American Express Premiere Rewards Gold Credit Card: Earn and Multiply Your Rewards

Credit cards are a necessity to many people all around the world. Almost everyone in the United States have benefited from owning credit cards because it eliminates the need of having to bring cash around. Plus, with the advent of online shopping, credit cards have more than doubled in their purpose. Aside from that, daily needs such as groceries, paying their bills, and even gassing up are made more convenient with the right credit card.

American Express
makes it safer and easier for its clients or customers to purchase the basic things and necessities they want and need. They can just use it anytime they want and earn practical rewards at the same time. American Express is also the recognized as the world’s biggest card issuer and millions of financial transactions happen in their establishments daily because people simply trust them with regards to their money. So what makes their American Express Premiere Rewards Gold Card unique and useful compared to the other kinds of credit cards?

One of the most appealing things about this card is that there is no pre-spending limit as compared to other cards. The card also offers roadside assistance plus damage and car rental loss insurance which many clients or owners can use. And lastly, American Express gives remarkable rewards or bonuses to their customers. For their clients to be eligible to receive the bonus, they should first be enrolled in the American Express program of their membership rewards. 25,000 points will be given and accounted for when the owner of the credit card will be able to spend at least $2,000 worth of purchases during the first three months of membership. The points will then be credited to the card six to eight weeks after meeting the requirement. The bonus points will then be redeemed through gift cards valued at around $250 dollars. This amount will be very useful to those who love shopping and will be helpful in the daily lives of the clients. So if you do not have this card yet from American Express, you can easily apply for one online.

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