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The Certificate of Deposit Specials at Chase

Many people know Chase as a huge financial institution that has been providing the best banking services. They have been considered as one of the leading financial firms globally. Since people generally trust the bank’s name and reputation, many would often go to Chase when it comes to opening certificates of deposit.

The Regular Chase Certificate of Deposit

Chase actually has two kinds of certificate of deposit accounts. The regular account requires an opening and minimum deposit of $1,000. When the account holder chooses the 6 month term then the APY or the annual percentage yield is 0.20%. For the 12 month term, the APY is 0.25% and 0.35% for the 18 month term. On the other hand, those who will be choosing the 24 month term will have an APY of 0.40% and the last APY which is 0.50% is for the term of 36 months.

Chase Certificate of Deposit Specials

A maintaining and opening balance for this second kind is $10,000. Many may be hesitant about the amount but once they find out about the rates then they will surely change their minds. An APY or annual percentage yield of 0.30% for the 9 month term while for the 13 month term, the APY is 0.45%. The 36 month term or program will have an APY of 0.75% and 1.01% APY for the 60 month term. And the last term for this kind of certificate of deposit by Chase is 120 months with an APY of 1.75%.

These are then the terms or programs that people can choose or pick when they want to have certificate of deposit accounts for their lives and for their future.

Current and Update Mortgage Rates at Sun Trust Bank

The most important factor to consider in purchasing a house is actually the mortgage rates. Many people will ask why the rates when there are so many other factors to consider in buying a house. Well, the answer is simple. Mortgage rates are very important especially since most people can only buy a home for their family through mortgage loans. This is a fact especially now that everything is in financial recession. There are a lot of people without homes and there are a lot of houses for sale and obviously the only way for people and families to acquire a house is through a loan from banks and other financial associations.

One of the banks that people can go to for mortgage rates and loans is Sun Trust Bank. They provide and cater to needs in terms of credit, trust, deposit, investments, and many more. People will definitely find what they want in this bank especially in terms of mortgage rates. For those who want to inquire and get a loan from them then they can just do it anytime but for the meantime, those who want to know more about the mortgage rates they have right now then this is the right article for you.

Their rates as of June 29, 2012 are quite competitive and thus it is a good chance for people who are interested of getting the loans to start now. For their 30 year fixed conventional loan, the interest rate is 3.990% with an annual percentage rate or APR of 4.0938%. While for the 15 year fixed conventional, the interest rate is 3.500% and the APR is 3.6814%. On the other hand, those who want the 30 year jumbo fixed will have an interest rate of 4.375% with an APR of 4.4719%. These are just some of the mortgage rates they have that interested individuals and families can get. So for those who are planning of getting mortgages should carefully inquire from Sun Trust Bank and when they want the rates then they can apply and wait whether they can get the approval or not.

City National Bank’s Beneficial Visa Signature Credit Card

People should be aware of the different kinds of credit cards banks offer for them to get and apply for. There are many credit cards now available because people basically use this kind of card in their daily lives. Credit cards are used in purchasing things, paying bills, and simply doing activities that require some kind of payments. With credit cards, an easy swipe will just do it for one to be able to pay its dues. This is also the reason why many people would opt to choose the credit card because they can just bring this anywhere they would be. Establishments and others accept cards because they also know that this is the form of payment people always bring.

One of the major choices for many is the City National Bank’s Visa Signature credit card. This unique card gives its owners’ purchasing powers anywhere they would go even if it is outside the United States. It does not only have one feature but it has a lot of benefits that people or the owners can take advantage of. It has rewards that come with it when used properly and that people will be very happy once they will know what prices they can have with the Visa signature credit card.

The Key Features:

The City National Visa Signature credit card offers a very good point system for its rewards. For every dollar spent with the use of the credit card is equivalent to a point. Those who will be having lots of points like around 25,000 will be able to redeem it to a round trip ticket for any domestic flights. This is already a good reward especially to those who are always using their City National Bank Visa Signature credit card. In terms of protection, card holders will not have to worry because these are secured cards. When it gets lost, owners should then notify the bank immediately to avoid problems. The card also has the no preset rule in terms of spending limits which many people will be happy about. In the end, those who want this card should then apply whether on location or in the internet which is also the fastest way to do it.

Financial Independence Day Sale: ING’s Electric Orange Checking Account Promotion

ING Direct is a financial company that aims to help people save money in any means they can since they know people and families would want to save enough in order for them to be at least prepared for the future. People have become aware of the possible financial difficulties they face which is why many are looking for good deals when it comes to new accounts. Opening a checking account in ING Direct is very easy and simple just as long the minimum amount is met.

Fortunately, ING direct has something in store for Independence Day. The bank calls this the Financial Independence Day Sale with the Electric Orange checking account. They are offering this to people who are looking for free checking accounts or no checking fees. Those who will be opening an electric orange checking account will get or earn a bonus $76 and another $76 reward if ever there will be a switch. So in this case, a total of $152 dollars will be accredited for just opening a new checking account. Other features in this promo are no fees for overdrafts and monthly payments.

How This Works

For a person to avail of this promotion, he or she should open an electric orange account from June 30th to July 3rd of this year. The first $76 bonus will be rewarded when the account owner will make five total purchases using the electric orange card within the first 45 days. The purchases can be PIN based or signature base. Once the five purchases are done, the $76 reward will be deposited to the owner’s account by August 22, 2012. The next $76 is for switching. What is this then? The holder of the checking account should set up a Direct Deposit. After opening one, he or she should have two direct deposits amounting to at least $250 by August 31st. When this is successfully done, the bonus will then be deposited directly to the same account by September 10, 2012. This is how simple one can earn $152 and thus people should hurry opening this checking account now before it ends.

Online Certificates of Deposit Options at HSBC

People would always want to tailor their bank accounts if they just can do it. There are many people who would look for ways and means in order for them to be able to save money and let it earn some interest in the bank of their choice. One way for them to do it is through opening certificates of deposit accounts. All banks and financial institutions have this and one place where people can surely go to entrust their savings is at HSBC.

This is a good place to start preparing for the future. They offer well updated rates. They also have an outstanding customer service with efficient and effective policies and operations. Those people who really would want to protect their money should start understanding HSBC more. In terms of their certificates of deposits, there are many choices depending on what terms or programs the account holders or owners would want to have. HSBC offers the online certificate of deposit wherein those who are interested can simply apply online. This is a very easy and quick way of opening an account which any person can do. The benefits of opening in HSBC are that the fixed interest rates are compounded daily and it has a very easy access account management because it is online. The savings of the account holders are secured and FDIC insured.

Certificates of Deposit

For those who will be opening an online CD account with the term or program of six to nine months should have a minimum balance of $1,000. The annual percentage yield or the APY for these terms is 0.10%. Those who want the one year term to 18 months program, the APY is 0.20%. While for the 24 months to 30 months, the APY is 0.35%. And lastly, the longest term they have which is the 48 months program will have an APY of 0.80%. These are the annual percentage yields HSBC offers for those who want to open an online certificate of deposit account. Those who are interested and have the money to open an account should do it as soon as they possibly can.

Reaching Your Dream House with the HSBC Mortgage Rates

Everybody dreams of having their own house where their families can live together. It is very difficult to have or even build a house today and thus those who want to have their own would go to financial institutions such as banks in order for them to get mortgage loans. People are very careful in picking the right bank since a mortgage is one of the biggest loans you can make so it’s only right to get one at an institution which you know will care for you.

HSBC is one of the leading financial institutions that offer outstanding services to its customers. They have a strong capital and lending policy that they are quite known for. So for those who want the best mortgage rates then this is the place to go to.

They have good mortgage options for their premier clients. A common choice is the fixed or variable mortgage rate. It is a lock in rate with the right fixed mortgage. So what are the current rates HSBC now has? For the 15 year conforming purchase, the rate is 3.125% with an APR of 3.348% while for the 15 year conforming refinance, the rate is 3.250% and an APR or annual percentage rate of 3.475%. On the other hand, a rate of 3.875% and an APR of 4.007% are for the 30 year conforming purchase. The rate for the 30 year conforming refinance is 4.000% with an APR of 4.134%.

Those who will be choosing the fixed mortgage rates with these annual percentages will certainly be able to get the dream house of their own at prices they can afford. With HSBC, people can have houses and live a life full of happiness without worrying too much on their monthly payments. In the end, those who are interested should now go to HSBC and inquire all about the loans and mortgages.

Getting Value at BBVA Compass Visa Signature Credit Card

Today, everything has become very accessible especially in terms of money matters because of the availability of credit cards. Almost everyone has credit cards that they can use every time they shop, pay bills or pay anything for that matter. People rely heavily on credit cards and those who are thinking of applying for a new one should carefully consider which card offers the best features. If there is one card that many people trust, it is the BBVA Compass Visa Signature credit card.

One reason for an individual to get this card is the fact that there is no annual fee for it. Owners will not have to worry about annual payments because it is free of charge. In terms of the annual percentage rate or the APR for all purchases, its introductory rate is 0% for the first six months and after that the APR will be from 9.24% to 13.24%. So for the first six months, the card holders will not be anxious with the interest especially if they shop till they drop and use their BBVA Compass Visa signature credit card. Also, the APR will be based on the owner’s credit worthiness and on the Prime rate in the market which is very fair to those who will be using the card. In terms of balance transfers, the APR for it is 0% to 3.99% for a year and based also in the worthiness of the credit.

Other advantages in using the BBVA Compass Visa Signature credit card include special discounts and savings. Holders of this credit card will receive discounts in traveling and other complimentary upgrades.

In terms of late payment and over the credit limit, a penalty of only up to $35 is only required. These are just some of the penalty fees that credit card holders will pay in the BBVA Compass Visa Signature credit card.

First Citizens Bank: The One Dollar Initial Deposit Free Checking Account Promotion

Finding a checking account promotion is quite difficult nowadays so instead of looking for a promotion that offers either cash or other incentives, customers may opt to look at other kinds of offers instead. For those looking for an interesting perk, you may want to check First Citizens Bank.

What they’re offering now is the free checking with a one dollar initial deposit checking account promotion. Let’s face it, a one dollar deposit is quite affordable. In this case, everybody can open and have their own checking accounts without any hassle. They want to make things faster, easier, and more convenient for their consumers. The other feature of this free checking account includes unlimited check writing, no minimum or maintaining balance for those who will go paperless with their e statements, no monthly fees, free online bill paying and banking, and the visa debit card is also for free. And with just one dollar to open, who would want to say no?

Those who want to open this free checking account can either do it online or they can visit a local branch. Those who will be having this kind of checking account will really have a safe place to save and keep their money especially when they will buy and make purchases or even when they will pay their bills. Having checking accounts is also very helpful especially to those who do not want to bring with them cash. For those who are interested, they can check this out at the website of First Citizens Bank which will then help them in deciding whether they want this special kind of checking account or not.

Amazing Flexible Terms of Certificates of Deposits at BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass is a leading bank in the U.S. that has been providing better services in terms of retail and corporate banking. Many investors and regular American citizens continue to rely on them especially when it comes to certificates of deposit accounts because they offer good rates and deals. People especially those with families deserve to have savings and thus they should start by choosing BBVA Compass in opening their CD accounts. People will be able to choose or pick good terms or programs that will certainly fit or suit what they want. This is a very important factor considering it affects the overall earnings upon maturity.

Certificates of Deposits

Those who want to open certificates of deposit accounts will be able to choose among many flexible terms. The programs or terms are actually from as short as thirty days to as long as fifteen years. These terms will depend on what the account holder will choose. Most people would choose the longer terms because the longer they will keep their money, the more savings or interest they will earn. BBVA Compass offers flexible rates because they always update their rates in order for it to compete in the market.

The minimum amount one should have in order to open a certificate of deposit account is only $500. For those who will be choosing the one month term, the interest rate is 0.150% with an APY or annual percentage yield of 0.15%. While for the six months term, an APY and an interest rate of 0.25% and for the 12 months terms, the APY is 0.50% and the interest rate is 0.499%. On the other hand, those who want longer terms such as the 24 months program, the interest rate is 1.242% with an APY of 1.25%. For the 36 months, the interest rate is 0.946% and 0.95% APY. And for the 60 months term or the five year program, the interest rate is 1.980% and an APY of 2.00%. These are then the terms and rates that interested clients can open when they want their own certificate of deposit accounts.

The Latest Mortgage Rates for People at Seckel Capital

People who are looking for the best mortgage rates must often canvass different financial institutions in order for them to acquire the best rates available. Many families today are in great need of mortgages so that they will be able to purchase a house for themselves. People greatly depend on mortgages because this is the only way they can afford to buy a house. Ever since mortgages started, people have really relied on it and it is understandable because purchasing a house today is very expensive except for those who certainly can afford. One company that has been providing the latest and best rates is Seckel Capital.

Seckel Capital offers a direct mortgage lending with the best and lowest mortgage rates that individuals and families can hope for. They make it a point that the rates they have are well updated and competitive enough for people to grab on. They do not just offer the lowest rates but they also have excellent services in terms of financial issues or problems. Those who will turn to them will really be able to find what they are looking for. So what are the latest rates they have in terms of mortgages?

Latest Mortgage Rates as of June 25, 2012 in Seckel Capital

For the 30 year fixed term or program with a loan amounting up to $417,000; the basic rate is 3.500% and an APR or the annual percentage rate of 3.588%. This kind of program is a good choice for those who are interested because once they will choose this, the payments they will be making and paying for will remain the same all throughout the term of the mortgage loan. On the other hand, the 15 year fixed term has a rate of 2.750% with an APR of 2.906%. While in the 5/1 ARM rates, the APR is 3.080% with the rate of 3.500%. With these programs and rates, those who are interested of getting mortgage loans will certainly be satisfied with these latest rates.

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