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Find Great CD Rates From Nashville Credit Union

There is safety in savings, and certificates of deposit are the perfect example for this. But getting yourself a good deal with a competitive interest rate may be hard to do. However, great offers can come from local companies, and Nashville Credit Union is no exception.

CD Rate Offers

Nashville Credit Union offers varying certificate deposits to suits every individual’s different needs. To date, their 1-year APY of 1.31% is their best offer as the market in national CD rates comes even lower than that which NCU offers. Although this offer still rings far from fellow credit unions, such as Riverfork Federal CU’s 1.40% APY, this is a good rate deal nonetheless.

Term – APY – Penalty

8 months
(240 days) – 1.05% – 90 days
12 months
(365 days) – 1.31% – 90 days
15 months
(450 days) – 1.31% – 90 days
24 months
(730 days) – 1.76% – 180 days
36 months
(1095 days) – 1.81% – 180 days
60 months
(1825 days) – 1.81% – 365 days

Should an early withdrawal be issued, the penalty rates are placed at a variable amount.

To open an account, a minimum deposit amounting to $1,000 is required. Interests incurred from the investment shall be added to the account on a quarterly basis. And unlike other companies, there is no maintenance fee needed, so you can just literally sit back, relax, and let NCU do all the work for your money’s growth.

Applying For Membership

Credit unions are notorious for their exclusivity in terms of membership, but at NCU, many organizations or employees of affiliated companies can become a member. These companies include Martin Motors, Spandeck, Propex Fabrics Co., BH Electronics, and Steel Building Sytems Inc. among many others.

Individuals who may be related by blood to the employees of the said companies are also eligible for membership. Retired professionals and their family members can join NCU as well.

About NCU

This company was founded in 1973 and started out as a cooperative to residents of Nashville. Many years later on and countless accreditations after, NCU is now duly recognized by the National Credit Union Administration. It offers services such as savings and checking accounts, as well as loans.

Certificates of deposits are certainly a reliable way of saving up money for something you need in the future. Once you open a CD account with NCU, you can make those short-term or long-term goals come true in no time.

Enjoy 1.76% CD Rates From Goodyear-Danville Credit Union

With CD rates dropping down to a national average of 0.72% this week, many financial institutions have also been cutting off on their APYs. However, this cut-down pushed up, if not highlighted, the current CD interest rate from Goodyear-Danville Credit Union. Here’s why:

Competitive 1-year Rate

Bank mogul Ally Bank has a current 1-year offer of 1.09%. On the other hand, another giant, CIT banks holds steady with their 1.06% interest rate. But value for your investment really becomes worth it when you choose a credit union to open your CD account. Goodyear-Danville offers a high return of 1.76% APY and 1.75% dividend rate. This only comes in a close second to Route 1 Credit Union’s 1.77% APY. Based on these comparisons, Goodyear-Danville proves to remain competitive in its rate offering.

However, unlike other banks or credit unions, this is the only CD term being offered from Goodyear-Danville. A one-year CD maturity is said to be the safest and most low-risk investment anyone can make, and it seems this credit union is well bent on that. Since their 1-year offer is all they have, you can never choose anything less than that, but you can still apply for renewal for as long as you want.

Other services include regular savings accounts, loan accounts, and mortgages. Specifications for each account type can be looked up in their website.

Opening a CD account requires one to have an initial minimum deposit of $2500. If early withdrawal is done, the penalty will be based on a 90-day dividend fee. Through their online Internet teller, you can make your application and submit necessary documents for the account opening. All account information and statements can be accessed online thereafter. Just make sure you keep note of the account name and password the company will be giving you – although you can still change the password to your preference later on. Transactions are reflected online since this credit union fully utilizes online banking.

About Goodyear-Danville Credit Union

This local credit union opened in 1979 and was originally intended for employees of Goodyear-Danville. In 2004, it opened expansion to non-members of the company. However, membership is still restricted to immediate family members. And if you’re married, first degree relatives of your spouse can also become members.

Goodyear-Danville Headquarters is located in Danville,Virginia, USA. It is a proud member of the National Credit Union Association and FedComp, Inc.

Get Up to $300 Free Cash When You Apply For HomeStreet Bank’s Checking Account

HomeStreet Bank’s latest checking account promotion makes it incredibly easy for just about anyone to earn $300. Here’s how you can get a piece of that cake – and eat it too.

About the Promotion

When you open any personal checking account form HomeStreet Bank, you will be asked to choose among a variety of special offers. These specials offers have corresponding free bonuses you stand to earn once you choose them over the others. As check holder, you get the features which include the following:

• VISA debit card for Free
• HomeStreet Connects’ Online Banking and Bill Payer for Free
• 24/7 Telephone Banking Assistance
• Check enclosure or safekeeping for Free
• Unlimited use of free ATM at any HomeStreet Bank Branch and affiliates
• Online application for account opening 24/7

To qualify for their special promotion, simply select any one or more of their selected services. Once you sign up for direct deposit of your payroll, social security, pension, or other sources of income through your new checking account, you can get $100 in rewards. And the best part? The application for this special service is for free.

Another way to earn extra cash is through the Visa Check card. You get to enjoy $80 in cash rewards with this. The third option is when you use the online bill payment from the bank’s 24-hour free banking service. This can get you an additional $75.

If your think this is the end of the promo, there’s two more
. Sign up for free electronic billing statements and you get a cash bonus of $20. Finally, you can submit your old debit card and checks from your previous banks and you will be rewarded $25 for doing so.

This amazing offer is only open to new checking accounts. Families and relatives of employees form HomeStreet bank are not eligible for the offer.

Different minimum deposits for each type of checking account are required. For the YourChoice checking account, this deposit is placed at a sum of $100, while the Premier checking account is fixed at $2,500. A $50 deposit is required for their BankOn checking.

It is important to add up these special services within the first three months of account opening. After this given period, the offer will not be applicable anymore.

All total earnings will be placed to your account during the next 15 days after the 3rd billing cycle.

These combined cash bonuses are nothing short of exciting. Open a HomeStreet Bank checking account now to get your fill.

Get Back On The Right Credit Card Track With First Premier Bank

Credit card can slip-ups happen. But when you’re backed up by a company with strong credibility around the business, you don’t have to worry. First Premier Bank is the perfect partner for those who want to rebuild a poor credit history.

The Card’s Features

First Premier Bank’s Classic Credit Card is specifically catered to those who have bad or very poor credit history. First Premier makes monthly reports to various consumer reporting agencies. This is a form of assurance, as well as protection for the cardholder.

These agencies regularly review your new credit record and determine to what extent you are to enjoy loans or interest rates from the use of your card. They record whether you are able to make payments on time, as well as make background researches on previous loans, bankruptcies or foreclosures where applicable. The better your new credit looks, the better rates will become.

Singing up for an account can be done online. To offset the risk associated with the credit account, a processing fee amounting to $95 is required. This amount should be paid within the first 85 days of application unless you want it to be withdrawn or forfeited.

After approval of the credit line, you will be assigned a credit limit of 10% of the available credit. After maintaining a good record for 90 days, this limit can be increased to 50%. This is possible only when the following conditions are met as well:

• Current payment history for at least two consecutive months
• For the past 60 days, no return payments have been made
• Account is not currently delinquent

With the new credit limit of 50%, you can then enjoy $300 in credit limit for purchases and $150 credit limit on cash advances, form its initial $30 limit.

Rates and fees are as follows:

Purchases – 36.0%
Cash Advances – 36.0%
Interest charge on Purchases – Starts at $1.00
Annual Fee – $75 for the first year, then $45 thereafter
One-time Processing Fee – $95
Monthly Service Fee – $0 for the first year, then $6.25 thereafter
Late Payments – $35
Charge for returned item – $35

These fees and rates may seem a lot to handle, but when you think about it, you will be paying everything off in the hope of redemption on your credit history. If this doesn’t sound like a good deal, then we don’t know what is.

Variable APY Rates Offer From Nationwide Bank Proves To Be Competitive

Nationwide Bank proves that with great investing power comes bigger rewards. Their latest offering on CD rates do not only have highly competitive rates, but it also showcases the rewards you can expect by just adding a bit more to your initial CD deposit.

About the CD Terms

Laddering CD rates are not new, but it offers consumers more options on what to do with their money. Most banks and credit unions that offer certificates of deposit terms only stick to one APY for any given amount of investment, depending on the maturity term. With Nationwide Bank’s ladderized program offer, you can choose three different APYs in each maturity term offered.

Maturity – APY

$0 to $9, 999.99

3 Month Term – 0.35%
6 Month Term – 0.55%
9 Month Term – 0.60%
12 Month Term – 1.05%
18 Month Term – 1.10%
24 Month Term – 1.20%
36 Month Term – 1.40%
48 Month Term – 1.65%
60 Month Term – 1.75%

$10,000 to $99,999.99

3 Month Term – 0.35%
6 Month Term – 0.55%
9 Month Term – 0.60%
12 Month Term – 1.05%
18 Month Term – 1.10%
24 Month Term – 1.20%
36 Month Term – 1.40%
48 Month Term – 1.65%
60 Month Term – 1.75%

$100,00 and above

3 Month Term – 0.40%
6 Month Term – 0.60%
9 Month Term – 0.65%
12 Month Term – 1.10%
18 Month Term – 1.15%
24 Month Term – 1.25%
36 Month Term – 1.45%
48 Month Term – 1.70%
60 Month Term – 1.80%

Based on the national average of 0.72% for a 1-year term, Nationwide Bank’s offering definitely looks good. It even proves itself to be better than Discover Bank’s 0.90% APY, as with a number of equally big and credible companies.

These rates hold true whilst during the maturity period, and any withdrawals made earlier than the fixed date is subject to penalty. For accounts with maturity period of more than three months but less than six, the fee is calculated as 30 days interest of the withdrawn amount. For a less than 24 month-maturity term but more than six months, 90 days interest is incurred as the fee. Lastly, a two-year or higher maturity period yields an interest equal to 180 days on the same withdrawn amount.

Applying For A CD Account

In order to open a CD account, a secure online application must be done. Personal, contact, and financial information will be asked from you. In addition, the initial deposit to open an account must not be lower than $500. If you have met the figures in the investment bracket, your APY rate can go higher.

You may then choose to roll over a new account with a different term upon maturity or withdraw the whole sum.

Each CD account is federally insured up to $25,000

Overall, Nationwide Bank is a great place to lock in your CD investment. With their ladderized program and variable APYs, you can enjoy the rewards that come with such flexibility.

Quabbin Credit Union’s CD Rates: Competitive and Secure

Long-term Cd rates have fallen desperately this following week, ending up in averages of only 2.45% form 10-year terms. However, the same cannot be said for shorter terms. Certainly, many companies have held on such quite competitive rates. Here, we focus on a credit union that has been offering quality returns of investment to satisfied customers since 1930.

How the Rates Compare

Quabbin Credit Union has many terms form their high-yield certificates of deposit. Starting off with their regular 6-month term, one can secure an APY of 0.85%. If this doesn’t sound much to you (although the national average for a 6-month term is at 0.47% – quite a good deal in itself!), Quabbin CU also offers a 6-month special. Instead of 0.85%, you can enjoy an APY of 2.25%. Sounds good? It certainly is.

To get hold of their special 6-month rate, a visit to their webpage is required as information specifics on this offer is available only upon request. one has to simply maintain a maximum deposit of $100,000. This offer is only good for an undisclosed limited period of time as well, so grab it while you can.

A look at their other rates shows us that their 1-year term has a fixed APY of 1.00%, while an 18-month CD has a 1.10% growth. The 24- and 30-month APY are fixed at 1.250% and 1.300% respectively. Their longest term at 36 months has an APY of 1.450%.

All Cd terms require a minimum deposit of $5,000, except for both 6-month terms which only sets the limit on $1,000.

Quabbin Credit Union has several branches although it also operates online. The only difference between opening an account in person and online is the time convenience from the latter. Setting up an account is fairly simple. Instructions will help every interested investor every step of the way.

Thirty days before your chosen CD account matures, you will be sent a letter to inform you of this status. For those who are interested in rolling-up their money once again, they may do so. If the current rate at such time is much higher than your first term, then this might be a very good thing to do.

About Quabbin Credit Union

Quality service to people has long been the cornerstone of QCU. And no wonder – today it has over $78 million in assets and thousands of loyal and satisfied customers. QCU is a division of Athol credit Union.

CD Rates from TFCU Remain Competitively Relevant

Sometimes, local deals have the best offers. This goes true for the certificates of deposit offers from El Paso Area Federal Credit Union. Let’s take a look at what they offer.

About the Rates

TFCU has three different kinds of share certificates – the regular, the jumbo, and the Save-a-Lot. Both the regular and jumbo CD offers have fixed terms which allow your investment to grow over the maturity period with the current interest rate being offered today. The Save-a-Lot offer is great for those who are just starting out with a small amount of investment. You get to open a one-year CD and earn interest every three months. What’s more, minimum deposits of $10 are allowed regularly, so you can still maintain your account at the lowest possible amount ever.

Another great offer by TFCU comes when you open Rate Plus Certificates of 18 or 30-month periods. Once you sign up for either account, you start gaining interest based on the current rate. However, during the course of its maturity, you can choose to increase the dividend rate once. This allows you take advantage of a higher rate if ever a time should occur.

For the Regular certificates, the rates are as follows:

Term – APY
91 days – 0.45%
6 months – 0.75%
12 months – 1.21%
18 months – 1.36%
24 months – 1.36%
30 months – 2.27%
36 months – 2.27%
48 months – 2.27%
60 months – 2.88%

As for the Save-a-Lot account, the APR and APY are fixed at 1.20% and 1.21% respectively.

Below are the rates for the Jumbo Certificate accounts:

Term – APY
6 months – 0.85%
12 months – 1.31%
18 months – 1.46%
24 months – 1.46%
30 months – 2.37%
36 months – 2.37%
48 months – 2.37%
60 months – 2.98%

The dividends for all accounts are paid upon maturity. The initial deposit required for a regular 91-day and 6-month term is $2,500. As mentioned, the minimum deposit for the Save-a-Lot account is only $25, while the rest of the regular accounts are fixed at $500. All Jumbo certificates require an initial deposit of $50,00.

These rates all offer a great way for you to save up on your next family vacation or a new car. Whatever it is, you can be sure that opening a CD account under El Paso TFCU provides you higher returns than most companies today.

Earn Rebates from The Golden One Credit Union’s Platinum Visa Rewards Card

Here’s another credit card that generous on the cash rewards. Credit unions are notorious for having less-than-average interest rates and at times, more desirable rewards. The Golden One is a credit union which offers just that.

What You Can Expect From Platinum Visa Rewards

Low Rates

The yearly APR fee for this card is actually based on one’s credit worthiness. It may go as low as 9.90% or as high as 17.00%.

For balance transfers and cash advances, these average rates are also applicable.

Zero Annual Fee

Now, you can enjoy the use of this card without having to worry about any maintenance fees. Just make sure you pay your dues on time, or else you may incur penalty fees.

These fees vary on the reason for your penalty. Usually, you will be penalized for late payments, making a payment that is returned, or spending more than your credit limit. Up to 22.90% interest will be issued to your card as penalty. This translates to roughly about $15 for late payments and $5 for returned payments in fees.

Transaction fees also apply. This goes for cash advances, foreign transactions, or balance transfers.

Get 1% rebate of purchases

Rebates are surely a good thing, because you get to earn money for spending. In this case, Golden One offers a 1% cash rebate for each purchase from qualified partners. This offer does not include transactions that involve credits purchase or cash advances.

In order to be eligible for this rebate, one must be an active cardholder. He/she must also maintain one regular savings account under Golden One. The minimum balance must be reflected on this account at all times as well.

Take note that not all credit cards from the same credit union have this offer. Only the Platinum Visa card is eligible.

The rebates are typically given to your account after 12 months of incurring. However, if one wishes to close the account before January of the following year after account opening, the rebates will be forfeited.

About Golden One Credit Union

Being a member of The Golden One Credit Union makes you an automatic winner. Why? With all its awards and achievement through its excellence in banking, it has become one of the newest forces of the financial world in the country today. It was recently named Best Credit Union by The Davis Enterprise Reader’s choice for this year. Since 2004, it has been garnering numerous awards as well, making its name a reliable partner in banking.

Invest in a Home with Mortgage Capital Associates’ Low Rates

Today’s rates for home purchasing saw a rise of up to 4.29% for a 30-year fixed loan. Many lenders refuse to hold steady with their lesser rates, but Mortgage Capital Associates are listed among the few that continue to offer affordable and cheaper interests for buyers out there.

About the Rates

Mortgage Capital Associates has these following rates available:

CD Rates

30-Year Fixed Rate – 4.091 APR
15-Year Fixed Rate – 3.246 APR
5/1 ARM – 2.898 APR
30-Year FHA Fixed – 4.413 APR

The 30-year fixed loan is much less than today’s average of 4.29%. This means that once you sign up for a home loan under Mortgage Capital, you will be getting up to 0.29% in discount. Not bad a deal indeed.

How to Apply in 3 Steps

To get a loan from MCA, all you need to do are the following:

1. Download all the application forms form their website and fill them up.
2. After signing, fax the forms to the number posted on their site.
3. Mail the original documents to their headquarters’ address as shown on their homepage.

To speed up the process, you must have the following documents ready for sending:

• One month’s worth of the latest paystubs you have
• The previous 2 year’s W2’s
• The previous two year’s signed copies of tax returns, with schedules of filing
• Company number and name of your homeowner’s insurance
• Two month’s worth of the latest bank statements
• Two month’s worth of the latest statements form any investment or retirement accounts

About Mortgage Capital

This company was originally founded in Los Angels in 1982. Because of its consistent offer on giving out low mortgage rates, along with company credibility, it now ranks among the top 200 lenders in the country.

Mortgage Capital Associates caters to a wide audience all over America. It provides loans to any of these states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District Columbia, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a new home. Although the cost of the mortgage may seem like the most important thing, the reputation of the lending company should also be taken into account. With Mortgage Capital Associates, you get the best of both worlds.

California First Bank on the CD Rates Leaderboard with a 1-year 1.00% APY

Certificate of deposit rates certainly have been slow in increasing their APYs lately. No significant changes have been made in the leaderboard, although California First Bank has recently notched a bit higher with their current rate offer.

How the Rates Compare

CalFirst Bank’s best CD offer comes form their 1-year term. Although it lags far behind Doral Bank and KeySource Bank’s equivalent 1.15% APY, it certainly is ahead of some notable companies such as Virtual Bank and Discover Bank.

This maturity period is perfect for a short-term investment, without taking a big risk. And because you know that their current rate is competitive, you know you’ll end up with one of the best offers in CD rates today.

CalFirst Bank’s other CD rates fare less better than their 1-year term. For example, the APY for the 3-month maturity is fixed only at 0.40%, while a 6-month term is at 0.55%. If you look at this on a national level, the best 6-month rate offer comes from AloStar and KeySource Bank. Both are offering a 0.85% APY. The best 3-month term is being offered by E-Loan, with its 0.65% APY.

CalFirst also offers 2-year and 3-year terms. The APY for the former is fixed at 1.06%, while the latter is priced at 1.15% APY.

Nevertheless, most people find that the best CD deal comes from a 1-year term. If you think this is best for you, here’s how you can apply for a CalFirst CD account:

1. Fill up the online application form with the necessary data.

2. Once done, pass the application form by clicking the submit button.

3. CalFirst will need to review your application. This may take a few hours or days.

4. Once you’ve been approved, CalFirst will send you a new account opening kit through snail mail.

5. When you receive your kit, you will find several forms for you to review. A signature card is also included for you to sign once you’ve gone over everything.

6. Send back the forms through the enclosed postage envelope included in the package.

7. As for the opening deposit, you may send a check along with the documents.

8. For further inquiries regarding the process, you may log in to their website and direct your questions to the number they provided for customer concerns.

These easy-to-follow steps and great rates make your investment truly worthy – only from CalFirst Bank.

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