They say no news is good news, but when you are eagerly awaiting for CD rates to increase it can be an annoying game of waiting. There are no changes to report on the top CD rates leader board. iGObanking still offers the best 24 month CD rate at 2.25% APY which is almost a half point higher than the next best 2 year CD from Bank of Internet at 1.72%.

Melrose Credit Union still holds 3 of the top spots with the best rates on the 12 month, 36 month and 60 month CDs.  Melrose has consistently held the top spot for multiple CD terms for many months and their $1 joining fee makes it a very enticing investment.

*Term Bank November 1 Last Week
3 Month CD Nexity Bank 0.86% 0.86% APY
6 Month CD Bank of Internet 1.15% APY 1.15% APY
12 Month CD Melrose Credit Union 1.51% APY 1.51% APY
24 Month CD iGObanking 2.25% APY 2.25% APY
36 Month CD Melrose Credit Union 2.27% APY 2.27% APY
60 Month CD Melrose Credit Union 3.03% APY 3.03% APY

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