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Best Prepaid Credit Cards 2011

For people suffering from bad credit, there is still a way to enjoy the conveniences a credit card can give. Nowadays, credit cards are so essential in making business transactions such as purchasing airline tickets or booking a hotel. Aside from that, there are many goods and services available online that can be yours by simply typing in your credit card number.

Consumers who are currently suffering from bad credit need not find it hard to avail of a new credit card. Now, a bunch of credit card offers are on the table for those who have less than stellar credit records. One of these is the prepaid credit card.

What are Prepaid Credit Cards?

Prepaid credit cards generally have a lower credit limit than regular credit cards. It also requires cardholders to deposit a certain amount as a security. This security plus the credit limit makes it impossible for the card holder to sink deep into credit card debt. In fact, bills are unnecessary and late payments or interest charges don’t really happen.

Prepaid credit cards are different from debit cards because when a consumer pays with his card, the amount is not deducted from his available balance, rather, it is charged on credit. The cardholder will then have to pay off the amount he charged within the month. Should he fail to do that, that is when the security will be used by the credit card company.

Choose from the Best Prepaid Credit Cards 2011 can give:

Best Prepaid Credit Cards 2011

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Prepaid credit cards are not only ideal for those who are suffering from bad credit scores, they are also useful for parents who are trying to expose their children to the financial world. It is a good scheme to use for students who may not have the responsibility or maturity yet to deal with a regular credit card.

The only disadvantage with prepaid credit cards is that payments that require monthly installments or institutions that forward bills may not accept these type of cards. The reason for that is because the security that was deposited may have already run out before the service or merchandise is fully paid for. However, prepaid credit cards still afford the convenience of making one-time purchases, without running the risk of digging yourself deep into consumer debt.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards 2011

It seems difficult to think that opening a new credit card can actually help in paying off credit card debts. But indeed anything is possible, especially if your credit card company endorses it. This can be done with a service that credit card companies are offering today called balance transfers.

The reason why people get into credit card debt is because they fail to see the extent of the loan they are getting. It only comes as a shock when they realize the interest that is piling up on a purchase they couldn’t afford in the first place. Nowadays, the usual APR for most credit cards is at 16% per annum, which can be heavy on the pocket. To help consumers relieve themselves of a growing credit card debt, and to entice these buyers to open a new credit card, companies have offered a service called bank transfers.

Bank transfers allow consumers to “transfer” their credit card debt to a new credit card. This process does not eliminate the debt in any way, but usually the new credit cards will give consumers a grace period before interest resumes. This could mean huge savings especially if the introductory rate is at 0% for balance transfers. Often the introductory period could last for as long as six months. If your balance is substantial, a 0% interest for the next six months could be the way for you to pay off that loan without incurring even more debt.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

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Getting a new credit card that allows balance transfers could be the solution to your credit card debt problems. However, diligence is still required since some of these cards do have hidden charges that could still pile up in cost. Some of these hidden charges can come with fees proportional to the amount you need to transfer, annual charges or joining charges. Remember, since these companies already have you as a customer, don’t be timid in getting all the details or asking for assistance. Make sure to choose the best balance transfer credit cards 2011 can give you, to rid yourself of credit card debit and to begin a debt free life.

Best Secured Credit Card 2011

Technology always strives to improve services, giving conveniences we never could have afforded in the past. One of these is the comfort of being able to purchase goods without having cash at hand. Yes, the power of the credit card. Not only can we buy things at the store, but we can also get goods that are available online by simply typing in our credit card number.

Everything seems so easy nowadays, and gone are the days when we have to line up in the bank or go to a money courier just to get our cash to the person who needs it. But despite the conveniences that credit cards can offer us, somewhere out there lurks a threat of identity theft. If buying goods and paying for services has been made easier by online credit card use, then so have we given identity thieves a wider avenue to practice their craft.

Surely, we can’t do without the ease and practicality of online credit card use, but there are also ways to protect ourselves from the danger of identity theft. First of all, it’s essential to guard your online activity. Change you password often, and make it different from the passwords you maintain in other sites such as social media. Then, be sure to check your credit card statement often, and be mindful of discrepancies and purchases you may not have made. If you have any sensitive documents that may contain your credit card data such as credit card number, social security number, birthdate, and the like, don’t be content with just throwing these in the trash. Make an effort to shred these pieces of paper. You never know the extent identity thieves may go to.

Aside form taking security measures yourself, here’s one tip that can truly save you in case of credit card theft: use a secured credit card. These credit cards are built to withstand possible fraud, plus it offers no fraud liability in case your card details do get stolen.

Here are the best secured credit card 2011 has to offer:

Best Secured Credit Card 2011

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Protect yourself from identity theft and get a card that allows you to do just that. Look for cards that offer on-call assistance and transparency on bills, plus one that offers no fraud liability. You never know when the next identity victim could be you, just be sure to protect yourself before it actually happens.

Best Credit Cards for Fair Credit 2011

It’s a terrible feeling knowing that you can no longer apply for further credit and credit cards because of a history of bad credit. Plus, your credit score will continually haunt you for the rest of your days. Is your credit score affecting your chances of getting a credit card? Here’s an option that can help you get out of that rut: use a credit card that not only will allow you to get a loan, but will also help you rebuild your credit score.

If you’re thinking right now, “Huh? There’s a credit card that is specifically designed to improve my credit score? Is that for real?” Well, the answer is yes. Credit card companies are seeing the need for a credit card that can actually help consumers get back on track with their credit. The best thing about it is, some credit cards are so sensitive to your needs that they don’t even require a credit check or a checking account. Sounds too good to be true right?

Here’s how these credit cards can help you make your bad credit good, or make your fair credit even better: they report to the three major card bureaus. Having your card do that for you saves you a lot of time and effort. Plus, you can be sure you’re rewarded for every “good” activity you do with your card such as paying on time.

And if you’re not really suffering from bad credit, and you feel that you already have fair enough credit, then there are also cards that reward you for a good job in keeping your credit score good. These cards can reward you will lower APR’s – meaning, less credit card interest should you default on your payments.

So whether you have bad credit, fair credit, or excellent credit, here are the some cards that are certainly worth looking into:

Best Credit Cards for Fair Credit 2011

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By using credit cards that count, you can always bring your credit score up a notch. Plus, every time your credit score improves, you can begin receiving rewards for your good work. So don’t let your credit score get you down. Take these opportunities to raise yourself back up to the credit level you deserve.

Best 0 Interest Credit Cards 2011

When it comes to credit cards, no interest means no penalty fees. It would all be such a dream if every credit card offered by credit card companies had zero interest rates, allowing us to buy what we want whenever we want, without fear of digging ourselves deep into interest debt. Although this sounds too good to be true, we can actually enjoy zero interest for the first few months depending on credit card offers. Here are the best 0 interest credit cards 2011 can give you:

1. Discover Student Mix Tape Card

Zero interest for 9 months! The Discover Student Mix Tape Card offers a 0% introductory APR on all purchases for as long as 9 months. Aside from breathing easy on interest, this card allows you to earn a 5% cash back bonus in practical categories like travel, department stores, gas, groceries, restaurants, and more. Plus you can even get a 1% unlimited cash back bonus on everything else you buy. With $0 fraud liability, and no annual fee, this card is hard to beat.

And if that doesn’t seem enticing enough, Discover allows you to choose among more than five fun and quirky designs that suits your mood and personality.

2. Discover More Card

If nine months isn’t long enough for you, Discover More Card offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for as long as 15 months. With the same cash back offer of 5% on travel, gas, groceries, and restaurants, those who love their home can also avail of this cash back from home improvement stores. A 5% cash back could mean big savings and big rewards in the long run.

Discover More card charges no annual fee and can give up to 1% unlimited Cashback Bonus on all other purchases. This arrangement makes sure that every purchase you make on your card doesn’t go to waste. And just like Discover’s Student Mix Tape Card, you can have the liberty of choosing from a host of card designs that will truly give you a personalized feel.

Have a worry free credit card experience with Discover Student Mix Tape card and Discover More Card. These cards allow you to breathe easy while you charge, keeping you safe from interest fees for the first 9 – 15 months.

Best Credit Card Offers 2011

With the multitude of credit cards sprouting out from different banking institutions, it’s difficult to choose from the many promotions and freebies they are offering. From cash back rewards to airline miles, credit cards are now packed with rewards of all kinds. However among all the credit card promotions, there are some that stand out amongst the others. Here are the best credit card offers 2011 can give:

1. Discover Student Card Builder – Build Your Own Credit Card

What better way to choose a credit card than to make it yourself! With Discover’s Student Card Builder you can choose your introductory APR and the duration for purchases. Plus you can choose your own card design for a unique touch. Building your card is made easy as you can do it in four simple steps. First you tell them about yourself and how you want to use your Discover card. Second, you choose your rewards, third pick a card design, and finally choose your terms.

With a unique card that allows you to do whatever you want, it’s hard to find any fault as everything you want is within your reach. You can even start building your card with Discover’s interactive tool today.

When looking for a good credit card, supply and demand has given us the opportunity to choose not only from a wide range of interest rates, but also from a host of promotions, freebies and rewards.

Best Business Credit Cards 2011

Traveling for business or for pleasure? Why not make it both with the best business credit cards 2011 can give. Business can be challenging so get a card that suits your every need. With the Visa Black Card, you can travel in style while taking care of your business.

The Visa Black Card can offer you a 24-hour concierge catering to all your entertainment, travel, business and lifestyle needs. It also gives you access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide. The Visa Black also gives you an Exclusive Rewards Program, giving you liberty to redeem points for 1% cash back or have the ability to redeem points for airfare on any airline, with no blackouts or restrictions. Beginning at only 25,000 points, you can get a ticket worth up to $500.

And when you travel for business, this card knows that sometimes business entails having to traverse the globe. This is why the Visa Black Card is accepted in over 170 countries worldwide. Plus, security is no question as their zero liability feature gives you complete protection against unauthorized purchases, keeping you safe. And finally, the card is made with a sleek black design with classy gold letters, matching your look as you dress to impress. And the Visa Black isn’t made of just plastic. It keeps its durability with its unique carbon content, creating a durable card that is meant to last.

The Visa Black also understands the lure of exclusivity, this is why Visa Black Card holders are considered to be one of the elite. Annual fee is at $495.

Don’t let your credit card get your activities down. When it comes to business, it’s the Visa Black.

See our other Business Credit Cards for 2011

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Best Discover Credit Cards 2011

DiscoverDiscover is one of the biggest credit card companies in the world. They offer some great credit cards and we want to show you the best Discover Cards of 2011.

Discover has nearly every type of credit card that you could want. Here is a quick list of cards you will see below.  So if you are looking for

  • Low APR Credit Cards
  • Rewards Credit Cards
  • Student Credit Cards
  • Miles Credit Cards
  • and so much more…

Discover has what you need.

Take a look below at the Best Discover Cards of 2011.  We’ve tried to make it easy for you so you can sort the results by what you may be looking for in a Discover Credit Card.

See the Best Discover Credit Cards of 2011

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As you can see there are a lot of Cards to choose from.

To get the best Discover credit card you can narrow down what you are looking for.

Simply decide what type of card you are looking for.  Second check out the terms, we have listed some of the important terms under each offer.  Then simply press the ‘Apply’ Button and you can fill out a quick application to be approved.

You can do it all online and it only takes a few seconds to complete.

Once you are approved you will get your 2011 Discover Credit card in the mail.

Best Credit Card Deals 2011

Credit cards can be both your best friend and worst enemy. It can give you the power to purchase goods and commodities even without cash at hand, but when managed incorrectly, it can also be the cause of debt. Make credit cards your ally by using it wisely and taking advantage of credit card deals that make them even more worth your while. Here are the best credit card deals 2011 can offer you:

1. Discover Open Road Card

What else can be better than getting some of your cash back right after you make a purchase? Enjoy 5-20% cash back bonuses at over 150 retailers through their online shopping mall. Plus, you can enjoy a 2% cash back bonus at any gas station and restaurant guaranteed. And if those rewards aren’t enough, you can also avail of a free $75 gift certificate with your first purchase. Can your card do that?

2. Escape by Discover Card

Love to fly? Earn as much as 25,000 bonus miles that you can use for travel, merchandise, gift cards or cash. You can have the liberty of flying on any airline, booking a hotel or car, all with no hassling black out dates. Plus you get enhanced travel benefits like travel delay insurance and trip cancellation insurance.

Credit cards have become a staple in today’s world. We all know we need to have one and use one, so if that’s the case, why not make the most out of your credit card with amazing card deals.

Best Low Interest Credit Cards 2011

When dealing with money and finances, one thing we’re all too familiar with are interest rates. Savings accounts, certificates of deposits and money markets will have us jump for joy when the interest rates are high, but when it comes to credit cards, interest is best left low.

After all, why do so many people get into credit card debt? Aside from the all too familiar reason of charging more than they can afford, credit card interest rates also play a crucial role. Most of us are just too loose when it comes to choosing the best credit cards. When a new card comes in the mail that tells us that we can immediately start charging, our eyes light up like a child with a new puppy. We don’t even bother to check what happens should we default on payments. It only comes as a shock once we’ve “forgotten” to pay the full amount, only to see the sky-high monthly interest that’s charged. Ouch.

So instead of accepting just whatever that comes in the mail, be sure to check how much interest that card will charge you should you default on payment. If you see something that doesn’t look too agreeable, don’t hesitate to go and chuck it out the window. After all, there are loads of other cards out there that can give you the low interest that you deserve.

Here are some of the best low interest credit cards 2011 can offer:

Best Low Interest Credit Cards 2011

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And one more thing, there are a lot of credit cards that promote 0 interest APYs. This can certainly be a good thing especially if the introductory period is long enough. But what happens after that? Be sure to check the real interest rates that comes after the introductory period.

The next time you shop for a credit card, don’t be lured just by the introductory APR. Take note of what lies after that and choose a card with a low interest rate to save you from heavy increases in interest penalties.

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