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Susquehanna Bank Offers $100 Bonus On New Checking Accounts

Susquehanna Bank has upped the benefits of its personal checking accounts by giving away $100 worth of cash as bonus. This certainly comes as no surprise as its competitors in the financial world has done the same.

About the Promotion

The promotion starts when you open a new personal checking account. There are many types of account for you to choose from. An example is the Free checking account, which give unlimited check writing, as well as zero monthly maintenance fee or minimum daily balance requirement. Another type is the Student checking account which, as the name suggests, is perfect for those who are currently enrolled in an educational institution. Its features mirror those of the Free checking account.

The third type of account is the Relationship checking account for senior citizens. Banking features are free, but the holder is required to have monthly recurring direct deposits. In the Relationship checking account, an aggregated minimum daily balance should be met in order to earn a competitive interest rate.

If you find yourself struggling to choose which type of checking account you should get, you can place a call to any of their branches so that one their friendly customer service personnel will be able to attend to your inquires. They will provide advice on what’s the best and most suitable account for you.

Once you’ve decided on your personal checking account type, it’s time to open one. This can be done online, given that you will fill out an application form as well as submit relevant documents needed. Take note that in order for you to qualify for the checking account promotion, you must open this new account at any time during April 1, 2012 up to May 26, 2012. The minimum balance to open an account is $25.

Following account opening, you must perform and complete at least 5 transactions every month during the first four months. Upon completion of the 5 transactions in a month, a bonus of $25 will be credited to your account. Subsequent transactions up until the fourth month will give you a total of up to $100 in cash bonus.

These transactions may include direct deposits, withdrawals, online banking payments, Visa check card purchases, and/or automatic fund transfers. Service charges and fees are not included.

About Susquehanna Bank

Susquehanna Bank branches can be found all over cities in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and many places in the Mid-Atlantic Region. It has an estimated worth of $17.5 billion in assets.

Open a New BB&T Checking Account And Get $100 Bonus

April has been full of checking promotions, and if you think you haven’t had the chance to score a deal for yourself, think again. This time, Branch Banking and Trust Company or BB&T has jumped into the promotions bandwagon by giving away $100 in cash bonus when you open a new checking account.

Promo Mechanics

This special limited offer will require you to first to open a new checking account under BB&T. The checkholder must not have a previous personal checking account with BB&T in the past 6 months. It is applicable to only one person per household and as such, multiple accounts will not be honored for the promotion. Here’s an important note – you must mention the promotion code AIEAP to avail the offer, or else you won’t get it.

After account opening, you must then enroll in BB&T’s online banking services. From here, you must be able to perform three online bill payments for three times. Each payment must be at a minimum of $25 in total amount. This action must be performed within the first 90 days of account opening.

Another way to get the cash bonus is to initiate 2 recurring deposits to your new checking account. Each deposit must be at a minimum amount of $100. Again, this action must be performed within 90 days of account opening.

After having met these requirements, there will be a grace period of 120 days upon account opening before BB&T credits your $100 cash bonus.

This offer is only open to residents of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

This promotion is p only for a limited time offer only. If you like BB&T’s checking promotion, you must open an account before April 30, 2012.

More on BB&T’s Checking Accounts

BB&T will require a $10 monthly maintenance fee on your account, but there are ways to keep your account totally free:

1. One monthly direct deposit of equal to or more than $100 for each statement cycle.
2. Average checking balance of $1,500 pre statement cycle.
3. Combined deposit and retail loan balances of up to $6,000.
4. Personal mortgage from BB&T

About BB&T

BB&T was founded during the aftermath of the Civil War. Partners Alpheus Branch and Thomas Jefferson Hadley started as private bankers, offering paid interest, time deposits, loans to farmers in their community.

Many decades and mergers after, BB&T began to grow rapidly, marking its stronghold in various states. BB&T is on its way to gaining traction to make it big in the banking world.

Limited CD Rate Specials From Veridian Credit Union Tops The Bill

The competition in CD rates has been getting more intense as various lenders were seen to have increased their rates for limited periods of time. Local deals are no exception. Take for instance Veridian Credit Union in Iowa. It offers not only one, not two, not even three or four, but five CD rates promotions. This shower of offers only lasts from April 19-25, 2012, making the offers much desirable.

About the Special Rates

The special rate offer ranges from different maturity terms, starting at 7 months. Other offerings come from the 9-, 15-, 25-, and 39-month terms. For a minimum initial deposit of only $1,000, you can start earning interest for your chosen term. The rates for these special offers are as follows:

7-month Special – 0.90% APY
9-month Special – 1.00% APY
15-month Special – 1.25% APY
25-month Special – 1.50% APY
39-month Special – 1.80% APY

The Usual Rates

If you find that Veridian credit union is not offering a special offer for the maturity term you’re after, don’t worry. They will get you covered with their usual rates and APR offerings that are equally competitive when compared nationally.

Starter 12-month CD – 0.70%
1-5 months CD – 0.60%
6-12 months – 0.80%
13-17 months CD – 1.11%
18-24 months CD – 1.25%
25-30 months CD – 1.40%
31-41 months CD – 1.60%
42-48 months CD – 1.80%
Bump-up CD 30 months – 2.10%
Add-on CD 12 months – 1.15%
Jumbo CD 7 months – 1.11%
Jumbo CD 15 months – 1.45%
Jumbo CD 25 months – 1.70%
Jumbo CD 39 months – 2.00%
U.B.U CD 12-60 months – 1.10%
KIRBY CD 12-60 months – 1.10%

Aside form the regular certificates of deposit, you can also have the option of choosing other CD types. VCU offers the Add-on CD, which allows you to add more money into your CD account as long as it’s within a one-year term. This works in the same way as the Starter certificate, which gives you the freedom to add money throughout the run of its course. Another type is the Bump-up CD. Here, you are allowed to change your interest rate and APY once at anytime during its 30-month term. On the other hand, Jumbo CDs will give you the chance to earn higher when the term ends.

About Veridian Credit Union

Founded in Waterloo, Iowa in 1934, Veridian Credit Union was originally intended for the employees of John Deere. Since then, membership expanded to non-employees as its reputation grew in credibility. Today, VCU is among the top credit unions in America.

BankDirect Partners With American Airlines To Offer Mileage Opportunities From Checking Accounts

Many checking accounts exist to offer you rewards of extra money. At BankDirect however, it gives customers a different kind of reward. Since it has partnered with American Airlines, it’s only fitting for them to offer flyer miles. This is one promotion that can surely take you to places.

The Mechanics

The fun starts when you sign up and open for a new BankDirect Mileage checking account. There are many ways for you to earn flyer miles. The number of miles depend on the type of qualification you are eligible for.

Upon opening a new checking account, you automatically get 1,000 miles. For every additional $100,000 initial deposit, you will be rewarded 1,000 miles more.

Next, you have to have your full payroll deposited in your checking account. Should you have more than one employer, your full salary from all these other incomes must be deposited to the account as well. These deposits must be made continuously for at least 3 months. Upon doing so, you will be rewarded with mileage credit of 10,000 miles.

Another way to earn miles is through bill payments. This is done when you pay to at least three different merchants on a monthly basis. If you keep this up for 12 months, you earn 5,000 miles in return. Just take note that you must do these three payments consecutively for a year because skipping even just for a month will render you unqualified. It usually takes around 6-8 weeks for the miles to be credited to your account. These rewards are given out after completion of the eligibility requirements.

When you refer a friend to open a new checking mileage account, and he/she opens one, you get another 1,000 bonus miles. Your friend’s mileage credit must be submitted through the referral template of BankDirect. Both you and your friend must complete the forms – otherwise, you risk losing those precious extra miles.

If you think that’s all there is to earning miles, think again. Earn up to 100 miles every month when you accumulate a collected balance of $1,000 up to $200,000. Once your balance goes up to over $200,000, you then start earning 25 miles for every $1,000.

Just think – if you are able to meet all these requirements, you’d have enough miles to travel to the moon and back. With the way BankDirect showers these bonus miles, anything is possible. Amazing checking promotion? We think so too.

SunTrust Offers Promising 3.99% Interest on a 30-Year Mortgage Rate

Still disappointed in how the mortgage rates look these days? Then you might not be looking in the right places. Awesome deals and great interest rates – this is what SunTrust Mortgage is all about.

About the Rates

Here are the interest rates they offer:

Term – Annual Percentage Rate
30-year Fixed Conventional – 4.0938%
15-year Fixed Conventional – 3.5925%
30-year Jumbo Fixed – 4.6094%
Agency 5/1 ARM 30-year – 3.1183%
Agency 7/1 ARM 30 year – 3.1561%
30-year FHA Fixed – 4.8130%

Depending on the features of your specific loan, these rates, as well as discount points may vary. Costs may apply which includes average loan fees, origination points, and even closing cost. Usually, deals can be locked within a 60-day period, provided that the process will go smoothly.

The national average for a 30-year fixed conventional mortgage rate is at 3.88%. What SunTrust Bank offers is slightly a bit higher than this, but it is significantly lesser than other lending institutions. CitiBank offers a high 4.375% mortgage rate, while US Bank gives an interest of 4.125%.

The conventional, adjustable, and Jumbo policies differ in so many ways. Specific computations for your intended loan depend on these differences which are disclosed to you when you ask for a one-on-one consultation from one of their friendly customer service personnel.

Application for a loan usually involves a lot of paperwork. At SunTrust Mortgage, this is not so. They have simplified the process for its customers, giving every bit of convenience that they can.

Payment options can either be done online, by mail, or in person. The monthly payments are inclusive of principle, interest, and escrow – all of which depends on the type of loan you’ve signed up for. Individualized computations for your loan can be given for free upon request.

About SunTrust Bank, Inc.

SunTrust Banks is among the leading financial groups in the United States, with a total asset of $172.6 billion. Although it is based in Atlanta, it is able to reach out to other states which incudes Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and District of Colombia.

Aside form mortgages, it offer other services such as banking, insurance, brokerage, equipment leasing, as well as capital market services.

The Qantas American Express Discovery Credit Card Introduces Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

Traveling with a credit card that allows you to enjoy great benefits and earn discounts on your flights is nothing short of a dream. American Express makes that dream into reality with their latest offering form their Qantas American Express Discovery card.

What are the Benefits?

Every frequent traveler knows that earning miles is one of the cheaper alternatives to booking flights. Up to 7,500 bonus points are up for grabs when you make eligible purchases. The first 5,000 points you’ll receive should be from the first three months’ spending on being a cardholder that can equal up to $300. Additional 2,500 will be yours when you spend on purchases in Australia at any Qantas products or services.

With these points, you can avail travel fare or discounts from partner freights, given that the bookings are done by Qantas Club or Qantas Frequent Flyer membership.

You can earn points in a number of ways. One point is credited to your account with every dollar spent on an eligible purchase. This means any purchase you make at merchants accepting your credit card, and excludes balance transfers, cash advances, foreign currency purchases, refunds or reimbursements on purchases, and enforcement purchases among others. Purchases on Qantas products and services give you 2 points. Accumulate enough and use them for your travels.

When you sign up for an account and is approved, you automatically become a Qantas Frequent Flyer member. This is a great deal as this membership application alone amounts to $82.50. Travel insurance coverage is also included when traveling abroad.

If ever you lose your card, their emergency card replacement offer is always available to help you out, wherever you are in the world. American Express also ensures card protection against stolen and damaged cards.

Rates and Fees

Many reviews yield positive feedback on this card’s low rates and almost invisible fees. Their introductory promo gives you zero interest rate for the first six months of use, after your first purchase. After this time, an APR of 20.74% will be applicable to your account. The interest rate won’t start accumulating until after the 44 day-grace period provided.

You won’t have to worry about annual maintenance fees because every supplemental card gets $0 fee.

Low rates and great fees – that’s what the Visa Platinum Card with Qantas Frequent Flyer Miles is all about.

Enjoy $150 Cash Bonus From Northfield Bank’s Checking Promotion

April got off to a good start with various checking promotions from local and leading banks in the country. It’s time to jump into the bandwagon and open your own new account now.

About the Promotion

Northfield bank is among the many lenders which offers an amazing cash bonus when you open and qualify for a new checking account. It features a cash reward of $150 upon fulfillment of its requirements.

This offer is aptly named the Really Free checking account. And there is no expiration date for this offer.

How to Qualify

After account opening, you must perform three different actions within the first 90 days in order to qualify for the free cash reward.

First, you must receive and initiate a recurring direct deposit of up to $400 to your account. Next, you must make at least five transactions that are signature based, provided that you utilize the debit card that comes along with your credit card. Transactions done at the ATM or P.I.N. do not qualify. The third and last step is for you to make 3 online bill payments using Northfield’s online banking service.

When you comply all three requirements before the 90-day period, the free $150 cash reward will be deposited to your account in a matter of 100 days from eligibility. This promotion first began in May of last year, and Northfield Bank has since been able to give out free cash to many.

About Northfield Bank

Northfield Bank was founded in March 1, 1887 by a group of people from Staten Island. Through its merger with Jersey Bank in 2002, Northfield was able to penetrate New Jersey and took roots there. This partnership provided Northfield Bank a strong image to those who were living in Middlesex counties and New Jersey unions.

Much has changed since its infancy, and now Northfield bank has over $2.0 billion in assets. It has 24 locations all over the state of New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

ORNL Federal Credit Union Offers A Low 3.99% Introductory APR in Credit Cards

For a limited time only, ORNL Federal Credit Union offers one of the lowest credit card APR in the country. When you get your very own Visa Platinum credit card, you can have the freedom of making purchases without the unnecessary high rates.

About the Visa Platinum Card

There is a lot more to credit cards than the purchasing power that comes with it. Credit cards are also useful for making balance transfers from one account to another, as well as handing over or accepting foreign transactions. However, with all these benefits, there is a drawback that comes from the interest rates each and every transaction incurs. The best thing about ORNL’s Platinum card is that for a period of 12 months, you can get to enjoy a cut-down APR of 3.99%.

This great offer only becomes available once you are able to make zero-fee purchases, cash and balance transfers within the first 60 days of owning your Visa Platinum card. Once you’re qualified, you will then be eligible for the low-APR offer for a whole year. After this promo period, the APR resumes the usual variable APR. This Prime rate APR varies upon your credit worth and history.

This limited offer is only available to newly opened accounts and does not include transfers form previous ORNL accounts.

The Usual Benefits

For every dollar spent using your ORNL card, points are designated to your account. Later on, these points are converted to rewards from the credit union’s trade partners. These include merchandise, travel and stay benefits, and a lot more.

Application for this card is open to anyone who is over 18 years old. However, those who are at the ages between 18 and 21 require a proof of independent income. If this is not applicable, a parent or legal guardian should be made as a qualified joint applicant to co-sign the application.

About ORNL

Founded in august 6, 1948, this credit union initially aimed to serve the community by starting out with employees of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The ten founders contributed $5 each in order to start the deposit base.

Now, ORNL has assets of over one billion dollars. Each and every account is federally insured to keep their customer’s good faith. It has branches located all over the state of Tennessee.

Get Zero Interest From Applied Bank’s Platinum Zero Credit Card

It’s always amazing to see people who actually do what they say. In terms of banking services, Applied Bank will never fail you in the promises of their offers.
For those who are looking for a way out of a bad credit, they may find solution when they sign up for the Platinum Zero credit card. It highlights a stop in the payment of interest rates, a helpful feature to those who are trying to set up a good record.

What it offers

Applied Bank calls it the card Platinum Zero because of the non-charging for interest rates in purchases, even if you should make late payments. It also refers to the fact that anyone who applies for this type of credit card does not have to pay any fees during application – it’s absolutely free.

However, there is a drawback to this. The maintenance fee for the card comes every month instead of annual payments. A fee of $9.95 is to paid, and if you add this up this will result to a yearly payment of $119.0. This amount seems more than what other banks are asking for, so in this case, a short term rebuilding of credit is most ideal for the cardholder.

The minimum assigned credit limit is $500 and the maximum is up to $5,000. Timely monthly reportings to major credit bureaus ensure that your account is being watched over. This will also prevent the cardholder form making discrepancies in making payments.

Fees and Penalties

You can get an additional card as extension of the use of your account. For this, a fee of $30 must be paid. There is no fee for making balance transfers, but foreign transactions will strip you off 1% in US dollars as fee. As for cash advances, the fee is based on whichever greater amount is valued at. This is either $5 or 5% of the total cash advance made. The APR for each cash advance is at a fixed rate of 9.99%.

About Applied Bank

Applied Bank is headquartered in Delaware. Since 1996, it has been providing financial support and assistance to residents of the state. This commitment to community service is manifested through their many efforts aimed at literacy, housing, and job opportunities. These programs and campaigns highlight their mission to become partners with the community and its people.

Invest In A CD Account With CNB Bank Direct’s Competitive Rates

Certificates of deposit have a good reputation these days, mainly due to the rising interest rates many lenders now offer. CNB Direct Bank puts your money into use so that you can exceed expectation for your money’s growth during a CD maturity.

How the Rates Compare

Some of the best national rates come from KeySource Bank and Doral Bank Direct which tie up at a 1.15% APY for a 1-year term. Another high offering is the 1.08% APY from CIT Bank. With these values, it seems pretty clear that these high-rollers have some competition with CNB Bank. Although the 1-year fixed APY of 1.00% from CNB compare to be slightly lesser than what the mentioned lenders offer, it still places significantly ahead of the current national rate of 0.69%.

There are two other maturity terms they offer – the 18-month and 24-month CD. At 1.05% APY, CNB’s 18-month offer may look a little disheartening, considering that KeySource gives a 1.20% APY for the same term. Local deals such as Gulf Coast Credit Union’s 1.65% APY in Texas and Veridian Credit Union’s 1.45% APY seem to be better deals.

However, the 2-year offer sheds some light and plus points for CNB Bank. It gives a fixed APY of 1.50%. Considering that competitors only provide the same service at 1.20% or lower, this is already a great deal in itself. An assurance that this is so is the fact that this amount is at par with the national average of 1.49%. A considerably small difference, but important nonetheless.

Terms and Conditions

Application for this certificate can be done online. For a minimum initial deposit of $25,000, you can start planning for the things you want or need to buy for when the term matures. Maximum amount for deposit is at $250,000.

For each interest incurred from the maturity of the certificate, the amount is added to the account. Another option is fro this to be transferred to your existing CNB Bank savings account.

About CNB Bank Direct

Although relatively new in the business, CNB Bank has grown into an institution that caters to mainly citizens in Ohio. It started out in 2008, requiring only $1 for anyone who wanted to open a savings account. CNB Bank Direct is all about the people, and its dedication to service can be seen most evidently in making sure they are able to assist them in their financial needs.

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