Managing your accounts are also made easy since everything is done online.

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