Get as much as $225 at Citizens Bank With A Personal Checking Account and CD

Checking accounts are a necessity for most people. This kind of account is also known as the transactional account that makes it easier for people to have frequent access to the funds they have. Some people would use the checking account as form of savings while others simply want one so they can have something to use anytime, anywhere. For those who are still scouting around for the best kind of checking account, Citizens Bank may just have the right account for you.

The Offer

Citizens Bank is offering the checking account promotion that will allow its clients to earn and acquire as much as $225 upon account opening. This is one of the biggest rewards that a checking account promotion has offered in terms of cash.

The Citizens Bank’s $225 checking account promotion is open for anybody with just a few easy steps to follow. Acquiring the $225 is actually divided into two phases. The first phase consists of opening a personal checking account and making a deposit of at least $250. Then the depositor has to make at least 20 payment transactions. The transactions can be in any amount. This instantly rewards the depositor with a quick $125.

For the next $100 phase, the account holder will only have to open a certificate of deposit or a money market account with the amount of $10,000 or more. For those who aren’t open to this idea, the second phase is optional for as long as the client will open a checking account before June 2, 2012 to qualify for the first $125.

About Citizens Bank

The bank operates all over the United Sates. It started as a minor community bank in the year 1829 and has grown in assets and depositors since then. The bank is also FDIC insured, securing your money for as much as $250,000.

Considering it’s so easy to get an instant $225, why not open your financial doors to Citizens Bank? Not only will you get a competitive checking account, but you’ll also be encouraged to save with little risk and big rewards.

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