F&A Credit Union Gives Competitive CD Rates

Are you always on the look out for competitive CD rates? F&A Credit Union is joining the ranks of banks and credit unions who are giving out competitive rates that allow your hard earned money to earn much more. Below are the current rates for F&A Credit Union:

Current Rates:

6-11 months – 1.16%
12-17 months – 1.26%
18-23 months – 1.36%
24-35 months – 1.46%
36-47 months – 1.77%
48-59 months – 2.07%
60 months – 2.43%

All rates and terms have a minimum deposit of $1,000 and are compounded daily and credited monthly at maturity.

How These Rates Compare:

Credit unions have always been known for giving out better rates than banks. F&A Credit Union is holding true to this reputation by offering rates at different terms that are consistently higher than the national average available at banks. In fact, most rates are higher than what the best rates at banks are offering. For example, the highest 1 year CD from banks is from CIT bank at 1.16%. F&A’s 1 year CD rate is being offered at 1.26%. The highest 2 year CD’s from banks is at 1.30% also from CIT, whereas F&A gives it at 1.46%. The trend continues with the 3 year CD rate and the 5 year CD where F&A’s rate are consistently higher than what the best of the banks can offer.

Another good thing to note is that the credit union provides more flexible terms. Usually other financial institutions would give rates for specific terms such as 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. But F&A has a larger bracket for terms, if you think 2 years is too long, you can invest for only a year and a half. And if 6 months is too short, you can place your money for 10 and so on.


Credit unions usually have restrictive membership. F&A Credit Union offers its services to individuals who belong to any of the following institutions below:

* County of Los Angeles Fire Department
* Office of the Farm Advisory
* County of Los Angeles Agricultural Commissioner / Weights and Measures
* Cooperative AgriculturalExtension Program of the University of California
* Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014
* Los Angeles County Lifeguards

Eligibility is also extended to family members of members and to employees of cities which contract the L.A. Fire Department for protection.

About F&A Credit Union

F&A Credit Union was originally chartered in 1936 with a meager opening asset of only $26. Today it serves over 40,000 members with a whopping $1 billion in assets. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA, insuring your money for the maximum amount allowed by the NCUA.

If you’re eligible for membership, then you may want to start thinking about putting some funds with F&A. With a sound reputation and tantalizing rates, investing shouldn’t be too hard a decision to make.

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