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Will Banks Help BP?

With BP agreeing to pay $20 billion to help with pretty much everything surrounding the oil spill they will be looking to banks to give them loans to come up with the money.

BP hopes to keep the credit lines fairly low. Reuters reported, “BP is seeking to arrange credit lines of up to $7 billion from banks.”

BP is expected to only pay $5 billion of the $20 billion promised this year to cover claims for damages suffered by local fishermen and other business owners. The additional fees for other damages caused by the spill could amount to an estimated $3 billion to $6 billion.

BP is expected to have $12 billion left over in cash this year after its investment needs are paid off.

Article Source MyBankTracker

Get Bonus Miles with B of A

Don’t even worry about using a credit card because this is a debit card.  Yeah thats right… no interest and great bonus miles.

You can earn 3000 bonus miles today.  Bank of America has teamed up with US Airways to offer this great deal.

There is a $30 annual fee, but the cards perks include.

  • The 3000 bonus miles (given after the first purchase.
  • B of A’s Photo Security
  • 1 point for ever $2
  • Simple tracking and Limit setting flexibility
  • 1 point for $1 spent on US Airways related products and service purchased directly from US Airways

A few of the Negatives.

  • $30 Annual Fee
  • Miles will not be earned on ATM transactions.
  • Must keep your checking account active to receive benefits.

Bank of America is one of the nations largest financial institutions.

PNC Bank $100 Free Checking Account Bonus

PNC Bank is giving away $100 free when you open a checking account with direct deposit. This promotion will end on July 31, 2010, but they will probably have a new promotion going after the end date. To qualify for the $100 you must meet these requirements within the first 60 days of opening your account:

  • Must receive a direct deposit
  • Have at least 10 check card purchases using your PNC Visa Check Card
  • Checking account must remain open even after the first 60 days.

Once all of the requirements are met within the first 60 days of opening your account you will then see a credit of $100 within 60 days. The direct deposit must be at least $400.

Opening this account can be done over the phone or online.

PNC is a FDIC insured bank and has branches across states on the East Coast including Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington DC.

You will find that most bank deals have many requirements to get the bonus, but this bank deal has very few requirements than most and should be easy to get the free money.