Enjoy $150 Cash Bonus From Northfield Bank’s Checking Promotion

April got off to a good start with various checking promotions from local and leading banks in the country. It’s time to jump into the bandwagon and open your own new account now.

About the Promotion

Northfield bank is among the many lenders which offers an amazing cash bonus when you open and qualify for a new checking account. It features a cash reward of $150 upon fulfillment of its requirements.

This offer is aptly named the Really Free checking account. And there is no expiration date for this offer.

How to Qualify

After account opening, you must perform three different actions within the first 90 days in order to qualify for the free cash reward.

First, you must receive and initiate a recurring direct deposit of up to $400 to your account. Next, you must make at least five transactions that are signature based, provided that you utilize the debit card that comes along with your credit card. Transactions done at the ATM or P.I.N. do not qualify. The third and last step is for you to make 3 online bill payments using Northfield’s online banking service.

When you comply all three requirements before the 90-day period, the free $150 cash reward will be deposited to your account in a matter of 100 days from eligibility. This promotion first began in May of last year, and Northfield Bank has since been able to give out free cash to many.

About Northfield Bank

Northfield Bank was founded in March 1, 1887 by a group of people from Staten Island. Through its merger with Jersey Bank in 2002, Northfield was able to penetrate New Jersey and took roots there. This partnership provided Northfield Bank a strong image to those who were living in Middlesex counties and New Jersey unions.

Much has changed since its infancy, and now Northfield bank has over $2.0 billion in assets. It has 24 locations all over the state of New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

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