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Home Loan Enterprise Grants Super Low 3.250% APY on Mortgages

Have you started planning out how your future home would look like? If so, wouldn’t it be nice to make that dream into reality? Getting a mortgage loan may seem daunting and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Home Loan Enterprise can assist you through a smooth, fast, and easy approval in no time.

What makes Home Loan Enterprise worth it?

1. Low Rates

The national average for a 30-year foxed loan is currently at 3.85%. But with HLE, they offer a rate of 3.5%. This corresponds to a 0.375 points discount.

2. Points system

The points system allows you to save on your monthly mortgage payment by giving a certain amount of upfront payment upon closing the deal.

For example, you are applying for the max loan amount of $417,000. An upfront payment of $ 8,861.25 can give you 2.125 points. Because of this, your APR can go as low as 3.250% – the lowest offering offered by any other lender these days. This translates to a $ 1,814.81 monthly payment thereafter.

Since the points system depends on how much you initially pay for, APR may vary. The higher your payment however, the lower APR you will incur. In the future, you get to save more money because of the cut-down in monthly payments.

3. Free quote online

If you’re still browsing around for rates comparison, getting a quote specific for your needs is fairly simple from HLE. It’s for free and they won’t even require any personal data about you.

4. Fast Loan Approval

Once you get approved for your loan, you don’t have to wait for months before you finally move into your new home. Closing the deal can happen in as less than 2 weeks.

5. All loans are approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Being a member of the Federal National Mortgage Association allows lenders such as HLE to reinvest their assets in more lending, thereby decreasing their dependence on thrifts.

Not So Good Points

1. Lock Down Rates

If you are eligible for the 3.250% APR, you won’t have to worry about monthly payments rising every now and then. HLE has a policy that assures its customers that they will be able to keep paying only for that low APR as long as the terms still applies. This means that despite the volatility of the economy, you continue to pay only for the rate that was originally approved on.

This can either be a good or a bad thing. It’s good if the economy continues to see rising rates in mortgages, but it can be disappointing if these rates go the other way.

2. Refinance and Purchase fees

If it’s refinance you want, HLE will take care of choosing the Title and Escrow companies. Therefore, if you’re eyeing for a different company, you won’t be able to get the deal with them.

Also, purchase fees only include lender and appraisal fees, and excludes the title and escrow fees.

Despite the points for improvement, there’s a lot to love at Home Loan Enterprise. If it’s mortgage you’re seeking, then you might just find a good one here.

1-year CD from Connexus Credit Union Earns 1.15% Growth Annually

Sluggish movement in the rise and fall of CD rates have sent many consumers asking, “Is putting away my money still worth it?” Actually, it still is. As long as you do your homework, you’ll be able to find a company with highly competitive rates.

In today’s national rate average of 0.45%, what could be more competitive than a 1.15% APY? It may sound to good, but it’s true. This rate is the current offer of Connexus Credit Union.

Rates Comparison

Already, Connexus CU has taken over Ally Bank’s early year’s lead. The former now sets their 12-month APY at 1.02%. In comparison with another credit union, Connexus falls just behind PenFed’s 1.16% lead, but a difference of .01% is hardly significant.

Connexus offers three maturity terms. These are the 6-month, 12-month, and 60-month or 5-year terms. With a 6-year term, you get up to 1.00% APY. Already, this is among the highest offerings from banking institutions. A 5-year term is fixed at a much lower rate of 2.00% – a figure that you can easily get with other bank’s mere 2-year of 3-year terms. That being said, if you plan to open a certificate account in Connexus, short-term rates are the way to go.

An important note is to keep an active checking account if deposits are higher than $10,000. This means you are required to have at least one direct deposit from wages, salary, pension, or government benefits made to your account. This also means having 10 checks and choosing to have bill statements delivered online. In addition, you must also secure your signature on transactions from debit cards, as well as do ACH withdrawals.

Opening an Account

Online applications abound these days, and this does not differ with Connexus. If any of their terms are unclear to you, you can ask assistance from their friendly customer service personnel.

About Connexus Credit Union

There is certainly an abundance of credit unions, but what makes Connexus different? For one, it has built up a strong and reliable foundation, and is now holding up a reputable standard amongst others. It also allows anyone to become a member – no special affiliations required. They also cater to all 50 states, ensuring customers that no matter where they are, they’re sure to find a branch near them.

Whether you’re saving for a new home, car, travel, or retirement, Connexus is your perfect investment partner.

More Points Return By True Earnings Credit Card from Costco and American Express

If you want to get back a percentage of the things you spend for with your credit card, look no further. The True Earning Credit Card lets you enjoy countless perks in terms of getting rewards – and even cashback bonuses.

Things to Like

1. This card allows you to get 3% cash back for every gasoline purchase. However, this is applicable only during the first $3,000 gasoline purchase s in a year. After this time period, you still get to earn a percentage on cash-back, but only at 1%.

2. Earn 2% cashback on purchases from restaurants or travel options. This includes buying airplane tickets, cruise expenses, hotel stays, or car rental.

3. Get 1% cashback on other purchases made, even at Costco.

4. Enjoy a zero introductory APR during the initial six months upon opening an account. Make the most of this benefit, as you will be charged a variable APR thereafter. Currently, this APR is at 15.24%.

5. Once you’ve accumulated points, a reward coupon will be issued to you annually. You can use this coupon for redemption at Costco Warehouses for cash or merchandise.

6. Once great thing about this card is that you can monitor your points at any given time.

7. For even bigger rewards, open an Additional Card member card at no added cost. The more purchases used by this card, the more points you get.

8. Are you the entertainment buff? Use this card to score exclusive access to the best shows, theater, concerts, or sporting events. Plus, you can early tickets – and we’re talking about early as in before the tickets will be even made public.

9. You can enjoy free extended warranty on the items you purchase that typically have less than 5 years of warranty.

10. Accidents can happen. No worries – the True Earnings card provides up to $100,000 insurance in case of accidental death or dismemberment.

Things to Think About

1. If you must redeem you rewards coupon, be sure to do this before August 31st upon the year of issuance. After this, you won’t be able use the coupon as it loses its value.

2. You are required to have a Costco membership, to prevent cancellation of your American Express Card.

These disadvantages can easily be weighed down with the benefits you get. The cash back bonuses prove to be quite substantial. Obviously, it becomes more relevant if you’re the type of person who enjoys eating out, shopping, or traveling. If you’re all these things and more, then the True Earning Card is your perfect companion.

Set-Up A CD Account under Self-Help FCU’s Competitive Rates

Do you have a certificate of deposit account that is due to mature this year? Are you expecting for another maturity period to invest your money in? Or are you a first timer in opening a time deposit account? If so, you may have already started your research on where to put your money in. Looking around can help you compare and decide which company to choose.

These days, it’s hardly possible to find banks that offer high CD rates. Fortunately, credit unions offer better deals. Self-Help Federal Credit Union has some of the highest, most competitive rates in the country today.

How Their Rates Compare

When you sign up for a term certificate from Self-Help FCU, you get to personalize your maturity scheme. Currently, their 1-year CD has an APR of 1.05%. Compare this with other credit unions and you’ll find that this figure alone is already competitive. For example, although it is much less than PenFed’s current rate of 1.16%, it’s much higher than three-fourths of a quarter of the listing for all credit union rates.

Here are other rates they offer:

3-month term – 0.75
6-month term – 0.75
12-month term – 1.06
18-month term – 1.06
24-month term – 1.26
36-month term – 1.51
48-month term – 1.77
60-month term – 1.77

All these rates apply to the standard type CD accounts, as well as to their special Green and Women and Children certificates. All accounts require a minimum deposit of $500 for opening.

Self-Help FCU offers applications online. This provides for an easy, fast, and secure transaction.

Once you’re approved for account opening, you will choose whether you want to receive your interest each month, or every three months. You can also opt for these dividends to be added to your account so you’ll have plenty of money to withdraw thereafter.

You will take on the APY on the time you open the account. Since this figure changes daily, better act fast if you want a certain rate.

If you do an early withdrawal, you will be fined the amount that is equivalent to 90 days interest, given your term is less than a year. For more than one year terms, interest worth 180 days will be charged.

Special Certificates

Aside from the standard term certificate, there are two other special arrangement which are catered to your different needs. These are the Women and Children Certificate and the Green Certificate.

The Women and Children CD account lets you create the opportunities for women to venture into. These may be in terms of homes, nonprofits, businesses and financial products. This is where the money you invest in will be used for.

On the other hand, the Green Term certificate will let you support projects for sustainable development. Your invested amount will be used for environmental businesses, recycling and other Earth-friendly measures.

By choosing these terms, you are not only making a profit for yourself, but you’re also reaching out to a greater audience as well.

Low Rate or Cash Back: The America First Visa Platinum Credit Card Series

When looking at credit cards, it helps to check out offerings other than from the banks. Credit unions may not be for everyone, but since these financial institutions work in a way that’s so much different from traditional banks, they are able to offer more consumer-friendly options when it comes to credit cards.

America First is currently promoting its Visa Platinum Card. This card is further specified into two types with rewards one would prefer. These are the low rate and the cash back platinum card.

Visa Platinum Low-Rate Card

As the name suggests, the Platinum Low-Rate card offers highly competitive rates. On a national level, ongoing rates are at a lowest of 11.45%. But once you apply for this card, you don’t just get 11% or 10% APR. You can even go as low as 6.99% variable APR. This is one of the lowest being offered by lenders these days. However, this card is available only for personal use, and is not applicable for business accounts.

Since this is a variable APR, your rate will depend on your credit worthiness and upon the money market. However, you can expect your highest APR to go no more than 17.49% annually – a figure that is already the lowest for most banks. Because this offering already has a low ongoing rate, there are no special introductory rates, nor is there a cash-back reward.

Visa Platinum Cash-Back or Rewards Card

If you’re the type to use credit cards often not only for convenience, but also for its perks, then the Visa Platinum Cash-Back or Visa Platinum Rewards Card is for you.

The rewards card allows you to earn a single point for each purchase you make at visa-approved establishment. When you’ve accumulated enough points, reward options await you from any of the participating and affiliated online shops with America First. This card also features a no-charge annual fee.

On the other hand, the cash-back card allow you to get 1% return for each purchase you make that qualifies under this offer. The money you earn gets automatically deposited into your savings account every quarter of the year. Like the former, it does not require any annual fee.

As for the variable APRs, both cards have a variable APR of 8.25%-18.00%. All three cards require a minimum limit of $6,000. Application to any of these cards is simple as one can go online to do so.

Credit cards issued by credit unions most often yield more desirable offers than banks do. And with all these options from America First, you may soon find yourself heading to the nearest branch to set up an account.

Special Home Equity Offer From SEFCU

This weekend saw mixed moves in terms of mortgage highs and lows. However, some of the non-movers come from credit unions, which undoubtedly offer better rates than banks. With a reported national average on 30-year fixed mortgage rate of 3.98%, SEFCU is among the few lending companies that took a dive in rates. And in terms of paying mortgages, less is better. What’s more, SEFCU is giving away a very special offer that’s sure to have you close a deal in no time.

Special Offer

Currently, SEFCU is giving a special offer in home equity rates. This promo will allow the company to finance 70% of your home equity. It also features a low rate of 3.500% for a 10-year fixed period. This is applicable for a 50% Combined Loan to value home equity.

A 50.01%-60% loan-to-value APR is 3.75%, while a 60.1%-70% gives an APR of 4.00%. These are applicable to a 10-year term only. This gives you up to $350,000 in loan, which you can pay off through payroll deduction, automatic transfer, or direct deposit. And whether you pay monthly or bi-weekly, early payments allow you to skimp on penalties.

This special offer happens only once-in-a-lifetime so grab it while you can. After all, buying a new house is a once-in-a-lifetime decision you can’t compromise.

Competitive Mortgage Rate

Home improvement and home equity loans are just some of the services offered by SEFCU, but these are among the most sought after offers they have. This is mainly due to their competitive rates. For example, their 30-year fixed mortgage has an interest rate of 3.875% and an APR of 3.928%. Rates are most significant every quarter percent, allowing one to pay off less, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to choose this lesser figure as well.

A 15-year fixed rate from the same credit union has a rate of 3.250% and an APR of 3.343%. The national rate for this term is at 3.29%.

If you go for adjustable rates, a one-year plan can offer you a rate of 4.125% and an APR of 3.253%, while a 5-year adjustable rate has a 3.500% rate and a 3.307% APR.


SEFCU has been around since the 1930’s, establishing its name in the lending business. Today, it has more than 40 branches across the state.

Free Grocery Purchases From 1-2-3 Rewards Visa Card

Many people increasingly use rewards cards these days. And why not? Getting a little help in financing your travel, shopping, and supermarket expenses are always a welcome treat. This “free money” is know to be the top motivator for people who apply for credit cards.

US Bank knows how desirable this is, that’s why the 1-2-3 Rewards Visa Card exists. Let’s take a closer look at what rewards are in store for you.

What are the Rewards?

Exclusive rewards for your shopping and grocery needs is the main feature for this card. With every point you accumulate from just swiping your credit card, you can get unlimited rewards from a variety of supermarkets and grocery stores.

As soon as you accumulate enough points, you can have free purchases from stores of the Kroger Company family of brands. These include King Soopers, Baker’s Dillons, City Market, and Fry’s.

Now comes the question of rewards points. If you accumulate at least 1,000 points, you are eligible for free groceries worth $5. Get more points, and soon you’ll be shopping without having to spend completely.

How do you earn these points? By making purchases at any Visa-approved store, you get 1 point from every dollar you spend on an item. If you use the card at any Kroger family of stores, you automatically get 2 points. However, this does not include fuel centers. Three points will be given to you once you swipe your rewards card form purchases of Kroger brand items.

You get to claim these rewards every three months, or every quarter of the year.

What Else Is In Store?

Because this is a Visa card, you are rest assured that no matter where you are, you can still earn points from your purchases even if you’re in Japan or in Brazil.

Paying bills won’t be such a hassle because this rewards card automatically does the paying for you. You can also resort to online banking for fast access to your account. Plus, at no added cost, you can receive your Experian credit score and keep track of your credibility.

Once you apply, you can take advantage of its introductory APR of 0% for the first nine billing cycles. After this period, you will then earn a variable APR of 13.99%-23.99%, depending on your credit history.

Transaction fees apply, but you won’t have to pay any annual fee.

Indeed, greater flexibility on spending awaits those with rewards credit cards. Sign up for this, and unlimited rewards could be yours.

1.15% APY for 1-year CD Rate from Keysource Commercial Bank

CD rates for this week have been slow in increasing their interest rates. But it’s a different story with Keysource Commercial Bank. It promises higher than average CD rates throughout the different maturity terms it offers.

About the Rates

One of the great things about Keysource Bank is that it offers the perfect solution for short-term certificates of deposit. A comparison from another leading short-term CD offer from Ally bank shows us their rates are very competitive on the national average.

Term – Keysource (APY) – Ally Bank (APY)
Less than – 3 months – 0.30%
3 months – 0.50% – 0.39%
6 months – 0.85% – 0.74%
9 months – 0.95% – 0.74%
12 months – 1.15% – 1.01%
18 months – 1.20% – 0.99%
24 months – 1.25%
36 months – 1.50% – 1.34%
48 months – 1.75%
60 months – 1.95% – 1.74%

It can be noted that on a national level, an APY of 0.45% for a 6-month CD and an APY of 0.74% are the average rates these days. With the offerings from Keysource Bank, one can get a better deal and roll a higher amount over to the initial deposit.

As can be observed, short-term rates seem to be the best that Keysource can offer. So if you’re planning to set aside a specified amount when an impending need comes within this year, these terms are perfect for you. While long-term rates are generally preferred, they can also cost you interest rates that remain the same despite any changes or rises in the future.

Opening an Account in Two Ways

Keysource Bank requires a minimum initial deposit to activate your CD maturity. You can either do this in person or online through their official website. However, the minimum deposit will depend on your mode of application.

If you choose to open an account in person, you need $100 in order to do so. Keysource has branches throughout North Carolina, and is widely known to be the largest bank chain in that location.

You can also open an account online. You will be asked to deposit at least $5,000 to do so. To help you along the process, you can contact a Customer Service Representative to guide you.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve set up the account of your type, you need to leave the money in the bank for the specified period of time. After maturity, you can proceed to withdraw the whole amount, deposit and interest. If you choose reapplication, you may do so as well. This is a great opportunity for you to watch your money grow even more.

So what are you waiting for? Open an account with Keysource Commercial Bank now.

Visa Black Card: The Premier Credit Card For The Elite

Not all credit cards are created equal. And not all credit cards possess the ultimate buying power of money. This is certainly true for the Visa Black Card. Widely known as one of the most prestigious – if not mysterious – credit cards around the world, the Visa Black card offers very exclusive benefits to the owner.

The High Life of Credit Cards

The Visa Black Card caters to those people with higher levels of income, higher credit rating, and higher spending. It’s pretty clear that membership isn’t for everyone. This rarely seen, but easily recognized elite card is rumored to have members of only 1% of the American population.

Getting the Visa Black card may be costly but it does offer amazing perks. As a card member, you get to book a vacation, rent a vehicle, or purchase household and personal items with just one swipe. But take note – since this card is for the elite, affiliated companies come from the elite as well.

With great purchasing power comes great responsibility. But worry not. This card offers zero accountability, which means that no liability will be made for any purchases made by someone other than the cardholder. It’s this kind of service that can put your mind at ease and your wallet far from empty.

One of the best features of this card is its 24-hour concierge. At any time of the day, you can ask assistance for restaurant and hotel information, reservations, gift arrangements, and most desirably, purchase of hard-to-find and exclusive items. Whether it may be the first publication of the next JK Rowling novel, or a rare Picasso painting, this service helps you out.

And the perks just keep coming. For an event of trip cancellation or interruption, a reimbursement of $1,500 will be given to the cardholders. Black card can also insure your baggages for up to $3,000 during any trip in cases where the baggage is lost or stolen. In cases of baggage delay, a reimbursement of $500 will help wipe that frown on your face. The Visa Black card also covers your medical and legal services whether you’re out on a business trip, or you’re chilling on the shores of Hawaii.

The Rates

Undeniably, the rates and maintenance fees for this card are way over any regular Joe’s salary. But hey, if you got the money, it doesn’t hurt to spend a lot in order to earn a lot. Here’s a look at some of their fees:

APR for Purchases: 14.99%, based on the market prime rate and credibility

Balance Transfer APR: The first fifteen months offer a 0% introductory APR rate, after which this can be increased to 14.99%

Cash Advance APR: 25.24%, based on the market prime rate

Other penalties and fees can be seen at their official website.

If you’re thinking of getting into this exclusive circle of elite privileges, then you might want to start building up a good credit history. After this, it won’t be long before you receive an invitation to enter the world of the Black Visa Credit Card.

Chase Banks Offer $125 on Checking Account Promotions

Chase bank surely knows how to please its customers. At the start of this year, it provided a $150 cashback bonus. If you missed out on this incredible offer, fret not. Chase Bank is back with another checking account promotion that lets you receive up to $125 cash bonus.

What the Promotion is About

If you don’t have any checking account with Chase Bank yet, now is the perfect time for you to open one. To be eligible for the offer, you need to have a new account, as Chase Bank disqualifies those with existing checking or with a negative balance. If you have had a Chase checking account closed within the past 90 days, you are disqualified from the promo as well. Once you have already signed up, your eligibility is still subject to approval upon discretion of the bank.

To earn the $125 cash back bonus, you must comply two things. First, you need to make a $100 deposit, all within the first 60 days upon account opening. Second, you need to have a direct deposit to the new account within the same period of time. This direct deposit should be in form of an electric paycheck, government or pension benefits from the government or from your employer.

An important thing to note is that once you earn your bonus within the 10-day period after you transact your direct deposit, you will not be eligible for another cashback bonus for the rest of the year. Should you choose to close this account within 6-months, the cashback bonus will be deducted as soon as the account closes.

If this offer sounds good enough for you, don’t wait any longer, or might miss out on the promo again. Keep in mind that this promotion only lasts until March 31, 2012.

Maintaining the Account

The Chase checking account does not require any monthly fees. However, this is only true when you faithfully fulfill the following:

• A total of $500 direct deposits must be made every month to the account
• The daily balance in your account should be no lower than $1,500
• You must maintain $5,000 in average balance of all your other Chase accounts or checking

Aside from these, you get free access to all other services, such as ATM transactions, online bill pay, online banking, e-mail and text alerts, and a Chase debit card.
Grab this awesome promotion while you still can and enjoy your reward money.

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