Certificates of deposits are a great place to park your money while waiting for the next investment to come. The only problem is, when the opportunity does come, you find your money stuck within the term and the only way you can get it out is by paying a penalty that might be worth all your earned interest.

If this has proved to be a problem for you before, then rejoice! rejoice! Because Ally Bank has found a way to clear away your troubles. The best CD by far, Ally Bank offers a certificate of deposit with no penalty charges for early withdrawals.

Get a fixed rate CD without having to worry about withdrawing early, because even if you take out your money before the specified term, Ally Bank won’t charge you a penny. Other great features to this offer is that you can open an account with no minimum balance required and no fees whatsoever. The rates are also competitive since you can get the best rate they offer with their Ally Ten Day Best Rate Guarantee. Plus, you get to have your money compounded daily, allowing your cash to grow as fast as it possibly can. Automatic renewals at maturity becomes a positive rather than a negative, since after all, there are no penalties to be made when the money is taken out early. Ally Bank is FDIC Insured to the possible maximum by law.

So, are you wondering what the fine print is? Well, I’m wondering the same thing, because there is none! This is possibly one of the best offers Ally Bank (or any bank for that matter) has made, offering the best rates, the best features, and the best conveniences we all look for in an investment.

Ally Bank has been around for 90 years, making it one of the most trusted banks in America. Ally Bank can be found in key locations in the US such as New York, New York, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. It has also gone global, with branches in Shanghai China, Toronto Canada, Sao Paulo Brazil, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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