Technology always strives to improve services, giving conveniences we never could have afforded in the past. One of these is the comfort of being able to purchase goods without having cash at hand. Yes, the power of the credit card. Not only can we buy things at the store, but we can also get goods that are available online by simply typing in our credit card number.

Everything seems so easy nowadays, and gone are the days when we have to line up in the bank or go to a money courier just to get our cash to the person who needs it. But despite the conveniences that credit cards can offer us, somewhere out there lurks a threat of identity theft. If buying goods and paying for services has been made easier by online credit card use, then so have we given identity thieves a wider avenue to practice their craft.

Surely, we can’t do without the ease and practicality of online credit card use, but there are also ways to protect ourselves from the danger of identity theft. First of all, it’s essential to guard your online activity. Change you password often, and make it different from the passwords you maintain in other sites such as social media. Then, be sure to check your credit card statement often, and be mindful of discrepancies and purchases you may not have made. If you have any sensitive documents that may contain your credit card data such as credit card number, social security number, birthdate, and the like, don’t be content with just throwing these in the trash. Make an effort to shred these pieces of paper. You never know the extent identity thieves may go to.

Aside form taking security measures yourself, here’s one tip that can truly save you in case of credit card theft: use a secured credit card. These credit cards are built to withstand possible fraud, plus it offers no fraud liability in case your card details do get stolen.

Here are the best secured credit card 2011 has to offer:

Best Secured Credit Card 2011

Protect yourself from identity theft and get a card that allows you to do just that. Look for cards that offer on-call assistance and transparency on bills, plus one that offers no fraud liability. You never know when the next identity victim could be you, just be sure to protect yourself before it actually happens.

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