$150 Cash Bonus from Anchor Bank’s Checking Account

“Free money hugs”. This is the tagline from the latest checking account promotion Anchor Bank is giving away. Open a new checking account with them and a $150 cash bonus will be waiting for you.

How To Qualify

Once you open an account, you are required to meet the minimum deposit requirement of $100. By doing so, you are automatically qualified for a $50 cash bonus. Just make sure you comply this before April 15, 2012, when this amazing offer will expire.

To get the next $50 bonus, you must be able to have a direct deposit to your checking account. This deposit may include any of the following: pension, Social security, or payroll, as well as any other benefits from the government. This should be done within 60 upon initial enrollment of the checking account.

Lastly, you must complete debit card purchases of at least three within your first 60 days of having the new account. Once all these requirements are completed, your $150 bonus will be deposited directly into your account, in a span of 6 weeks at the least, and 8 weeks at the most.

Other qualifying requirements are: you must be able to keep the account open for at least 6 months. The offer is good for new accounts only, however, if you have an existing Anchor Bank account, you can switch types. As long as this is a first-time checking account (you can choose many types), you’re qualified. This must also be used as your primary account.

For switching problems, you can conveniently change your account type online at their website.

If you’re interested in learning more about the interest rates, here are the current APYs they have to offer for each checking type:

Admiral Checking – 0.05%
Commodore Checking – 0.10%
High Interest Checking – 0.10%

For their Business type checking accounts, the APY are as follows:

Lawyer’s Trust Account (Balance under $20,000) – 0.05%
Lawyer’s Trust Account (Balance over $20,000) – 0.20%
Real Estate Trust Account – 0.05%

To help you learn more about the offerings of their different checking accounts, you can log in to their website.

About Anchor Bank

Since 1919, Anchor bank has been well-credited for their reliable mortgage and real estate loan offerings. Branching out to banking proved to be lucrative as well. This latest checking account promotion is a sure example of that.

This “money hug” from Anchor Bank will do so much more than give you that warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside.

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